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Westchester is GREAT!

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New Story – Sotheby’s Helping to build Homes for the Needy

Each time I see the video regarding ‘New Story’, I tear up. Who wouldn’t? There are so many people who are in dire need of our help, and it really doesn’t cost us much at all to just reach out a little…. When I was younger, my mother would read Hans Christian Andersen’s  story of “The Little Match Girl” each December. It was her way, I believe,  to make myself and my siblings feel thankful for what we had, and to instill in us how others need help.

When I came to the U.S., one of the very first things I did upon working 3 jobs at once in the city, was to ‘adopt’ a young boy in Brazil.. Helping others has always stayed with me, and in my work ethic also ..  The same with my company. Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s.

Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s has just partnered with New Story… As our President and CEO, Mr. Paul Breunich recently noted:

“One of the exciting takeaways from this year’s Sotheby’s International Realty GNE in Las Vegas was the announcement of the Brand’s new partnership with New Story, a non-profit that works toward building safe, thriving communities in the developing world. Our Company has always been dedicated to aligning with philanthropic organizations that make a meaningful difference in the world, and I am pleased to share that we will participate in the initiative to support New Story in its mission to transform dangerous living environments into communities of safe, sustainable homes.

For just $6,000 per home, we will work with the organization to help construct houses for families in need, with 100% of donated dollars going directly to building efforts. New Story shares the excitement of the entire incredible process with us, sending us photos and stories of the families we sponsor, updates on the specific supplies and costs our contributions cover, and a final move-in video once the homes are completed.

Yet New Story does even more than build houses – they provide jobs and economic stability for the communities they service. By hiring local labor and purchasing domestic materials, New Story helps to boost the economies of the countries where they work.

As part of our goal for 2018, I have made the commitment for our Corporate Office to help build at least two homes with New Story. In addition, each of our Brokerages will make their own commitments to building additional homes.

For more information on New Story, including details of the Brand’s partnership, please click to see New Story Video. ”

Each office has committed to raising the funds to build a home. Perfect! We sell homes all of the time, so why not help build one!  This holiday season will start within our office with all of the money utilized for gift giving to be donated to New Story – and to OUR  New Story home.  With 3 -4 expected closings before year’s end, my gifts to my clients will be a donation in their names to help build a home. Not just any home, but one helping to create a NEW STORY. While the video showed homes built in Haiti,  Land has been purchased in Mexico, and it is expected that each office committing to build a home,  we will be actually creating a new village. Well, that MAKES my Holiday – and so much better than reading a sad story but rather offering a positive story- full of hope, and how we can all make a difference.  My company is currently initiating a gift giving website further enabling contributions…
Westchester is GREAT!


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My Neighborhood, Paine Heights, 10804

I had written about my neighborhood back in  2012, and oh how it has changed!  Not the actual neighborhood with its wonderful homes, property sizes of around 0.35 of an acre, and beautiful tree-lined streets, but the neighbors! As with any area, people downsize, retire to smaller homes, apartments, relocate, or even look for larger homes too.  One owner has even acquired a neighboring property to make a family compound of sorts.

I can recall writing about a neighbor who would walk with her husband in the morning and their dog with each of them holding a coffee mug. I used to find it cute, amusing but drinking coffee while walking a dog?  Well, hello – yours truly now takes her first cup of coffee with her on her walk with her pooch. I love it!  (But mine has a lid). I actually  walk with a friend, Debbie Chassen (a GREAT Speech Pathologist),  and her dog, Havana, and I like to sit by her kitchen  (yes, on the stoop), feeding my dog some nutritious treats, while I appreciate nature, and, ‘yes’, my coffee. We will pass other neighbors  on our morning trek, and there is always a sense of ‘being home’ of being surrounded by lovely people, a great neighborhood.

I have had the privilege of selling homes in the area as well,  and on the street this year ; 222 Paine Avenue, 229 Paine Avenue, 185 Paine Avenue (in contract)  85 Crawford Terrace (in contract), 186 Lyncroft Road,  and with past sales at 116 Lyncroft Road and 11 Lyncroft Road,  so all good!  When I listed 222 Paine Avenue, I was contacted by a past  owner’s daughter who regaled me with stories from her childhood. She had LOVED Paine Avenue and its surrounds. What amazed me was the fact that the internet is so grand, we can communicate so quickly, that the lady was able to reach out to me just as quickly,  saw the marketing of the home via Sotheby’s just as quickly.. and HOW wonderful it was to learn more about the area and its past neighbors too.

In listing 85 Crawford Terrace, I learned that a past owner was Branford Marsalis of ‘The Tonight with David Letterman’ fame. More importantly, I also learned that the current owner was a distinguished dancer at the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater for over 14 years. Oh my!

There is a neighborhood internet news site which is great. We can advertise items to be sold, garage sales, ads for house hold help,  tutors,  missing pets, and it is a great way to appreciate and learn about our neighbors. It helps make our neighborhood a community.

The avenue is named after Thomas Paine,, and there is a cottage and museum, with yearly craft fairs both as a fund raiser and to demonstrate to our children how the Colonials once lived with candle making,  smithing, weaving, etc. Named after Thomas Paine, there is also the Paine to Pain Half Marathon as well!

If you read my older blog from 2012,  I will comment that the neighbor who plays tennis in the tightie whities is still there… one neighbor’s home has been the site of a wonderful television series “Thanksgiving”..  and I have regularly seen film crews in the neighborhood filming at one or another of our great homes.  This is Paine Heights, 10804. We are diverse, we are a community.

I recently published a  third quarter newsletter Gays Fall 2017 Newsletter for New Rochelle, breaking down the zip codes into different price points.

Yes, New Rochelle is GREAT!



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Public Open House 9 Disbrow Circle November 12th 12-3 p.m.

Public Open House today from 1-3 p.m. Just in time to enjoy the pool this summer! This home reflects tranquility, space, and a wondrous back yard. Where would you find 0.37 of an acre in this area? A 3146 square foot, 3 bedroom, 3.1 bath Tudor home yet offering a Californian influence with its beautiful 4 Seasons room overlooking the huge private garden and in ground pool. Located in the desirable Wykagyl area, this gracious home has so much to offer. The sunken living room with its wood burning fireplace easily accesses the cozy den which leads to the kitchen and glass enclosed family room. The sunny, spacious rooms overlook the lush garden, further adding to the quiet ambiance of this delicious home! The Master Bedroom offers a dressing room and en suite bath, and there are two additional generously sized bedrooms and a hall bath. The lower level has great space and a bath too! Just 30 minutes to New York City. Taxes are being grieved! This home is being offered at $825,000.

New Rochelle is GREAT!

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2017 Annual Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s Haunted House in Larchmont!

Our  fearless leader, Carolyn Fugere, had the best idea  2 years ago when she realized that the parents would arrive early for the Annual Ragamuffin Parade ( which starts on Palmer Avenue and goes down to the Fire Station just past the Boston Post Road) around 1 p.m., and they would have to keep them occupied for 3 minutes. SO, in typical Carolyn fashion, she initiated the annual Julia B. Fee Larchmont Haunted House! Not too scary and hopefully just fun,  many associates dress up in  favorite characters such as Elsa ( Jane’s daughter!),  Mr. Incredible (Tom Burns) , Mrs. Incredible ( Cathy Fugazy) , always many witches (Carolyn Fugere) (Sonya Cronin) (Carey Federspiel) ,  a pirate (Ali Greene),  Pokemon (Cary Sleeper),  Olaf (Brad Fischer), Cinderella ( Michele Fox),  a shark (Diana Angstadt), Wonder Woman (Jane Murray), and more! …

The associates dressed up the office in time for the little recipients who paraded through the office from 12-1 p.m.  having fun, meeting their favorite characters, and each receiving a great candy bar and balloon too!  Not scary but fun!


Larchmont is GREAT!

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2017 Third Quarter New Rochelle Real Estate Market Stats

While I have lived in New Rochelle for over 38 years, I am privileged to represent clients  in the lower Westchester area, and so I actually cover Larchmont, Mamaroneck, Rye, Scarsdale, Pelham, and Bronxville. 


In covering the different areas, has given me a better perspective of what is happening in each area on a first hand basis, and I would like to feel it better serves my clients.  For example, the market  has been softer in  Larchmont with fewer sales to-date (2017 in Mamaroneck compared to 278 of 2016), and then we have the lesser

priced homes in New Rochelle  selling very quickly with multiple bidding.  Each town and city experienced successes and some resistance in different price points as detailed in my reports. I have a link to the Rye and Larchmont Newsletter in the column left!
The Waterfront homes are still slower to sell, or rather when the home owners are more realistic to pricing, then there is movement! Staying in tune with the market trends,  and what the home buyers are willing to pay are going hand in hand with success and sales. High taxes are one reason some of the higher priced homes are requiring a market adjustment.
While we all know that real estate is always local, it should be noted that Nationwide,  more luxury homes have been sold this year  perhaps because there are more to choose from, and prices have come down accordingly. On the whole, per the NAR (National Association of Realtors),  sales were down 1.7%, and pending home sales sank to 2.6% in August.
Potential buyers are very savvy when it comes to choosing the area in which they wish to live.  After all, it has been noted that the Millennials could be worth 24 Trillion by the year 2020, and while they are still savvy enough to use an agent (92% of the discerning buyers!!),  they will still pay for value.
Buyers are seeking renovated homes or homes that have been updated such as newer kitchens, and basements.  They are not afraid to wait for that price reduction should they feel a home is over priced based on market conditions.  They are educated, internet driven, value oriented and aware.
That value would include close proximity to the city which has always been desirable, and today’s buyers are seeking lesser property taxes too. They might opt for the smaller home where good school stats  abound over larger homes,  and I am seeing a trend for larger properties. People leaving the city want land!  However, they aren’t seeking further travel to home and work places. One of the reasons I feel the home sales have dropped slightly this year in the Larchmont area as an example has been the increase in property taxes.
However, Westchester is always desirable, and an interesting factor is the mortgage tax. Non existent in Connecticut, but far less in Westchester than the city.  As an example, on a $1.5 Million dollar home, it is zero in Connecticut, $12,570 in Westchester and $23,070.00 in the city.
Buyers are discerning, they are fact driven, but ultimately they are seeking a home that ‘speaks’ to them, and in Westchester, we have much to talk about!
 I would also be very remiss if I didn’t mention the new developments in New Rochelle. Please see my blog regarding same. 
As an aside, I am so excited at working in the Larchmont Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s office – and why not?  Did you know that Sotheby’s is the most recognized brand in the world? It represents luxury (and luxury is a level of service NOT a price point), knowledge (we are the market experts  -obtaining the highest price for our clients), it represents trust (we are the most trusted residential real estate brand),  and did you know that there are approximately, 21,000 sales associates in the Sotheby’s  International luxury real estate network, 900 offices , covering 68 countries and territories!   
I hope you will find the information in this newsletter interesting and  worthy of reading!  My goal is always to provide accurate information to better assist in your home search or home sale. I am here to help!
Gay Rosen
Licensed Real Estate Associate Broker
2016 Top 1.3% of all HGAR  Agents (over 10.300)
2017-2010  (Every year since it originated) Top Five Star Agent in Exceptional Service as published in Westchester Magazine
2015 – 2013 NYS CRS Public Relations & Communications Chairperson
2013 New York State Certified Residential Specialist of the Year
2014 ReVamp Realtor of the Year
Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s International Realty
1946 Palmer Avenue
Larchmont, NY 10538
Visit me on FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter.
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The 2017 Larchmont Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s Haunted House

Tomorrow marks the third annual Haunted House at the Larchmont Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s office. However, it is so far from scary! It is just fun!   Come and visit 12-1 p.m.

Sneak peak (this was from 2016!). 


Larchmont is GREAT!

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A British Breakfast in the Office 10538!

Life can be hectic, and real estate can show the best and worse in people as there is always so much pressure. I have wonderful clients, great associates, and sometimes it is just feels GOOD to show one’s appreciation for all.   Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage from the Butcher’s Fancy (Irish sausages-  they are great!),  tomatoes,  croissants, home made granola with fresh fruit and yoghurt,  blueberry and almond coffee cake, orange juice and coffee.. Westchester is GREAT!

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Rye and Larchmont Real Estate Third Quarter News

Whenever I see anyone I know on the street, store, restaurant, I am always asked about the real estate market. Years ago, I was always told to say to everyone “wonderful”. I never did that, and would rather offer honest up to date information. Such is the case now with the Rye and Larchmont  real estate market news.  Here it is!!!  I have broken down the different areas in different price points  to better assist those different price points and different clientele.

Gay Rosens Fall 2017 Newsletter for Rye and Larchmont

Westchester is GREAT!

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2017 Paine to Pain Half Marathon – New Rochelle

A wonderful annual tradition, New Rochelle’s “Paine to Pain Half Marathon” organized by the New Ro Runners. Aptly named as Thomas Paine used to live in New Rochelle, and there is both an avenue and a museum and cottage named after him! Yes, New Rochelle is rich in history!  Not for the feint of heart as the trail is tough, but everyone of the 700+ runners were all winners today for the 10th Annual race. There was a descendant of Thomas Paine who raced, a blind racer (yet undaunted and so admired), so many wonderful racers who faced a little rain to participate this morning.  There were 5 ‘waves’ depending upon capability – but ALL were so capable.  Eric Turkewitz,  the race founder was on hand, the many  volunteers of course and other race directors, along with the Mayor of New Rochelle, the Fife and Drum corp of Paine Cottage and Museum ( I just gave them that title not knowing how to address them so please forgive me!) …  A wonderful  Thomas Paine quote was shared this morning by one of the officials  ” That which we attain too cheap, we esteem too lightly.”   I can truly say that every runner today was held in high esteem by all!  New Rochelle is GREAT!

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