Mamaroneck School District January 2021 Real Estate Market Stats

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First Quarter 2021 Real Estate Market Stats

With a low inventory, it is no surprise that homes are selling briskly. If you are thinking of selling your home, please contact me for more information!

Westchester is great!

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With the wonderful spring weather, I am seeing more and more athletes out on the fields preparing (and so enjoying) sports once again. When my children (3 sons) were young, we looked forward to each sport, each season with so much enthusiasm and ‘NO!” we were never one of ‘those’ parents who shouted at the coaches and caused havoc! I have to admit though, we did enjoy some of the antics of the other parents. Truly lovely people in private, but who turned into monsters on the field. So many memories! I can recall having dinner plans with one couple for that same S evening, and on the baseball field earlier in the day, the father was calling out to his son who was pitching to my son , A.J., “no hitter here, no hitter ..’ Ha! Another time, there was a special baseball game, and one of the coaches had a son’s Birthday party. He went to the field and yanked the boys from the field and took them to the party! Oh my! Different times. My husband was a coach for quite a few years, and I was also for one year ( didn’t know anything about baseball but I would bring the equipment and make the calls!) . Proud to say we still won the championship despite my being on the team!

When my youngest son, Brett, finished high school, and then went on to college and played baseball there, some of the parents would always ask after him, as he was their last contact with sports with their sons no longer playing. Watching sports being played was so enjoyable and fun to so many parents. In our case, my youngest son played baseball for college, and then Great Britain, then played baseball in Germany, Australia and lastly Sweden so up to a year ago we were still able to still see him play to some extent if only on the internet!

my son Brett is the catcher in this photo

However, we all owe it to the wonderful sports programs that New Rochelle has to offer. I can recall driving my sons to 6 different sports programs one season alone ( hockey, soccer, different baseball leagues, and football). There was always a ‘South end and North end” baseball league in New Rochelle. We signed up our youngest son in both and there never seemed to be a conflict but he was able to play twice as much which worked for us. He then would play on travel teams, District teams, etc. I would recommend to anyone interested in sports to try and do the same.

If you are thinking of signing up for sports programs, here are some links :    soccer    summer baseball and baseball coaching off season (my son Brett is working as a coach   summer baseball camp     baseball     baseball

Embrace the season. They pass so quickly!

Westchester is great!

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Real Estate Broker’s Open Houses

It seems like so long ago now, but I found myself looking at all of the photos I had taken in the past few years at Broker’s open houses. Why? As an agent, we always want as many agents to see a home, to then send that listing to their respective clients, and to hopefully then show the home and sell it! It is also a great opportunity to network with agents, establish relationships which will always proceed to a better rapport should a bid be placed. Agents love free food (who wouldn’t!), and so to serve food just made it fun for we, the agents, and it was also a great way of having many more agents view a home when first introduced to the market.

I would serve foods to reflect the time of year, the style of the home, perhaps the nationality of the family and I tried to make it fun. I recall serving lobster salad on croissants at a beautiful estate in New Rochelle, I served tapas , sangria at a home in Larchmont with a Spanish flair, smoked salmon, cucumber salad , Perrier and champagne at a home owned by a French family! I can recall serving (diluted) mint juleps one year at a home ! One winter, and after a storm, there was a power outage, and I had scheduled a public open house. What to do!!! my clients who were relocating needed to sell straightaway, and I wanted to market the home. Well, we wore ski sweaters, and I placed decorative lights around the table and served hot chocolate with whipped cream and cookies! We had 9 sets of visitors, and the home sold quite quickly due to my marketing. Selling real estate is not easy, and so for the agents to meet and chat for a few minutes at a home lessens the stress and makes it all fun

Then Covid 19 was upon us, and so the broker’s open houses were a thing of the past ( last year), and our marketing approach changed to digital marketing, videos, 3D tours, etc. However, I did surprise some clients at a virtual open house. I made a lobster salad , and left it for them to enjoy upon their return with a bottle of champagne and fresh crusty bread! Back in January, since public open house attendees had to wait their turn outside a home, I served hot chocolate and little bags of cookies to enjoy outside while waiting. Temperatures were taken as each couple entered the home. I think that we all had to adapt last year, and while it might be along time before I serve lunch to agents once again, it was fun to revisit past open houses and recall my lovely clients whose homes I have sold!

Westchester is GREAT!

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Home made Wine!

As I wrote in an earlier blog post, I decided to sell my wine making equipment last  fall.  It was with a heavy heart but an honest one, as I could not see myself making wine ever again (and my wine was simply awful!).  SO, fast forward to  now, and I found a brand new wine filter, and a cartridge too. I decided to give it as a gift to the chap who had bought my equipment even though there was a $200 value for same.

I thought it would be a nice thing to do. However, when we do nice things, so do others, and the chap gave to me three bottles of his homemade wine!

Westchester is GREAT!

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So many wonderful Slate Roofs!

Photo by Evelynn De Bruin from Pixabay

Being in real estate, I cant help but notice the so many beautiful roofs as I drive around.  Slate, asphalt, tile, and  so many different styles. I recently saw a very pretty patterned slate roof with pink, grey, slates in so many different hues, and I was prompted to look up slate roofs in general. There is a slate roof association, and you can find some fantastic information on their site. You can purchase graduated slate roofs in size, thickness, design and the choices are never ending.

There is also ‘Enviroslate” which looks like slate and less expensive to install.

One obvious question is :

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

What is the life span of a slate roof?

  • Slate Roof Lifespan. Natural slate roofs are well known to have a lifespan of hundreds of years with little to no maintenance.

Many buyers are dismayed when they a slate roof, thinking it needs to be replaced after X amount of years but in having a slate roof myself, I would suggest that the roof  just be inspected yearly, and  to replace any cracked or missing slates which can happen after a storm or  a winter season.  I also had my roof washed by a very reputable roofer – Kael Roofing a few years back. Over the years,  the  roof had become discolored by nearby trees, and Kael Roofing made the roof look great!  Using a good roofing company is important, and as long as you keep it maintained,  you can enjoy it for many years!
Westchester is GREAT!
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Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s – Worldwide Marketing

Not surprising that my company, with its worldwide marketing,  and featuring a website with 14 different languages reaches everyone! I had listed a property for rent, and promptly received an inquiry from Japan!  I forwarded the inquiry to my clients who were so impressed with our marketing efforts.  Their goal had been to reach potential tenants who reside overseas, and this just confirmed their forward thinking. After the potential tenants arrived, and completed their quarantine period, they did visit the home and loved it!

Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s is an affiliate of Sotheby’s International Realty 

When you expect the best, select Sotheby’s . Cheers!

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Happy Easter!

Well, I tried for the first time to make Hot Cross Buns (2 days in a row), and as they say “don’t give up your day job!” My issue was the kneading and mixing. The flavors of the two different recipes were fine but I was remiss in the preparation. Always good to be honest in whatever we do so we can correct it!

Growing up in England, Easter was always a special holiday. My sisters and I would pop over to our grandparents’ home, and great Aunt’s home and there would be an Easter egg waiting for each of us. The eggs would undoubtedly be a Cadbury’s egg or Rowntree’s made, would be either white chocolate or milk chocolate and always filled with yummy chocolates inside. The caliber of the egg was whether it was filled with chocolates within. An empty egg was frowned upon! I can’t buy Easter eggs from other countries such is the significance of those wonderful memories. It just reflects a childhood long past. Oohh ! I shouldn’t say long past!

I found those Cadbury’s eggs in Yonkers at the Butcher’s Fancy where they import so many British/Irish goods. Going there is always a treat, and I find myself spending a small fortune each time I visit!

When I was in Primary School, I actually came in second in a writing contest that was sponsored by Cadbury’s and was run throughout England and the Northern Ireland primary schools. The subject was how the Easter bunny lost its tail. I certainly cannot remember what I wrote about but would love to know! He obviously lost the tail!

Who is the Easter bunny? History tells the story differently. Germany cites an Easter fox!

Different countries signify different traditions. Peter Carl Faberge created Imperial Eggs for the Czar Nicholas 11. The eggs contained no chocolates but rather exquisite jewels, mechanical toys and family pictures. Only 50 of the eggs were made, with only 42 only known to still exist. Malcolm Forbes owns 12 of these wonderful creations.

Easter also means to us Brits perhaps roasted lamb. I love lamb with potatoes, mint sauce, but alas, not all of my family likes lamb! I found myself making a carrot and ginger soup, stuffed artichokes, roast duck in a sour cherry sauce, turkey breast, roast potatoes, asparagus and a raspberry mousse for dessert. I complemented the meal with a 1975 Bordeaux, but more importantly I was with most of my family which was important to me.

Past clients and now friends gave birth to a baby son on Good Friday this year. SO, what to do ? I made a poor rendition of the Easter bunny bread style and delivered it on Easter Sunday with a bottle of champagne!

Whatever the holidays, there are always those who go without, and who simply shouldn’t. Whether we think of our animal friends at the various shelters, or people in need, making a small donation to those in need goes a long way while we celebrate our loved ones in church or at home.

I sincerely wish everyone a wonderful Easter, good health always.

Westchester is GREAT!

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Market Reviews for my Friends and Clients!

Real estate should always be fun – or at least that should always be our goal! I wanted to let me friends and clients know what was happening in their area regarding recent sales and market stats, and so thought to deliver bags with the local area stats together with a bottle of wine! It put a smile on their faces, and I even got a ew invites to pop over and share the bottle with them! Cheers! Would you like to know what has been happening in your area? Please call me, and it would be my pleasure to prepare some area market stats for you also.


Westchester is GREAT!

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What does $995,000 purchase in New Rochelle?

With the inventory being lower this spring market, homes are selling very quickly. While I listed one property last year (36 Avon Road, New Rochelle, N.Y. 10804 taxes approximately $22,000 and 4559 square feet), and we went into contract around Thanksgiving time, I was still able to obtain $995,000 for the home and for my friend. We had originally listed higher ( not my suggestion), but my friend needed to see where she stood in the market place. I had suggested one price, and she had wanted a much higher price. While I always advise against pricing too high, this was a friend of over 40 years, and I wanted to try. Appointments and no bids will soon let you know where you stand. In this particular case, the property was just under half an acre, offering a wonderful location, with 7 bedrooms, and we enjoyed many appointments. . However, some of the bedrooms were quite small, and the home had not been renovated in many years. As soon as we lowered the price to $995,000, we received multiple bids, and it sold for that final list price. She was very happy as were the buyers! We closed in March 2021.

In this instance, pricing higher didn’t detract rom the final price point as this home offered so much value but I would always suggest you listen to your agent when pricing a home. We know the market and only wish to obtain the highest price possible!

New Rochelle is GREAT!

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