Mamaroneck Area Market Stats 2020 – August

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Larchmont Area Market Stats 2020 – August

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New Rochelle Market Stats 2020 – August

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What is the Mamaroneck Strip?

Photo by Lum3n from Pexels

Photo by Lum3n from Pexels

When searching for a home in Scarsdale, you might find a home with a  Mamaroneck address but having the choice of either Scarsdale or Mamaroneck schools. This is known as the Mamaroneck Strip and the homes in this area are very desirable.

The Scarsdale School District

“There is only one school district serving resident children of the Town/Village of Scarsdale, which is known as the Scarsdale Union Free School District, aka Scarsdale Central Schools; however, at the time of its inception and for unknown reasons, school district boundary lines were drawn just outside of the jurisdictional boundary lines of the Town/Village.

Certain parcels situated outside of the jurisdictional boundaries of the Town/Village of Scarsdale along its southwesterly border, though situated in the Town of Mamaroneck, are located within the Scarsdale School District. This area is known as the Mamaroneck Strip.
Parcels that are ‘bisected,’ or partially situated within the Town/Village of Scarsdale and partially within the Town of Mamaroneck, have the option of attending either Scarsdale, or Mamaroneck schools. “
Westchester is GREAT!


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Special Features of a Home – 10 Saint Paul’s Place

Every home has special features. It could be the location, the size, the yard, the architectural detailing, the number of bedrooms, the kitchen, basement, etc., etc. When I list any home, I seek to define what represents a home best, and then I try to market a home with those features in mind.

10 Saint Paul’s Place is located on a corner lot, 1/4 of an acre. There is simply wonderful gazebo on the property complete with lighting and a fan for those summer evenings.

There is an enclosed porch, a wonderful breakfast nook, and did I mention the Renaissance paved  patio perfect for entertaining. I love the shutters of the home! They feature a horse and carriage. The open floor plan is also very attractive!

This charming 1700 sq. ft. 4 bedroom 1.5 bath Colonial home located on 0.24 of an acre which has that Gazebo  has a fan and lighting too where you can relax & while away those summer days sipping your beverage of choice or perhaps playing some soft jazz music composed and recorded by the actor/artist homeowner! There is also an enclosed porch which adds another 152 square feet. The 1st floor has a spacious living room and fireplace, dining room, a kitchen with granite counters and breakfast area with a skylight too plus French doors to the Renaissance paved patio and yard! There are 3 bedrooms on the 2nd floor, a hall bathroom with a skylight, and a 4th bedroom on the 3rd floor plus great storage space. The lower level offers  168 additional square foot den, and the basement features the utilities, powder room, laundry and space for some exercise equipment! Located close to all transportation, schools, shopping & our vibrant downtown. Just 30 minutes to Mew York City and don’t forget close to Stamford, Connecticut too!  This home is being offered at $625,000.


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If it’s Fall, then it is Lavender Time!

Every fall, and after I have dried my lavender crop (not so large this year), I make lavender sachets for my friends and clients. They are perfect for placing into the dressers drawers for a delightful fragrance, and placing into closets. I must admit I make so many that I augment my ‘crop’ with store purchased lavender, but the love is always there.

Wishing everyone a healthy fall.

New Rochelle is GREAT!


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Best ways to find affordable housing in New York

Best ways to find affordable housing in New York

New York City

Moving to NYC is a dream come true for many people from all over the world. However, only those that are brave enough, succeed in it. New York isn’t called a concrete jungle for no reason. If you are not ready to work hard and fight for yourself, the city will eat you up, and we are not only referring to a career in NYC. The real estate market might be even crueler than the business world. Finding affordable housing in New York City is equal to winning the lottery, but there are some ways in which you can stay within budget. Let’s see what they are!

What are the most affordable boroughs in NYC?

If moving to NYC to you actually means relocating to Manhattan, you might be living in a
fantasy world. There is not a more expensive place in the world that you can call home. Only 2% of all renting places here cost less than 2,000$ per month. As a matter of fact, the average renting price in this prestigious borough is a bit above 4,000$. If you are not ready to waste that money (provided that you have it in the first place), you should consider finding some more affordable housing options a bit further away from the core of the Big Apple. When it comes to your relocation, there is no need for you to worry. With the right assistance, you can move with ease no matter how far away your new home is from the old one.

The Bronx is one of the boroughs where you can find affordable housing in New York

The good news is that the public transport system in NYC can get you to almost any part of the city relatively quickly. The lines are regular and anything but scarce. That is why most New Yorkers do not have a car. Those who live near their workplace usually walk, while others use trains and cabs. Here are some parts of NYC that are well connected to the rest of the city, yet have cheaper housing options:

● The Bronx and Staten Island share the title of the cheapest NYC borough with the
average rent at about 1,700$.
● Queens – the average rent is 2,800$, while 31% of places rent for less than 2,000$
● Brooklyn – you will need a bit over 3,000$ per month for the rent here.
The rent prices within these boroughs vary significantly, so you can dig even deeper to try and find the most affordable neighborhoods.
Social networks and modern apps can help you find affordable housing in New York
Even though a serious approach to home hunting would imply hiring an agent, there is an ever-growing number of groups on Facebook connecting people who are in need of living space with those that are offering it. Even for adult New Yorkers, it is common to share an apartment with a roommate or even a number of them. Sharing the rent is actually the only way for many people to afford living in the city, so subletting is very popular. Other social networks can also be used for this purpose and there are many applications you can try.

Mobile apps can help you find a new place

But, if you are moving with a family, sharing your future home with roommates is probably not an option, so let’s take a look at some more official ways to find a place to live in NYC.

Inclusionary housing program

Some investors and developers get incentives to leave 20% of their apartments to citizens with lower incomes. You will have to meet the income requirement so that you can even enter this program. The annual salary lower than 50,000$ is what qualifies you for the program. It is basically a lottery, so you are not likely to win it easily. But, if and once you do, you will not have to think about looking for a new place for another 20 years, since that’s how long the regulations usually last for.

Rent-regulated apartments

The largest affordable renting program in NYC covers most of the apartments built before 1974.

We are talking about every third rental in New York here. Your landlord has to offer you a new agreement ever year, and the program actually means that the rent can only grow by the set number of a percent on an annual level. Unfortunately, this is not a guarantee that you will be paying the rent that is equal to the market value of your place.

After you leave an apartment that is rent-regulated, the landlords can increase the rent by as much as 17% without investing a single dollar in the property. If they do decide to invest, the rent can go even higher.

Mitchell-Lama housing program

Seventy years ago, developers were given breaks on property taxes and other incentives, and, in return, they had to provide affordable housing to their future tenants. Most of these apartments have regulated rent, while some 3% of all rentals in NYC fall into this program. Those are the apartments that can be bought for a relatively small amount of money, but the trick is – when you decide to leave the place, you will have to sell it to the developers at the same price you paid for it. Of course, there are monthly maintenance costs you will have to pay along the way. Unfortunately, the waiting lists for this program are way too long, especially for more desirable neighborhoods. One more thing – the income that qualifies you for this program should not exceed seven times your rent.

Section 8 housing vouchers

These vouchers are actually a federal subsidy aimed at people who earn no more than 50% of the median income of the area they live in. The voucher is meant to help them bridge the gap between the amount that is 30% of their salary and the rent cost. But, here’s the trick – all vouchers are taken, and the waiting list is endless.

Section 8 vouchers will help you spend only 30% of your salary on your rent.


So, as you can see, affordable housing in New York is not so easy to find. Even though there are options on paper, things look rather different in reality. While waiting for the perfect property to appear, you can take a look at many virtual open houses and get to know the market condition even better. Good luck!




Contributed by Lisa Roberts

Photos used:

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Update on New Rochelle United !

 An update from Brad Brown : As businesses are now re-opening, we have aggregated the best deals and discounts in New Rochelle to encourage spending in the City. We have done this using an intuitive interface that allows visitors to find the right deals for their needs and enable them to filter down to locally-owned businesses. New Rochelle United does not charge either the participating business or the customer for this service.  We see this initiative as a way to give back to our community in a time of great need.  Through this service, customers get a welcomed price break and businesses get needed revenue.
We will raise awareness about these deals via online ads, social media and traditional advertising. Funding for operations and advertising will come from me and others who believe it is a good way to help support the local economy.
We continue to enable gift card sales on our website in addition to listing deals. We also make it easy for visitors to ‘like’ or recommend a local businesses on social media platforms so people can still help the community with time and effort rather than money.
It is easy to sign up new businesses for deals and gift cards. And we soon will have a team of Iona college student volunteers helping us all semester. Businesses or people suggesting local businesses to contact can email usat
As another aside, my company has raised over $18,000 for businesses!  We are Called to do Better!
New Rochelle is GREAT!
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We are Called to Do Better – Boys and Girls Club New Rochelle !

My company is great. Every year, so many philanthropic avenues pursued. Whether it is  obtaining funding to build a village in Mexico, or to raise money for an illness, William B Pitt Sotheby’s is there. This year is no exception. “We are Called to do Better”

“As a collective, stands for justice and equality of all people regardless of their skin color. We will contribute up to $20,000 in company match funds for all donations raised. “

As of this evening, over $17000 raised!!!!

” The events inciting the discord and unrest now consuming our nation are shocking, sickening and unjust. The senseless deaths of George Floyd and other black Americans are beyond tragic and unacceptable. William Pitt – Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s International Realty stands in full solidarity and support of people of color. We believe everyone should experience the same unequivocal right to equality and justice, and we denounce racism in all its forms. Our workplace is one of inclusion, one where we embrace diversity and the uniqueness of each person, including their skin color. These are core values to us. We are against discrimination in any capacity. Yet we also recognize that making such statements does not go far enough. We must always work toward progress. In that spirit, we will be raising funds to support groups in our surrounding communities can help to make a difference to support fighting racial injustices, serve the underprivileged and bring about the reform we need to progress toward a more tolerant and equal future. The company will match these donations up to $20,000, and disperse the total funds raised to the five organizations.The organizations we are supporting are as follows:

George Washington Carver Community Center (Norwalk CT/Port Chester, NY)
Hall Neighborhood House (Bridgeport, CT)
ABC House – A Better Chance (Guilford, CT)
Boys and Girls Club (New Rochelle, NY)

Just click onto the link and make a donation of your choice!

New Rochelle is GREAT!


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Matthew and Clare at the Legendary Pelham Eatery Sergios!





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