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There was an interesting article in this past Sunday’s New York Times (4/11/2010) entitled “looking or Just Looking” and of course it was referring to Public Open Houses. I have always been a strong believer in holding public open houses for my clients, as I sincerely feel that it is a relaxed way in which to view a home albeit under the gentle guidance of the agent for obvious security reasons, and in truth, the premise does work. I am finding that many agents will send their clients to the open house, to hear detailed information from the listing agent which can only help. The customers and clients then feel comfortable placing their bid through their individual agents (and after those agents have diligently researched that particular property). I have sold quite a few homes in this fashion, and the majority were people who already had agents.

I usually offer visitors a memento; a pumpkin if it is Halloween, and chocolates for St. Valentine’s Day….seeds for Mother’s Day or just chocolates; it puts a smile on the visitor’s face, and the whole purpose is for the visitor to feel at ease and to sell the house!

I think we all have funny stories to tell from open houses too… I recently had a very nice gentleman enter the open house, and ask me (it was raining outside) whether I wanted him to take off his clothes. Since I was accompanied by other people, it was not threatening at all, and of course, he simply meant did I want him to take off his shoes – or perhaps he simply visits the doctor’s office too many times… but it was humorous at the time, and we all chuckled.

Some people are simply ‘killing time’ in between a child’s commitment like a Birthday party… My house is their entertainment I guess but it is a nice way to talk about real estate. Some people are getting decorating ideas, have just purchased and want to make sure they haven’t overpaid, and even others are about to place their home on the market and are looking at comparisons.

Sometimes, my listings are so simply gorgeous that I find people will visit for an hour or so, admire the home immensely, and then you discover that they are indeed “just looking!” but just couldn’t leave. One such home is located at 29 Malysana Lane in New Rochelle with year round waterviews. The photos are lovely, and have drawn people from New York City, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Connecticut, upstate New York – all to view this beautiful home. This particularhouse is 4904 square feet, features 5 bedrooms, 4.5 baths , a stunning kitchen with family room, and every time we enter the Master Bedroom and they see the deck with great views of the Long Island Sound, I hear “Wow.”

Another such home is located at 74 Forest Avenue. I had sold this home to a lovely young couple (now friends), and they had lovingly renovated the house over the past few years, installing marble throughout the basement and in the 4 Seasons Room, a $120,000 kitchen which interestingly mirrors 29 Malysana Lane…meaning that where one kitchen offers black granite, the other offers Carrera marble but both have white cabinetry that are designed to please. 74 Forest Avenue also has 5 bedrooms, 4.5 baths and is 4476 square feet. Both homes feature offices, 3 fireplaces and are well worth viewing (and buying).

An agent who was quoted in Sunday’s NYT article mentioned that only 20% of open house visitors actually buy that property…but I would further comment that people searching on the internet will see the open house advertisement, and then call their respective agents, and you will usually see a flurry of appointments directly after an open house from people who were too busy to visit at that time, and so who actually knows the correct statistics!

So, look for the open houses, come and visit, say ‘hello” and while I hope you will buy the house I represent that day, it is okay if you are the other 80%. I understand. If you would like more information regarding one of these 2 homes, please contact me!

29 Malysana Lane, New Rochelle, NY 10805 – Glorious Water views, Private Gated Community, Private Beach – Priced at $2,339,000

74 Forest Avenue, New Rochelle, NY 10804 – Located in the desirous Forest

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