The Isle of San Souci Beach & Tennis New Rochelle

Simply perfect! If you are a resident of San Souci in New Rochelle, you have access to the Beach, tennis, snack bar , the pool and Bocci court! There is a Home Owner’s Association with 2023 dues of $350 (and $200 additional assessment fee), and the pool and tennis was $750! While the HOA is mandatory, the beach and tennis are optional!

New Rochelle is GREAT!

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Larchmont vs. New Rochelle: Choosing the Ideal Suburb for your Lifestyle

Nestled a brief distance from the pulsating heart of New York City, both Larchmont and New
beckon to those searching for suburban bliss. The Larchmont vs. New Rochelle debate goes beyond mere geography; it’s about finding a lifestyle that feels like home.

History and Background

Larchmont and New Rochelle, two of Westchester County’s gems, have storied pasts that
significantly influence their present-day allure. Larchmont, originally a resort community for
wealthy New Yorkers, still maintains an aura of elegance and retreat. Its tree-lined streets and
historical landmarks narrate tales of a time when it was a haven away from the city’s frenzy.
Over time, it seamlessly integrated modern amenities, making it a luxurious blend of past and

Waterfront home during the night

New Rochelle, nicknamed the ‘Queen City of the Sound‘ because of its dominant shoreline, has a rich history of attracting artists, writers, and intellectuals. Its roots can be traced back to the
Huguenots, French Protestants seeking refuge and buying the land in the late 1600s. The cultural and intellectual fervor they introduced still pulses through the city. This rich tapestry of history and diverse influence has given New Rochelle its unique architectural landscape, blending colonial designs with contemporary structures. Understanding the historical essence of these suburbs provides valuable insight into their transformation. While Larchmont evokes a sense of escape and serenity, New Rochelle thrives on its cultural dynamism, making both places unique yet equally captivating choices for potential

Real Estate and Housing

Larchmont and New Rochelle present diverse real estate portfolios, catering to varying
preferences and budgetary needs. Here’s a snapshot of the types of homes you can expect:

● Historic Homes: Traditional structures, often renovated to incorporate modern amenities.
● Waterfront Properties: Especially in Larchmont, these homes offer scenic views and exclusive access to the shore. It’s the epitome of luxurious waterfront living.
● Modern Apartments: Sleek designs, equipped with the latest amenities and suitable for singles or smaller families.
● Spacious Family Homes: Perfect for larger families, often with yards and school proximity.
It’s always advised to delve deep into market research or consult a local realtor for the most up- to-date and accurate pricing.

Location and Accessibility

For those considering a move closer to the vibrant pulse of New York City, both Larchmont and New Rochelle stand out as excellent choices. Easily accessible, these suburbs offer the best of both worlds – proximity to the city’s buzz without the urban congestion. Efficient public
transport, notably the train services, bridges the gap between these suburbs and the city, making the daily commute feasible and enjoyable.

But location is just one piece of the puzzle. Relocating is a significant endeavor, and it’s crucial
to reach out to the right team for a seamless transition. Larchmont and New Rochelle are
logistically strategic choices for those moving to New York and looking for long-distance
movers. Their favorable locations, coupled with efficient infrastructure, ensure that the process
of moving is straightforward.

So, while you’re soaking in the rich histories and varied lifestyles these suburbs offer, rest
assured, the practical aspect of settling in is well facilitated. By choosing either of these
suburbs, you’re not just opting for an ideal location but also simplifying the intricacies of

Lifestyle and Amenities

Larchmont and New Rochelle present contrasting yet compelling lifestyle options. In
Larchmont, the vibe is one of relaxed elegance. Its smaller footprint fosters a close-knit
community ambiance where intimate boutiques and charming cafes are within an easy stroll. It embodies serenity without sacrificing convenience.

Larchmont or New Rochelle?

On the other hand, New Rochelle offers a more dynamic experience. The array of places for
outdoor fun in
New Rochelle is impressive, from expansive parks to recreational centers, making it an adventure-seekers paradise. Whether seeking tranquility or vibrancy, both suburbs ensure residents are never short of amenities and experiences.

Safety and Security

A sense of security is paramount when choosing a place to call home. Both Larchmont and New Rochelle prioritize the safety of their residents, boasting commendably low crime rates and active community participation in safety initiatives. This diligence ensures that residents can comfortably walk the streets, kids can play outside, and homes remain sanctuaries.
Interestingly, Best Long Distance Movers conducted a survey focused on the motivations behind moving decisions. Their findings illuminated that Larchmont and New Rochelle consistently rank high for their tangible security measures and their palpable sense of community and camaraderie. This strong community bond indirectly enhances the area’s security, as residents often look out for one another. The proactive safety measures and a tight-knit community ultimately make both these suburbs coveted choices. 

Education and Schools

Both Larchmont and New Rochelle stand tall when offering high-quality educational
making them attractive options for families seeking the best for their children. Larchmont, with its tradition of academic excellence, is home to institutions that boast state-of- the-art facilities and dedicated faculty members who prioritize individualized student growth.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to start a family in New Rochelle, you’re in for an equally
enriching educational experience. The city prides itself on its diverse array of schools, ranging
from public to private, and even specialized institutions. New Rochelle’s commitment to
holistic education is evident in its innovative curricula and extracurricular activities that mold
students into well-rounded individuals. Moreover, the community’s active involvement in school events and programs ensures a supportive environment for young minds to thrive.

Community and Demographics

The ongoing Larchmont vs. New Rochelle debate often delves deeper than surface-level
amenities—it touches on the heart and soul of these communities. With its smaller population,
Larchmont exudes a quaintness, where neighbors know one another and community events foster a sense of belonging. The demographic tends to lean towards established families and professionals seeking a quieter pace of life.

Beyond their historic landmarks, both locales captivate with picturesque landscapes and breathtaking views

Conversely, New Rochelle is a melting pot of cultures and age groups. Its larger populace
brings together young professionals, families, and retirees, creating a diverse and ever-evolving tapestry of community interactions. This blend results in a dynamic environment where cultural events, festivals, and community-driven initiatives are frequent. Whether you’re drawn to the homely feel of Larchmont or the multicultural allure of New Rochelle, both suburbs promise a rich and fulfilling communal life.

Larchmont vs. New Rochelle: Your Ideal Suburb Awaits

In the enduring debate of Larchmont vs. New Rochelle, the final choice rests with you. Weigh
the merits of both, immerse yourself in their atmospheres, and let your heart guide you to your
next home. Whatever you decide, trust us – you won’t make a mistake.

Photos used:

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The 2023 UnLabelled Awards & Fashion Show

Created in 2015 by Carol “Butterfli Tia” Dunkley for as she wrote in her own words :

“I created Unlabelled Awards  because I came to  a realization that there are so many hard working people behind the scenes,  in all fields,  who work tirelessly to contribute to the success of people who are in the front. We tend to always recognize the power players in the spotlight, but rarely award the key players in the back. It is my passion to specifically give recognition to those undeserved.”

      -Carol ‘ Butterfli Tia’ Dunkley – Founder & President of The Unlabelled Awards

A great way to start fashion week in New York City and to see those individuals who are so deserving of an award and to simply be recognized and thanked in the public forum.

Held at the beautiful and historic Church of the Holy Apostles at 296 9th Avenue in New York City, there were refreshments ( wine, soda, water ) and comfort food served making the evening perfect! This year’s honorees were:

Lifetime Achievement Award :

“J. Alexander Martin is a prominent entrepreneur and fashion visionary, best known as the co-founder of FUBU (For Us, By Us) and the ForUsByUs Network. With his keen business acumen and passion for empowering the urban community, Martin has made a significant impact in the fashion industry and beyond. ”

Courage to Care Award

“Sergeant Khalia M. Carter started her Law Enforcement career in May 2009 with the New York State Office of Mental Health where she served as a Special Police Officer.  She started her career as a Police Officer with the City of Peekskill Police Department in July of 2012 and was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in November 2019. Sgt. Carter is currently the Commanding Officer of the Community Policing Unit.  She focuses heavily on community affairs and special initiatives with the goal of fostering a transparent relationship between the members of the Police Department and the members of the Peekskill community, building strong ties, and developing community-based programs that will provide community members with well-needed resources.”

Conquest Award

The Conquest Award was awarded to Sushana Cole who professes to be the following:

“I am a serial entrepreneur, Mom, Author, OVERCOMER, and an e-commerce coach. I’ve been in the entrepreneurial space for over a decade. I started out in the beauty industry and then took my talents to different areas. I now share my knowledge of the business world with queens all over the world.”

I teach them about having a healthy mindset and How important personal development is in order to win in life and business. “

Circle of Excellence Award

Awarded this year to Shontel Greene. As written on the site ” Shontel currently owns two businesses. The first, More Than Just Friends Adult Medical Day Center, serves as a wholesome space to host patients throughout the day with medication therapy, as well as activities and events meant to keep them mentally and physically strong. The second, Nursez R Us, is a residential service agency providing adult dependent care to qualifying citizens in the state of Maryland.”

Entrepreneurship Award

Awarded this year to Antwoin “Chef Fresh” Gutierrez. ” Since finding his passion, Chef Fresh has groomed his talents in establishments such as The Gramercy Park Hotel, Upland, Bouchon Bakery, Pain D’Avignon, and Zaro’s Bake Shop. In 2017 he launched his own “Online Bakery” called Fresh Taste Bakery and since then, he has made a name for himself in NYC being featured by outlets like The NY Post, GMA, and Black Enterprise for his Carrot Cake Cookies and Alcohol Infused Desserts. #KeepinItFresh,(as he likes to say) with the likes of DJ Khaled, Larenez Tate, Fivio Foreign, The Real Housewives of NJ, as well as companies like Viacom, Spotify, Time, Complex, Black Enterprise, and more!”

Humanitarian Award

“Farzana Niemann is a passionate and accomplished veteran of the Healthcare Service Industry who, for the first fifteen years of her career, worked as a senior registered nurse at some of the most prestigious hospitals in the city of Hamburg, Germany, where her family settled after fleeing the ravages of war in her birth country of Afghanistan. Her initial experiences with complex surgery, focusing on managing the internal wellness of an individual, provided an invaluable foundation for her to then focus on the external wellness of the individual through attention to Skincare.   

Farzana came to the U.S. from Hamburg in 2011, where she shifted her focus from medicine to becoming a full-time Skincare Specialist (NY licensed aesthetician) and celebrity makeup artist.

Additionally, as a consequence of her own experience with domestic violence, she has become an advocate for women’s empowerment, which reinforced her existing sensitivity to the plight of women in Afghanistan. She has been an outspoken public speaker on this topic with the goal of providing women with a greater sense of unification and cohesiveness. This has included presentations to The Miss Immigrant Contest, Unlabelled Award, and The United Nations an organization dedicated to the furtherance of Women’s Empowerment.

As an adjunct to this activity of providing care for people, Farzana became impassioned with the recent unfortunate events for those in her native country of Afghanistan. An entire lifetime of providing care and wellness to people naturally translated into her desire to aid those who have become victims of these circumstances. She is determined to ensure that the proud people of Afghanistan receive the proper treatment and basic necessities that we are all entitled to.”

Capture the Moment Award

This Year this prestigious awarded was awarded to Ronnie Wright. “Ronnie Wright, otherwise known as “Photographer to the Stars” has proven himself as one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets. With over 40 years of documenting key moments and tastemakers in Hip Hop, Ronnie Wright’s portfolio exceeds many of his predecessors.

During the course of his career, Ronnie has documented big names like Usher, Beyonce, Nelly, and Michael Jackson just to name a few. As a notable photographer, Ronnie landed a gig that lasted 14 years, working with BET Networks as the head photographer on popular shows like Rap City, 106 & Park, and BET Special events.”

Community Service Award

This year it was awarded to Craig Jacobs Jr. Per Craig : “One of my major goals is to become a division 1 football coach. Coaching is my way of giving back to my community! Football is more than a game! It’s a tool for teaching the youth life skills through the game of football! I’m an assistant coach for our Peekskill High School Varsity Football team. “

Community Ambassador Award

“Malaka Garrett has been a long-time resident born and raised in the City of Peekskill. She currently serves her community by being a public servant working for the City of Peekskill in their Department of Public Works, and she is the Ambassador of the City, a role given to her by the City Manager Matt Alexander. In the Ambassador’s role, Malaka has become the liaison between different non-profit organizations and the City to show support for their community initiatives. One of her most productive accomplishments was helping the non-profit organization Narcotics Anonymous negotiate their rent and locker fees with the City of Peekskill. They were concerned about losing a place they felt was safe for their organization to meet and support the community’s needs. Malaka took the lead on this matter and ensured to keep their meeting place within reasonable costs and definite measures.”

Public Relations Award

Awarded this year to Gen Johnson who is the Owner and CEO of SL Next Level Entertainment and Management Company in Atlanta, Georgia. Johnson founded the first accredited public relations school located in Atlanta, GA that helps individuals learn and get first-hand experience in the entertainment industry. While running a successful Entertainment and Management company, Gen is a wife and a mother of two amazing children.

Congratulations Gen!

It was a wonderful evening and I felt privileged to be there amongst so many well deserving honorees!

A special thank you to  I printed the information above from the event. (I cold not have written it any better!).

Westchester is great!

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Larchmont Waterfront Living: A Coastal Escape Close to the City

The allure of waterfront living has always held a special charm. For many, it’s the
dream of waking up to the sound of lapping waves and enjoying sunsets over
shimmering waters. Enter Larchmont waterfront living – a unique blend of this
dream combined with the conveniences of urban life. Nestled close to the bustling
heart of New York City, this place offers a serene coastal respite without taking
you too far from the city’s vibrancy.
With its rich history, scenic beauty, and
thriving community, it beckons homebuyers to dive into an experience that’s both
tranquil and connected, making it a coastal escape like no other.

One of the greatest benefits of Larchmont waterfront living is its
unparalleled closeness to NYC

The Unique Beauty of Larchmont’s Waterfront

Indeed, this village’s coastal landscape is a sight to behold. Picture pristine
shorelines bathed in golden sunrises and painted with twilight hues as the day
concludes. Calm waters mirror azure skies, creating picturesque scenes right out of
a postcard. This beauty provides a stark yet delightful contrast to the nearby
bustling cityscape, offering residents moments of reflection and respite. Strolls
along the beach, the gentle sound of waves caressing the shore, and the ever-
changing canvas of the sky make every day feel like a vacation. Larchmont
waterfront living isn’t just about home; it’s about surrounding oneself with nature’s
artistry, a daily reminder of life’s wonders.

Unparalleled Proximity to NYC

Interestingly, Larchmont offers an enviable position that many yearn for. While its
serene shores whisper tales of tranquil coastal life, the heartbeat of New York City is but a short distance away. This proximity ensures that residents never feel
disconnected from the urban buzz
yet have the luxury of retreating to a peaceful
sanctuary whenever they wish. Morning commutes become less tedious when one
knows they’ll return to seaside serenity by evening. Weekends can transition
seamlessly from metropolitan adventures to beachside relaxation.

Historically, waterfront properties have shown to greatly appreciate.

Health Benefits of Living by the Water

Waterfront living is not merely an aesthetic pleasure; it’s also therapeutic in nature.
Larchmont waterfront living promises a multitude of health benefits. The daily sight
and sound of water have long been associated with reducing stress, promoting
relaxation, and enhancing overall mental well-being. The air by the coast, rich in
negative ions, is cleaner and can help increase serotonin levels, uplifting mood, and
energy. Furthermore, the opportunity to engage in daily walks or jogs by the water
boosts physical health, while the calming vistas improve mental clarity. Here,
residents don’t just invest in a home; they invest in an environment that continually
nurtures their holistic well-being.

Real Estate Value and Long-term Investment

Real estate is often about location, and Larchmont’s waterfront properties are prime
examples of this principle. Nestled in a coveted area, these homes are more than
just residences; they’re long-term investments. Historically, waterfront properties
have shown a consistent appreciation trajectory, making them coveted assets.
Here, the combination of exclusivity, limited supply, and overwhelming demand
elevates property values. Furthermore, the allure of retiring in Larchmont, with its
tranquil surroundings and proximity to urban amenities, adds to the region’s
investment appeal. For discerning buyers, a home here isn’t just about immediate gratification; it’s about securing an asset that promises growth and financial

Activities Exclusive to Waterfront Living

The vibrant tapestry of the available waterfront activities here paints a dynamic
picture of life by the coast. With the water at your doorstep, a plethora of
recreational pursuits await. Whether it’s the gentle glide of a kayak, the thrill of
fishing, or the simple joy of swimming, this area offers it all. Seasonal waterfront
events, from boat parades to marine festivals, infuse a unique cultural flavor into
the locale.
Community gatherings centered around water-based events further
cement bonds between residents. Beyond these, spontaneous moments – like a
family picnic by the shore or catching the ethereal beauty of a sunset – add depth
and dimension to the local living experience.

A Rich Community Life

Residents here are woven together by common threads of love for the water,
shared traditions, and mutual respect. The town thrives with local clubs, frequent
waterfront gatherings, and age-old traditions that celebrate its coastal heritage.
Within this framework, the culinary scene stands out. There are various must-try
restaurants in Larchmont
that offer an eclectic array of dishes, reflecting both local
flavors and global influences. From seafood delicacies to international cuisines, the
dining experiences are as rich as the community itself. In essence, living in this
locale means becoming part of a diverse, connected community steeped in shared

A Safe and Secure Living Environment

Safety transcends mere statistics; it’s an ingrained part of the community fabric.
With its tight-knit resident structure, the coastal town naturally fosters an
environment where everyone looks out for one another. This collective
watchfulness means that children play freely, neighbors leave doors unlocked, and
evening strolls are taken without a second thought. Community events and
gatherings further solidify these bonds, creating a network of trust. Local law
enforcement, in harmony with the community, ensures timely interventions and
maintains peace.

Moving to Larchmont

Relocating from the bustling heart of cities, such as the nearby NYC, to
Larchmont’s serene shores can feel like a monumental shift. The contrast between
the urban jungle and tranquil waterfront might seem vast, but this very difference
brings life’s balance. Preparing for such a move requires meticulous planning,
from sorting possessions to hiring reputable movers. It’s crucial to hire movers and
trust the process to pros. Finding professionals who understand the intricacies of
long distance moving from NYC is vital. While the transition has its challenges, the
rewards are manifold. Soon, the city’s constant hum gives way to gentle wave
whispers, and high-rises are replaced by horizon views.

Schools and Education

For families, education stands as a cornerstone when choosing a home. Larchmont
rises to this expectation brilliantly. Its educational institutions are not just centers of
learning but hubs of holistic development. Renowned for their academic excellence,
the schools here foster an environment of curiosity, creativity, and critical
thinking. But beyond the books, they focus on nurturing well-rounded individuals
equipped for the challenges of the modern world. For those considering buying a
family home in Larchmont,
the promise extends beyond brick and mortar. It’s an
assurance of a solid educational foundation, a community of supportive educators,
and a learning journey intertwined with the beauty and inspiration drawn from
waterfront living.

The amazing schools available in Larchmont make living here with a
family a great idea.

Final Thoughts

Larchmont waterfront living is a symphony of experiences, memories, and
opportunities. With its perfect blend of coastal serenity and urban proximity, it offers
a lifestyle that’s both refreshing and deeply fulfilling.
Every sunrise over the
water serves as a reminder of nature’s wonders, while the town’s community ties in
a sense of belonging. Whether you’re drawn by the promise of health benefits, the
allure of waterfront activities, or the prospects of sound real estate investment, the
wonderful neighborhoods here deliver on all fronts. – picture 1 – picture 2 – picture 3

Larchmont is great!

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Limoncello 2023!

I didn’t make it last year but back on track this year! I do not drink it myself but some of my friends like it and it is so easy to make! Cheers!

It is always so noce to give gifts!

Westchester is great!

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Swim Across America 2023 -Photos!

I never thought that getting up at 4 am could be so much fun but when you are volunteering to be at a great fun raising event, then it is definitely no hardship!

Such was the case on Saturday, July 28th for the annual Swim Aross America event in Larchmont. So many wonderful people were swimming on behalf of their friends and family. I am always amazed at how dedicated these swimmers are. The starting point was the Larchmont Yacht Club, and refreshments, breakfast was served to all.

I was also thrilled to see young volunteers from the various neighboring schools. I met 4 nice young men from the New Rochelle High School soccer team!

It was a wonderful mooning and so glad I was there!

Larchmont is GREAT!

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6 Reasons to Start a Family in New Rochelle

New Rochelle, NY, offers a unique blend of suburban tranquility and urban vibrancy, making it
an ideal setting for raising a family. It is nestled in the heart of Westchester County. This city
should be on your shortlist if you’re considering moving to a place that balances work, education, leisure, and a thriving community. This blog post explores six compelling reasons to start a family in New Rochelle, NY. We aim to highlight the strengths of this astounding city, from its top-tier schools to its welcoming community atmosphere. So, let’s begin our exploration of this family-friendly city.

Unmatched Education Opportunities

Education here sets a strong foundation for children’s future. It boasts a school system that
outperforms the national averages in key metrics. Primary and secondary schools have
consistently high standardized test scores. They have a high school graduation rate of 89%
compared to the national average of 85%. The student-teacher ratio is 13:1, far better than the
national average. It ensures individual attention to every child.

Furthermore, the city is home to several well-respected colleges and universities. That includes
the prestigious Iona College and Monroe College, providing many tertiary education
opportunities at your doorstep. Beyond academics, schools here offer a broad spectrum of
extracurricular activities. Many languages are offered in schools, promoting cultural diversity
and global awareness. Students also engage in various sports, music, arts, and clubs that cater to diverse interests, fostering well-rounded development.

Reasons to start a family in New Rochelle, NY: A Paradise
for Outdoor Enthusiasts

The city takes pride in its well-maintained parks, providing ample green spaces for leisure and
relaxation. One such gem is Glen Island Park, a picturesque waterfront park offering stunning
views, picnic areas, and playgrounds. For those seeking scenic trails, Twin Lakes Park provides a serene setting with tranquil lakes and wooded paths, perfect for family strolls or bike rides.
Moreover, New Rochelle, throughout the year, boasts a vibrant calendar of outdoor family-
friendly events.
Something exciting is always happening in the city, from summer concerts in
Hudson Park to farmers’ markets offering fresh local produce.

Additionally, being nestled along the Long Island Sound, this city grants easy access to beautiful beaches where families can soak up the sun, build sandcastles, and enjoy water sports. Glen Island Beach and Five Islands Park Beach are popular destinations for swimming and relaxation.

The city’s marina also offers boating, fishing, and sailing adventures.

Farmers’ market is a great place to connect with people.

New Rochelle, NY, is renowned for its warm and inclusive community, making it an ideal place
for young families. The residents take pride in their welcoming nature, embracing newcomers with open arms. The residents organize numerous events throughout the year that promote bonding and foster a sense of togetherness. One such event is the vibrant farmers market. The
families can connect with local farmers, artisans, and neighbors while enjoying fresh produce
and homemade goods.

It hosts many other community events, such as festivals, parades, street fairs, and holiday
celebrations. These gatherings allow families to mingle, forge new friendships, and create lasting memories. From Fourth of July fireworks to outdoor movie nights in the park, something exciting always happens here that brings the community together.

A Housing Market Perfect for Growing Families

Whether you’re looking for a spacious suburban house with a backyard or a modern apartment in a family-friendly community, this place has it all. With a wide range of options available, there is a suitable home for every family size and budget. With the help of experienced real estate agents and online listings, families can quickly identify the perfect home that sets the foundation for a comfortable and fulfilling family life. Thanks to the streamlined processes and resources available, relocating an entire family long distance can be accomplished in a week. So prepare your family for the move. New Rochelle provides plenty of good reasons to do so. Developers have focused on creating neighborhoods with family-friendly amenities like parks, playgrounds, and recreational facilities. In addition, the availability of good schools and proximity to essential services further enhances the area’s appeal for families with children.

Proximity to New York City

Situated just a stone’s throw away from the bustling metropolis of New York City, New Rochelle provides easy access to all the opportunities and amenities of the big city while retaining its distinct suburban charm. That is one of the biggest perks of living here. The Metro-North Railroad connects the city to Grand Central Terminal in less than 30 minutes, making commuting a breeze. Whether it’s exploring world-class museums, catching a Broadway show, or enjoying a night out on the town, the vibrant energy and cultural experiences of New York City are just a short train ride away. At the same time, it offers a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. Residents can enjoy the best of both worlds by immersing themselves in the excitement of NYC when desired while returning to the tranquility and comfort of their suburban haven in New Rochelle.

If you decide to start a family in New Rochelle, NY, ensure your children can access
the best healthcare services.

Excellent Healthcare Facilities

A robust healthcare system provides excellent medical care for families. The city is proud to
house renowned hospitals and clinics that offer a wide range of specialties, ensuring residents
have access to top-notch healthcare services. From general practitioners to specialists, people
who start a family in New Rochelle, NY, can trust in the expertise and professionalism of the
medical professionals in the area.

In addition to the exceptional healthcare facilities, the city also prioritizes community health and wellness. Regular health camps offer free screenings, check-ups, and health education.
Community health awareness programs educate individuals and families on preventive measures, healthy living, and disease management. The presence of renowned hospitals, clinics, health camps, and community health awareness programs underscores the city’s commitment to the well-being of its residents. Families can take comfort in knowing they have access to exceptional healthcare services and resources that promote a healthy and thriving community


New Rochelle offers an array of compelling reasons for young couples to start their family in this vibrant city. Start a family in New Rochelle, NY, which provides an ideal setting for family life, from unmatched education opportunities and an outdoor paradise for enthusiasts to the family-friendly community atmosphere and proximity to New York City. The housing market
accommodates diverse needs, and excellent healthcare facilities ensure the well-being of your
loved ones. So, if you’re seeking a city that combines the best of suburban living with urban
conveniences, consider this one for your family’s bright and fulfilling future.

Photos used:

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Swim Across America 2023

With so many families having either a loved one, neighbor or friend succumbing to cancer, how can you not participate in some small way to their annual event! I am looking forward to being there at 5 am tomorrow as a volunteer and cheering on the hundreds of special people who will swim/have swam on behalf of their loved ones!

Westchester is great!

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845 United Nations Plaza #64C

Soaring amidst the city skyline with wondrous views of Billionaire’s row, this 64th floor corner furnished rental apartment located in one of the most elegant and luxurious buildings has glorious views of the city and of the Hudson River. Featuring 2 bedrooms, 3 full baths, 1592 square feet and fully furnished, all you have to do is move in with your toiletries and linens! Floor to ceiling windows, hardwood floors throughout, an eat-in kitchen equipped with all your utensils and china! There is laundry located in the unit and there are closets galore. You will also love the building’s amenities which include 24-hour concierge, a private spa and health club, pool, an Asian fusion cuisine restaurant, private wine cellar, parking, bike room, and a landscaped garden. Curated services also available. All located so close to midtown, Grand Central station, fine dining and the United Nations of course! A home away from home

Please contact me or your agent for more information!

Manhattan is great!

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11 Indian Hill Road Open House 7/16 1-13 p.m.

Exceptional move-in ready 2512 square foot 3 bedroom 3 bath Townhouse at the Indian Hill Condominium offers great privacy and there’s still time to relax in your community pool too! You will love the gracious entrance foyer, formal living room with fireplace, skylight, formal dining room with premium millwork, crown molding, and easy access to your private outdoor patio with wooded views.

The modern eat-in kitchen features soft blue/grey granite countertops, skylight and eating area overlooking the courtyard. A charming first floor family room with custom built-ins has potential as a 4th bedroom, adjacent to the full bath, and attached 2-car garage. The second floor features the primary suite with a walk-in closet and luxurious spa bath with separate shower, jetted tub and skylight. There are two additional bedrooms, laundry/utility room plus plenty of storage. Central air, gas heat, and don’t forget you can play tennis & pickleball just across the street at Pinebrook tennis courts or access the nature trails. Close to shopping, fine dining and just 30 minutes to NYC!

This charming town house is being offered at $969,000, and the public open house is on July 16th, 1-3 p.m. Please join Helen Propersi and I !

New Rochelle is Great!

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