How Moving to a Small Town Can Enhance Your Career and Wellbeing

Many people assume that thriving careers are strictly a big-city phenomenon, with bustling metropolises offering the best opportunities for growth and success. However, this overlooks the significant benefits of moving to a small town, where unique advantages can bolster your professional life and personal wellbeing. This post delves into how relocating to a smaller community might prove advantageous for career advancement and enhance your quality of life in numerous ways. From closer social networks to reduced living costs, the impact of such a move can be profound and far-reaching. We will explore how a smaller setting can lead to bigger opportunities and a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

Career Advantages of Moving to a Small Town

Increased Networking Opportunities

The community is typically close-knit in small towns, making it much easier to form meaningful connections with influential locals. Networking in such environments often proves more straightforward and effective compared to the anonymity of larger cities. Here, you can easily become a well-recognized face at local events and gatherings, paving the way for introductions to key community figures who can offer career advice or job opportunities. Personal anecdotes from residents who have leveraged local networks to advance their careers can be particularly inspiring. These stories underscore how a smaller population can enhance your visibility and connectivity, making it a fertile ground for professional relationships.

Lower Competition for Jobs

The job market in places like this often features less saturation regarding applicants. That makes your qualifications and experience stand out more prominently to potential employers. It can translate into quicker job placements and more rapid career advancement than expected in competitive urban markets. For instance, a school in a small town may only have one or two applicants per teaching position. That is a lot less competitive when compared to dozens in a city. And it extends across various sectors, providing career opportunities to those willing to invest their future in a small town. Additionally, local businesses often prefer to hire community members, further improving your chances
of securing employment.

Small towns offer better and more straightforward options for networking.

Wellbeing Enhancements from Living in Small Towns

Reduced Stress and Slower Pace of Life

The slower pace of life in small towns significantly contributes to reduced stress levels among residents. Unlike cities where the constant rush can overwhelm, small towns offer a more laid-back lifestyle. There’s less traffic, lower noise levels, and fewer crowds. Research indicates that this reduction in daily stressors leads to better mental and physical health outcomes, including lower rates of anxiety and depression. The ability to walk to local shops or to work, the reduced pressure in professional settings and the general ease of daily activities all contribute to a more relaxed and enjoyable life. This tranquility is a fundamental aspect of small-town living that attracts individuals seeking a peaceful life.

A small town can enhance your career and wellbeing as it offers a less stressful and slower pace of life.

Cost of Living Benefits

The slower pace of life in small towns significantly slower pace of life in small towns significantly I can’t advantage, allowing residents to enjoy a higher standard of living
at a reduced cost. Housing prices, for example, are often substantially lower than in big cities, making homeownership more accessible and less financially stressful. Additionally, everyday expenses such as groceries, utilities, and transportation are generally cheaper, which can lead to substantial savings over time. This financial breathing room enables residents to allocate more resources to savings or leisure activities that enhance their quality of life. For many, the economic benefits of small-town living are a major factor in their decision to move. It provides them the financial freedom to pursue a lifestyle prioritizing wellbeing and personal fulfillment.

Access to Nature and Outdoor Activities

Proximity to nature is another compelling reason to consider moving to a small town. Many such towns are situated near parks, forests, or mountains, offering abundant opportunities for outdoor activities that promote physical health. Whether hiking, biking, fishing or simply enjoying a picnic in a scenic setting, the easy access to nature helps residents maintain a healthy lifestyle. It also provides a constant source of recreation. Studies have shown that regular interaction with nature can reduce stress, enhance mood, and improve overall health. For those who value an active outdoor lifestyle, small towns
offer the perfect backdrop to both live and play.

Overcoming Challenges: Limited Access to Services

While small towns offer many benefits, they can pose challenges, such as limited access to certain services, including specialized healthcare, diverse educational options, and extensive shopping facilities. However, these challenges can often be mitigated through planning and technology. For example, telemedicine services can bridge the gap in healthcare, allowing residents to consult with specialists without long travel. Additionally, online shopping and delivery services ensure that residents can access a wide range of products.

Practical Considerations When Planning Your Move

One practical aspect to consider when moving to a small town is the logistical process of the move itself, especially if it involves a significant distance. For instance, if you decide to relocate to your new home from a bustling state like Florida to a tranquil small town in New York, such as Warwick, Rhinebeck, or Skaneateles, organizing the move becomes a crucial step. Hiring experienced movers specializing in interstate relocations can simplify the transition, ensuring your belongings are safely transported. This careful planning is essential, as the journey from Florida’s sunny shores to the peaceful, picturesque settings of New York’s small towns represents a physical move and a significant lifestyle change. By securing the services of reliable movers, you can focus more on the exciting opportunities ahead in your
new community.

Hiring a reliable moving company is crucial when moving to one of these smaller towns.


Moving to a small town is more than a mere change of scenery. It is a lifestyle adjustment that can profoundly impact your professional and personal life. The benefits of such a move include a supportive community, a peaceful living environment, and significant career opportunities. All of these contribute to a richer, more satisfying life. By embracing the advantages and effectively managing the challenges, anyone can successfully transition to small-town living. Consider how these benefits align with your life goals and aspirations; you might find this is the right way to enhance your career and wellbeing.

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40 Petersville Road New Rochelle

Spread your wings in this 2976 square foot Colonial home with a wonderful open floor plan! So much light throughout this truly sunny 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath home with its cathedral ceiling entrance foyer, spacious rooms, and large kitchen with adjoining family room and breakfast area. There are hardwood floors in the living room which also boasts a fireplace, and the dining room, breakfast and family room complete the first floor. Granite counters, a center island and a great breakfast bar area complete the fabulous kitchen. The breakfast room has easy access to the deck and backyard – perfect for entertaining and barbecues! The second floor primary bedroom has a fireplace, a walk-in closet and lovely en-suite bathroom with shower. Two additional bedrooms, a hall bathroom and laundry finish off the second floor. The lower level offers wonderful bonus space with built-ins and a legal full bathroom with shower. Did I mention low taxes? Gas heating? Close to downtown, and just 30 minutes by train to NYC!

This charming home is being offered at $999,000.

New Rochelle is Great!

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Tips for Adjusting to Life in a Close-Knit Small Town

Picture of people from a community.


Adjusting to life in a close-knit small town community offers a unique set of experiences,
challenges, and rewards. Recent news reports highlight the increasing number of people seeking the simplicity and warmth of small-town life, attracted by the promise of tighter community bonds and a slower pace of living. As we explore this transition, it’s essential to understand how to blend into a new community, make the most of the opportunities, and overcome the challenges that come with it.

Make The Process Of Adjusting Easier By Moving With
Professional Help

Hiring movers can significantly ease the transition into small town life, allowing you more time
to explore and familiarize yourself with your new surroundings. Fairfax Transfer and Storage,
offering peace of mind since 1959, exemplifies the perfect partner for such a move. Their
comprehensive services ensure a smooth transition. With their help, you can focus on
discovering your new community’s nuances, from local shops to community events, rather than worrying about the logistics of your move. This company manages the heavy lifting and allow you to immerse yourself in your new town faster, making the adjustment process seamless and stress-free.

You will settle in easier if you leave the moving logistics to the professionals.

Embrace the Local Culture

When you move to a small town, you find traditions and values that have shaped the
community’s identity over generations. Attending local events and participating in community
activities are not just leisure activities; they’re gateways to understanding what makes your new home special. For instance, embracing the local food culture goes beyond enjoying new flavors. It’s about appreciating the stories and efforts behind them and showing respect for local farmers and artisans. This involvement deepens your appreciation for your new home and also signals your willingness to become a part of it.

Connect Through Community Involvement

Similarly, diving into community service offers more than just the satisfaction of giving back. It
opens up avenues for making meaningful connections and learning about the community’s needs firsthand. Whether helping out at the local library or joining a cleanup drive, your contributions can significantly impact. In small towns, personal efforts are often the backbone of community projects, and your participation can lead to lasting friendships and a deeper sense of belonging.

Master the Art of Small Talk

Interestingly, small talk in a small town is anything but small. It’s an art that helps strengthen the community. Engaging in conversations at the local store or during a walk in the park might seem trivial, but it’s a powerful tool for building relationships. You create bridges of understanding and camaraderie by showing genuine interest in people’s lives and sharing bits of your own. This practice turns the mundane into opportunities for connection, laying the groundwork for deeper conversations in the future.

Initiate and Attend Local Gatherings

Actively participating in or even initiating local gatherings plays a crucial role in adjusting to life in a close-knit small town community. These gatherings, whether formal events or casual get-togethers, are vital for cementing your place within the community. They offer a platform for showcasing your interests and for others to get to know you beyond surface-level interactions. From potluck dinners to community-wide celebrations, each event is a chance to contribute to the town’s social life and to experience firsthand the collective spirit that defines small-town living.

Adjusting to life in a close-knit small town community means attending community gatherings.

Adopt a Learner’s Mindset

Adjusting to life in a close-knit small town community often means learning new ways of doing
things. It’s crucial to approach every day with a learner’s mindset. This means being open to new experiences, asking questions, and being curious about your surroundings. For example, if you’re used to fast-paced city life, getting used to a different pace of life can be a significant adjustment. It involves understanding the value of slowing down and appreciating the small moments. This adjustment period is a chance to rediscover hobbies or interests you might have overlooked in city life.

Nurture Neighborly Relations

Next, fostering good relationships with your neighbors is vital. In small towns, neighbors often
become like family. Here are a few ways to build strong bonds:
● Offer to help with small tasks, such as gardening or grocery shopping.
● Invite them over for coffee or a meal to share stories and interests.
● Participate in or organize neighborhood activities, like a party or a book club.

These actions show your willingness to be part of the community and help establish trust and
friendship with those around you.

Support Local Businesses

Also, supporting local businesses is a key aspect of integrating into a small town. By choosing to shop at local stores, you contribute to the town’s economy and get to know the people behind the businesses. Each purchase at a local shop is also an opportunity for embracing tranquility, as it often leads to meaningful conversations and a deeper appreciation for the slower pace of small- town life.

Respect Local Etiquette and Values

Small towns often have unwritten rules or expectations about how things are done. Paying
attention to and respecting these norms demonstrates your commitment to becoming a part of the community. This might mean participating in community cleanup days, adhering to quiet hours, or showing up to support local high school sports teams. Understanding and respecting these practices shows your dedication to being a good neighbor and community member.

Create Your Own Space

Finally, making your space feel like home is essential for adjusting to life in a close-knit small
town community. Personalizing your living space to reflect your style while respecting the
town’s overall aesthetic can make the transition smoother. This might mean decorating your
home with crafts from local artisans or starting a garden with plants native to the area. Creating a comfortable and welcoming home can help you feel more rooted in your new community.

Adjusting is fine, but you also need to have something uniquely yours.

Adjusting to Life in a Close-Knit Small Town Community Will
Take Time

Adjusting to life in a close-knit small town community involves more than just physical
relocation; it’s about embracing a new way of life. Each step is part of a broader journey. These
actions help you adjust but also enrich your life with new friendships, experiences, and a deep
sense of belonging. Remember, patience and openness are your best allies in this transition,
making the experience rewarding and fulfilling.

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Florals by James Welker

I am so fortunate to have great friends, but can you imagine receiving beautiful floral photos each week as my great friend James encounters them on his and Ricky’s travels!

Here are some photos as sent to me in 2023 and earlier this year!

New Rochelle is great!

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Tips for Embracing the Local Food Culture After Relocating to a Small Town

Various dishes and bread served on plates and bowls

Relocating to a small town offers numerous advantages, with one standout benefit being the
opportunity to indulge in exceptional local cuisine. In these close-knit communities, food takes center stage, reflecting the area’s unique cultural heritage and agricultural abundance. Unlike bustling cities where dining options may feel impersonal, small towns offer an abundance of different flavors, often sourced directly from nearby farms and producers.

Are Small Towns Right for You?

Small-town residents enjoy a close connection to the food they eat, fostering a sense of pride and authenticity in every meal. Whether it’s savoring farm-fresh produce at the weekly farmers’ market or discovering hidden gems tucked away in quaint eateries, the culinary landscape of a small town promises an exciting journey for food enthusiasts. With a focus on quality, tradition, and community, relocating to such an environment presents an unparalleled opportunity to explore, appreciate, and immerse oneself in the joys of local gastronomy.
If this sounds good, maybe moving to a small town is just the thing for you. However, relocation is a task for which you will need professional help, and offers an extensive database to help you find exactly that. It is a specially designed database that lets you search, compare, and find trustworthy moving services. You can also find an abundance of moving, storage, and packing tips, which is a major advantage when trying to move to a specific place you want to call home. So get ready to enjoy all the culinary wonders that small towns offer!

Exploring Local Markets Is Important When Relocating to a Small Town

Local markets in small towns offer a vibrant showcase of the region’s culinary treasures. These busy hubs provide a direct avenue to connect with local farmers, artisans, and food producers. With stalls brimming with seasonal fruits, vegetables, and artisanal goods, browsing the market becomes an immersive experience. Engaging with vendors reveals the products and stories behind them, adding depth to the shopping experience. Conversations often lead to insider tips on selecting the freshest ingredients and creative ways to incorporate them into dishes. From homemade jams to freshly baked bread, each item reflects the passion and craftsmanship of its creator. Moreover, the atmosphere of the market, filled with bustling
energy and community spirit, adds to the charm of the experience. Exploring local markets becomes more than just shopping; it becomes a journey of discovery, connection, and appreciation for the flavors of the town.

Immerse yourself in the local food scene by exploring farmers’ markets and dining at cozy eateries

Dining at Local Eateries

Sampling the local eateries is a delightful way to experience the heart of a small town’s culinary scene. These establishments, often family-owned and steeped in tradition, offer a taste of authentic regional cuisine. From cozy diners to charming cafes, each venue exudes its own unique charm and hospitality. Menus feature locally sourced ingredients, showcasing the best of what the area has to offer. Engaging with restaurant staff provides insight into menu favorites and hidden gems, enriching the dining experience. Whether indulging in comfort food classics or savoring innovative culinary creations, every dish tells a story of local flavor and craftsmanship. Also, dining out becomes more than just a meal; it becomes an opportunity to support local businesses and connect with the community.

Connecting with Locals

Building relationships with locals is key to fully immersing oneself in a small town’s culture. Whether striking up conversations at the farmers’ market or chatting with neighbors over a meal, genuine connections are easily formed. Locals are often eager to share their knowledge of the area’s food scene, from hidden culinary gems to family recipes passed down through generations. Connecting with residents provides valuable insights into the town’s gastronomic landscape and promotes a sense of belonging and community. Attending community events and volunteering for local causes further solidify these bonds, creating opportunities for shared experiences and mutual appreciation. By connecting with locals, newcomers gain access to insider tips and recommendations and become active participants in preserving and celebrating the rich culinary heritage of their adopted small town.

Connect with neighbors and locals to learn about hidden culinary gems and regional specialties

Joining Cooking Classes

Participating in cooking classes offers newcomers a hands-on way to immerse themselves in the local food culture. These classes, often hosted by community centers or culinary schools, provide valuable opportunities to learn traditional recipes and techniques from seasoned chefs or knowledgeable locals. From mastering the art of preparing regional specialties to honing basic cooking skills, participants gain practical knowledge to apply in their kitchens.

A large sandwich with arugula on a wooden board

Sharing cooking tips, exchanging recipe ideas, and bonding over a shared love of food further enrich the experience. Whether it’s a workshop on making homemade pizzas or a class dedicated to crafting artisanal cheeses, each session offers a chance to deepen one’s understanding and appreciation of the local culinary traditions.

Documenting Your Culinary Journey

Keeping a record of your culinary adventures through journals, blogs, or social media platforms can enhance your experience after relocating to a small town. By documenting your discoveries, recipes, and dining experiences, you create a tangible record of your immersion into the local food culture. Sharing photos and stories online allows you to connect with others who share your passion and is a resource for newcomers and locals alike.

In addition, documenting your journey encourages reflection and exploration as you seek out new flavors, ingredients, and cooking techniques. Whether you’re chronicling your attempts at mastering a traditional dish or sharing reviews of local eateries, each entry contributes to a narrative of culinary discovery and appreciation.


Relocating to a small town offers many benefits, with the vibrant food culture as a highlight. From exploring local markets and dining at quaint eateries to connecting with welcoming locals and joining cooking classes, there are countless opportunities to immerse oneself in the culinary tapestry of the community. Embracing the local food culture isn’t just about enjoying delicious meals; it’s about forging connections, sharing experiences, and contributing to the vibrant fabric of community life. Whether you’re a newcomer or a longtime resident, the small town’s food culture invites you on a journey of discovery, connection, and celebration, making every meal a memorable experience.

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What is a Realtor? 2024

With so many changes in the real estate industry, I think it is always important to keep our customers and clients updated accordingly. I had written a post in March 2023 on what a Realtor does! People are always amazed at what (some of us) will do to help facilitate a sale by way of cleaning, preparing, staging, and showing a home in person for all agents.

I think the key component here is how a Realtor can make the transaction a seamless one, being the conduit between buyer and seller and ensuring that everything is moving along effortlessly. We obviously endeavor to obtain a home at the least amount for the buyer when we are representing buyers, and one that is palatable to the sellers. I can recall years ago when I represented sellers and there were multiple bids, a buyer’s agent said to me “what will it take to secure the home” and threw out numbers. At the time I was thrilled for my sellers at the prospect of obtaining a higher than listed sales price but did not respect that agent at all. How could someone be so cavalier with someone’s money? As a foot note, I could not offer forth a ‘number’ to that agent especially in a multiple bidding situation. We must always follow the rules and regulations and code of ethics.. Then, of course, we endeavor to obtain the highest sales price for our sellers. We do that through marketing, advertising, photography and pricing well.

I wrote in a blog post last week on Realtor designations, and I had mentioned the following within that post : Our Fiduciary Responsibilities include as agents to our clients are Obedience, Loyalty, Disclosure, Confidentiality, Accountability and Reasonable Care.

In 2024, there are so many disclosure forms to sign (all based on protecting the consumer/seller) that it just makes sense to either sign a buyer representation agreement if you are a buyer or hire a knowledgeable real estate agent if you are a seller!

As an experienced agent, I am used to meeting sellers numerous times prior to entering a home for sale to help in the preparation of the home, and as a buyer’s agent, I am used to taking out clients as much and how often as they require until they find their forever home. Sometimes it can take a week, and sometimes years. Everyone has different needs. Situations change, monetary assets can change.

I am here for all of your real estate requirements. Call me!

Westchester is great!

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What does $2.5 Million purchase in New Rochelle?

I recently closed on an exquisite, waterfront property in New Rochelle, 159 Kensington Oval, New Rochelle. 3737 square feet, 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths and located on 0.33 of an acre. The home is located in the San Souci area, a special enclave which has its’ own beach and tennis club complete with an outdoor pool, snack bar and bocci court!

The highest priced home in the area sold for $2,150,000 previously (in 2022) which featured a larger property , more bathrooms (4.5) BUT while it had waterfront views did not have a backyard overlooking the Long Island Sound! Quick statistics indicate an average sales price of $1, 260,000 in the same zip code since January 2023 onward regarding single family homes 3000 square feet and more. This home sale reflects the highest priced home sold home in the area since November 2016 ($2,900,000 – a 6430 square foot home featuring 5 bedrooms) one mile or less away and 3000 square feet or higher.

I have always been blessed with wonderful clients, and when I receive a testimonial then my day is made!

“Exceeded expectations at every turn!

We cannot rave enough about Gay Rosen. She never hesitated to go above and beyond our needs, and was there at every request, immediately. She is unusually personable, has broad market knowledge, superb communication skills and always handled herself with the utmost of politeness, kindness, and thoroughness. We recommend her without reservation and anyone who is lucky enough to use her for their transactions is guaranteed to benefit.”

I love real estate, and I am here for all your real estate requirements!

New Rochelle is great!

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Coping by Gay Rosen

Everything is relative

Where to start? I lost a son to cancer 2 years ago, and my husband passed away 6 months later. My son, A.J. was a three time Olympian (luge -Great Britain) and had just completed 3 years of training to become a commercial pilot complete with all instrument courses (he would have finished in 2 years but with Covid everything was put on hold). He had been hired to be a pilot instructor so he could complete his 1500 hours of required training prior to be hired by an airline. How do we cope?    A well-known radio host, Mark Simone ( WOR110) has said that no one wants to hear of anyone’s personal stories regarding coping and wonders why so many wish to write books about their personal stories. He has said that people might perhaps feel others want to hear about what happened to them but not so, but acknowledged that it is a catharsis of sorts, and perhaps that is why I feel compelled to put my thoughts to paper. Plus, I have heard from so many people who have gone through losses, and they have all felt a desire to recount their stories. When I would see associates over the months thereafter,  I could see that some  didn’t know how to act towards me. Should they say something?  Avoid me? Hug me? I would smile to try and put them at ease. One thing I do know though is that everyone goes through their own personal challenges, and it is okay to share.

The well-known Chinese actor, Jackie Chan said something so true that has stayed with me. His name which translates to “already a dragon” was born poor, and worked so hard to become the well-known and beloved star he is today, but he so wisely states that no matter how hard you think you have it, “what you are experiencing”, others have it worse. You might not like your home but you have one, you might not like the dinner you eat but you have food, and so forth. I am being simplistic here, but his message was that there is always someone worse off than us, and to bear that in mind. He is a wonderful example of someone who worked so hard and who has achieved so much. He was also dyslexic and since my son, A.J. was dyslexic, I was drawn to Mr. Chan’s story.

I was pregnant many years ago with a trisomy 9 baby. I was told I was not carrying life and needed to abort the baby as it would only endanger my life – there was no life within me.  I already had 2 sons, Mark and A.J. and had been busy making puppets for a school play when I heard the news. I forget the play but I recall designing, making and sewing a wolf’s head and was proud of my effort silly as that was.

After being informed that I needed to abort the fetus, I went into the city to have the abortion, and after the procedure, I was sitting with other ladies who had just had the medical procedure too. There was a lady from Egypt and I so remember her. She explained how she had watched her 2-year-old son die slowly from an inherited disease, and after she found out her new pregnancy also has the potential to have the same disease, she opted for the abortion as she couldn’t bear the thought that the unborn child would inherit that same disease.  She could not watch another child die. She was in her early 40’s and she didn’t know if she would ever get pregnant again, but that was the choice she made/had to make. How could I feel sorry for myself upon hearing her story?   I had 2 children, and I could get pregnant again. Perhaps not in her case.  One comment, however, stayed with me at the time . A parent said to me that I have 2 other children and so all good. Don’t ever say that to someone.  A loss is always a loss and should never be written off in a hap hazard way. People always need to be acknowledged and their pain validated. How they handle that pain is up to them. We can offer caring in many ways to console.

So many thoughts go through my mind on coping. Watching my son slowly die was so painful. So terribly painful. As a mother, you deny. My whole family was denying, but I felt it was up to me to hold everything together, to fight for his life and to put on a brave smiling face. I could not crumble. My husband passed away 6 months later with a broken heart I feel.

Westchester is great!

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The Cinco de Mayo Mile 2024!

WOW! Michael Conlon who resides in our great Historic District of New Rochelle is the owner of The Finish Line is doing it again!

I do not know how Michael finds the time, but he has decided to have an inaugural Cinco De Mayo race on May 5th, 2024 at 9 am.

Finish Line Physical Therapy opened its doors to the Westchester community in summer 2021. If you have visited the clinic then you know, FLPT combines its 17 years of experience and passion for sport to bring you the best care and recovery services for the athlete in everyone. FLPT is where runners, endurance athletes and the active population go to get stronger, faster, and injury free. With over 4000 square feet of space and the most advanced treatment equipment available, FLPT New Ro provides prehab, rehab, and recovery services for every athlete! (Courtesy of Michael Conlon).

Michael has made himself an integral part of the community by creating “GivingYouMoreMiles” – a charity organization donates 100% of its proceeds to worthwhile local charities in our area. I think that we all know Michael by now as he created the New Rochelle Turkey Trot race (only race on Thanksgiving Day in the area), and through this annual race event ( 7th year and racing onward), so much money ( over $100,000) has been given to our local charities.

Per the site:

Our Mission

“Giving You More Miles continues to keep community at the center of its mission with the introduction of the Cinco de Mile! The mile race is looped course starting and ending on Hamilton Ave. Join us for an active morning followed festivities in partnership with the community. All proceeds from this year’s race will be donated to the The Giving You More Miles Scholarship Award that will be presented to a graduate of New Rochelle High School Class of 2024 who has gone “above and beyond” in our community. 

With community at the center of our focus, we are also supporting a local New Rochelle family, the Guzinski family, as their daughter undergoes a long journey for cancer treatment. Read more about Nora and the Guzinski family and learn about ways to support!”

While I will not be running, I ordered 2 T-shirts (I love T-shirts) and it is a nice way to donate. A win win situation!

Thank you Michael yet again!

New Rochelle is great!

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Pizza!!! Oh my Goodness!

It has long been on my mind to write a post on pizza ever since I heard that a large Pizza pie could cost around $33 on the city depending upon toppings, etc. I was amazed! How could that be? Well, we all know of the huge price increases in flour, trucking costs, etc. and so of course it would have to filter down into a pizza store trying to make a living in making this delicious food, and therefore increased costs.

However, did you know that to make a pizza at home is so cost effective (not to mention fun) and so easy too?

Yes, you can buy the pizza dough but have you ever had difficulty in rolling it out? The secret I found was to make your own (of course), and to add some olive oil. It basically helps the process. The recipe I like to use belongs to Ann Burell from the Food Network. Yes, it includes the olive oil (truly a magic ingredient) and it then allows you to roll the dough thinly if that is the way you like it.

Toppings are of course of your choice but the end result will be so satisfying (body and mind), and please know so far less expensive than store bought! A great way to spend some time with your children and/or family! Cheers!

Westchester is great!

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