The Larchmont Farmer’s Market 2022

As a Realtor, I am used to working 7 days a week. I found myself in between appointments on Saturday! It was such a treat for me to be able to attend the Larchmont Farmer’s market and I soooo enjoyed it!

I purchased fresh greens (no pesticides), fresh fish (local mussels and sea bass), delicious shishito peppers, and great half sour pickles . Oh! I forgot the sour dough bread!

I went home and dressed the salad, grilled the sea bass and peppers, cooked the mussels with white wine, garlic, tomatoes, spices and herbs and it was SUCH a treat! The bread lovingly/enthusiastically sopped up the mussel soup and no dinner was required that evening! I love the Larchmont Farmer’s market!

Larchmont is GREAT!

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Westchester Corporate Cup 5K race/Walk 2022

Thursday evening, August 4th turned out to be perfect! While very hot during the day, the weather cooled down to make this evening and event super special! Glen Island Park has a water setting, and the breeze cooled down the evening just enough. Well, perhaps not enough for the runners, but I was walking ! All of the net proceeds went towards a leading social service agency, HOPE Community Services, which runs a food pantry, a soup kitchen, and several housing programs for the under-privileged in New Rochelle, and surrounding communities.


Closed for the past couple of years after opening in 2017, we have been inundated with requests by parents and children to reopen the camp.

Thanks to some generous donors we are happy to announce that the camp will be running over the first 2 weeks in August at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church on North Avenue in New Rochelle.

Being 100% free, Camp HOPE provides an opportunity for children in our community, who would otherwise not be able to participate in the joys of a summer camp experience, due to financial constraints.

Did you know that the HOPE Community Services fed over One Million people during COVID?

Glen Island was THE most perfect setting, and a great place to visit (as is New Rochelle!). Come and visit – you wont want to leave!

New Rochelle is Great!

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Swim Across America 2022

While I volunteered last year for Swim Across America, I missed it. Who would have figured I would hear a day before that my son has stage 4 cancer. That weekend was a blur, and it was only after that weekend that I realized I hadn’t showed up for this great event. I lost my father, mother, aunts, uncle, grand mother to cancer and my two sisters had breast cancer, but it always seemed different. I guess it perhaps isn’t until it’s your child. I can recall having left my car in for servicing the day I heard the news, but needed to meet an agent at a new listing with their accepted offer. It was a 25 minute walk away, and I would never have thought of asking someone to step in on my behalf. Hey! I am British. Stiff upper lip and all that. I think I walked mindlessly there just trying to blot out everything. I forgot about that until a year later as I was driving that same route on a Saturday evening. Swim Across America 2022 was on July 30th, and my son, A.J. had called me on July 30th 2021 to let me know that while he had been told he had COVID, they also told him he had stage 4 colon and liver cancer. He had basically no symptoms, He was young, healthy and discounted any discomfort as he was young. Just 37. A three time Olympian, a commercial pilot (just hired by L3 Harris) and madly in love with Nina, his beautiful German girlfriend. They had planned to get engaged and start a wondrous life together.

I guess that is what makes this organization that more powerful, important and wonderful. My good friend, Bonnie and I arrived at 5 am (this year) to volunteer, and the morning was well organized as usual, went seamlessly, and so here are a few photos to share but meant so much to me. I truly appreciated all of the team names, the amounts the teams had raised, and the love that pervaded the event throughout. Upon writing this, $1,418,296 has been raised so far this year. So wonderful. Bless everybody involved.

Where does the money go?

“Our scientific advisory committee is renowned cancer MDs and PHDs with decades of experience in cancer research and clinical trials. They help us select projects and researchers who are the pioneers to curing cancer. Our grant focus is not a specific type of cancer. Rather, we provide seed grants to the projects that present the best opportunities to have a breakthrough. With the data, researchers are then able to apply for additional funding from the National Institute of Health, other foundations, and industry. Our beneficiaries have reported that for every grant dollar they receive from SAA, they are able to secure $3 in new funding they might not otherwise have received.”

“In over three decades, Swim Across America has granted close to $100 million dollars that have led to breakthroughs in immunotherapy, gene therapy, personalized medicine, and patient programs. It is important donors know that our grant agreement requires 100% of SAA grants be applied to approved projects and not other things such as overhead and buildings.”

Larchmont is GREAT!

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PIFEST Annual Benefit – “An Intimate Garden Series”

It was hot and steamy but only from the great jazz music as played by Ace Livingston, Will Prince on saxophone (fantastic) Isaac and Roger (all great!) at the first event of the PIFEST Intimate Garden Series as hosted by Adina Nyree and Lorenda Robinson (Founders of PIFEST – Philanthropy through Music) in Adina’s garden located in the historic District of New Rochelle. Bite sized (but so many) delectable food appetizers were served (salad, meatballs, shrimp and grits, vegetarian spring rolls, and wine not forgetting refreshing lemonade and drinks).

In 2013, rising indie soul stars Brown Baby Girl and Adina Nyree joined forces to create the Play It Forward Eclectic Soul Tour (PIFEST), a music tour to share their brand of simply good for the SOUL music while giving back to the communities that they were visiting. 

In 2018, PIFEST became a full 501c3 and began to offer their concerts and event management skills to non-profit organizations, functioning more similarly as a B2B for non-profit organizations. PIFEST has always looked to partner with not-for-profit civic and cultural organizations in the areas where they were performing. A portion of the ticket sales were always shared with the organizations chosen in the community. PIFEST now gives a portion of their annual benefit proceeds to a local organization.

It truly was in an intimate setting under a tent and was so enjoyable. The music was fantastic (I apologize for all of my superlatives but I cant help it!) . “Brown Baby Girl” (Lorenda) was coaxed to step up to the microphone and sang a song too so an added benefit!

Here is the upcoming schedule:

August 13th: Rae Walker

August 27th: Lamone

September 17th: Brown Baby Girl

I recommend strongly you attend one of these great events!

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Summer Sounds in New Rochelle August 2022

It’s hot, it’s August, and it is so wonderful to be able to partake in some outdoor evening entertainment in New Rochelle. Fantastic!

New Rochelle is Great!

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10 Reasons to LIVE in New Rochelle

Of course, there are so many more reasons to buy (or live) in New Rochelle but as I was driving around the other day, I found myself taking some photos of this great city (population around 72,000). and had to put pen to paper so to speak! Per the linked article, we are diverse, and have over 40 houses of worship. Downtown New Rochelle is reflecting many capital improvements projects as follows:

Capital Improvement Projects were identified based on a comprehensive review of the capital needs in each and every department, leading to an over $150 million in approximately 100 projects in the areas of Community Services and Public Facilities, Economic Growth and Business Development, Neighborhood Resiliency, Parks and Natural Resources, Streets and Sidewalks and Vehicle and Equipment Projects. For each project, funding sources will be strategically utilized and resources allocated to implement the capital program. Major Capital Improvement project information can be found on the pages of their respective departments. “

All that aside, what are the fun reasons why you should live in our city?

  1. As a pet lover, we have a dog park – Paws Place

Contact the office at (914) 654-2087 to get details on how to obtain a pass online.

Dog owners must have a current dog license  with up to date proof of rabies vaccinations for each dog, along with proof of residence of the owner. Permits may be issued for up to four members of the household. Proof of residence and a photo to be used for their ID card (either on cell phone or hard copy) must be provided for all household members receiving a permit. This ID must be carried at all times when in the park with the dog. Paws Place permits are valid on a rolling calendar year. For a complete list of rules, please click here.

Paws Place permits can be renewed through the mail by sending an updated dog license and a check made payable to the City Of New Rochelle to:
New Rochelle Parks and Recreation
515 North Ave
New Rochelle, NY 10801 

2) We have beach clubs!

Seen here a photo of the Surf Club! There is also the VIP Club and The Davenport Club.

3) We have wonderful parks!

Davenport Park.

Glen Island Park offers so much. With 3 Pavilions that are available for rental, walking paths, a beach, a volley ball court, parking for all, the park sets the scene for any of your celebrations or to just sit and quietly reflect on the day. Your pooch is welcome and I even saw a leashed rabbit in a pet stroller the other day!

4) We have tennis and a golf club too!

5) We have hiking trails. Did you know we have 5 scenic hiking trails? The Nature Study Trail (3.4 miles), Glen Island (1.9 miles), Five Island Park Loop (1 mile), Ward Acres Green Trail (0.9 miles) and the Davenport Park Loop (o.6 mile). Seen below is access to the Colonial Greenway!

6) We have a community (Bayberry) that has its very own pool, snack bar, tennis, volleyball, basketball, pickleball, a pollinator garden and golf Hopkins Green and not to forget the summer camp program for the little ones! If you live in this community then area dues are mandatory but pool, tennis, etc. have additional fees and are not mandatory.

7) GREAT playgrounds for children!

This playground is located at The Ward Elementary School

8) We are historic! Thomas Paine once lived here, and we feature many historic themes to our charities. You can visit the Colonial Fair at the Thomas Paine grounds and learn firsthand how people lived a few hundred years ago! The Huguenots fled France in 1685 to escape religious persecution, and in 2006 the Sister City initiative was created!

The Sister City Initiative, a municipal program, seeks to build links between institutions in New Rochelle and La Rochelle, France through cultural, educational, youth, businesses and athletic exchanges.

Since it’s re-invigoration in 2006, the Initiative has hosted and supported a variety of activities, including summer musical events featuring La Rochelle musicians; an art show; Bastille Day ceremonies; and the La Rochelle Mayor’s Cup race at Huguenot Yacht Club.”

9) SO many charities and worthwhile organizations. Why would you wish to live here because of this? It shows we CARE, and when you live here, it might be a city but it it truly lives like a village. We all know one another (in a good way!). Some examples are:

Michael Conlon from the Finish Line Physical Therapy

The Thanksgiving Turkey Trot Race. This is the ONLY race in the area on Thanksgiving Day. Run by Michael Conlon (Owner of Finish Line Physical Therapy), he raises upwards of $20,000 from this race for local charities! I was a sponsor for the 2021 race and 2019 (before COVID!), and I must say it was so much fun.

Did you know that The Humane Society of Westchester is located in New Rochelle? It’s a no kill shelter, and of course, when you volunteer you end up adopting a pet ! Ha! That is how Binky adopted us!

Binky with my son, A.J.

70 Portman Rd
New Rochelle, NY 10801
Phone: 914.632.2925

Adoption Hours –

The Hope Community Services. I can recall many years ago, I would deliver food to the kitchen which was located in a church, now located at 50 Washington Avenue and soon to move to another building. DO you know thr over 1 million peopel were served food the first year of COVID? There is now a summer camp, and the community services cover a vast array of services such as :

  • Mobile Pantry
  • Kosher Pantry
  • Senior Pantry Food Deliveries
  • Kids Take Home Meals when schools are closed
  • Community Thanksgiving & Xmas Dinners
  • Housing
  • Homeless Resource Center
  • Translation and Immigration Services
  • Referral Services
  • English Classes and Citizenship Classes
  • Advocacy
  • Clothing, Coats, Shoes and Socks
  • Books
  • Diapers
  • After school Homework Haven (Monday – Thursday)
  • After school Fun Fridays
  • Backpacks and School Supplies
  • Toys at a big year-end Party
  • Mobile Showers with Laundry Support
  • Summer Camp

50 Washington Ave
New Rochelle, NY 10801

Ali Greene, an associate in my office is on the Board, and works tirelessly to support this wonderful charity.

10. New Rochelle High School is the largest high school in Westchester. 668 students graduated this past June and with approximately 3300 students in the school. Did you know we have a PAVE Program? (Performing and Visual Arts Program) .

The PAVE Experience

The New Rochelle High School

PAVE is the premier arts program at New Rochelle High School. Begun in 1999, our teacher/artists designed PAVE to develop talented students in the arts. Every spring, rising ninth and tenth graders who show promise in one of the four art forms—dance, music, theater or visual arts are encouraged to prepare for a competitive audition. Each year our very gifted students who show promise join the ranks of the thousands who have gone before them—they experience the PAVE Advantage. They have the opportunity to develop a high level of artistry second to none that helps prepare them for success in college and beyond through a comprehensive sequence of courses specific to their arts concentration. Successful completion of the requirements enables them to earn a “Performing Arts Major” seal on their high school diploma. Graduates of PAVE have been awarded significant college scholarships to top colleges. They are well-positioned to become the next generation of professional artists and arts leaders.”

Did you know that Eight students were honored in the international Genius Olympiad, which promotes global understanding of environmental issues, as well as sustainability through basic science, arts, creative writing, engineering, design, and business development.

New Rochelle also has great sports programs!

For some reason, I decided to write about just 10 reasons to live in New Rochelle, when I could actually write about 20 reasons!

I have lived here since 1979, have raised 3 sons here, and we all love this wonderfully diverse city which is located so close to the city, to shopping, arts, museums, a few hours away from skiing, close to airports (and out AMTRAK service goes to Boston and Washington D.C.)

New Rochelle is Great!

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PIFEST LIVE Jazz and Soul Music Benefit Concert Series

What is the PIFEST LIVE Jazz and Soul Music Benefit Concert Series? Rochelle Heights is a vibrant and historic area of New Rochelle. Not only can you find simply beautiful homes, red clay tennis courts, but there are also wonderful events offered in the community.

RHA Treasurer, Adina Nyree, is also the CFO for the non-profit, PIFEST. PIFEST will host it’s 2022 Annual Benefit at the home of Adina.

PIFEST invites you to join us for any or all of the series. They welcome your support.  Please visit for tickets and more information.

The Ruth and Harold Chenven Foundation is a small foundation that gives unrestricted grants to individual artists. Its mission is to support the work of artists living and working in the United States and to foster a greater public appreciation for the arts. Grantees are selected by a panel of jurors consisting of artists and art professionals. In 2022, the Foundation will celebrate its 40th year of grant-making. Each year, all funding raised is used in the support of the mission. In their history of giving, the foundation has provided support to more than 200 artists. “

July 30 PIFEST Welcomes Renowned Jazz Bassist: Ace Livingston

August 13th: Rae Walker

August 27th: Lamone

September 17th: Brown Baby Girl

It looks to be GREAT!!

New Rochelle is great!

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National Pineapple Day June 27th!

Did you know that National Pineapple Day was on June 27th? What is National Pineapple Day?

The image of the pineapple has long adorned the welcoming entrances of some of the world’s finest homes. The exotic fruit’s association with fine living dates back to the fifteenth century, when European explorers brought them back from their voyages to the Caribbean. By the seventeenth century, when this rare and highly prized fruit began to be cultivated in hothouses, only the very wealthy could afford them and would sometimes use them as the centerpiece for their lavish entertaining tables. Pineapples became so synonymous with opulence that some were even known to rent them for their table displays.

So, when I was asked to represent the owners of 154 Broadview Avenue, and first saw the front door, I knew it was destined to be a Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s listing!


New Rochelle is GREAT!

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154 Broadview Avenue – Elegant Georgian Colonial Home

Stunning, elegant & you will simply love this five bedroom, 3.5 bath 3900 square foot Georgian Colonial home located in the prestigious Paine Heights estate area of New Rochelle on 0.41 of an acre. Bathed in sunlight, the spacious rooms reflect timeless beauty with hardwood floors and crown molding yet renovated for today’s discerning buyers. The gracious entrance foyer leads to a large living room with wood burning fireplace, family room with wonderful custom built-ins, the formal dining room, charming breakfast room & powder room. If you like to entertain than you will love the butler’s pantry with granite counters, beverage refrigerator, wine refrigerator & the modern kitchen with granite counters, butcher block center island, stainless steel newer appliances and an 8 burner Viking range with double oven. All with easy access to the fantastic terrace & built in outdoor kitchen with Wolf grill, marble countertop & sink – so perfect for entertaining! The primary bedroom has a spa like setting with two fantastic walk-in closets, a beautiful modern bathroom with separate shower & bathtub. Two additional bedrooms (one with a terrace) & a hall bath further compliment the second floor. Two more bedrooms & a hall bath on the third floor all make this home perfect! There is a full basement (currently used as a gym, tv area and playroom), Central air, gas heat, a fenced in yard for Fido & don’t forget the lush eco-conscious landscaping with fruit trees! (plum, peach, apple & fig!). A 2 car garage – all just 30 mins from NYC!

This stunning home is being offered for $1,525,000. Inter active floor plan! Take a tour!

New Rochelle is GREAT!!

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Beechmont Lake New Rochelle

If you live locally then you are aware of the great change of Beechmont Lake. The Beechmont Lake Improvement Project was started in 2019 with the same year completion date.

Estimated completion: 2019
Total Funding: $1,850,000
Funding Source: PayGo, Bonds, State Grant
Last Updated: 2/23/2018

Construction Details (Courtesy of the City of New Rochelle)

The Beechmont Lake capital improvement construction Phase 1 will begin in August 2019 and continue as conditions permit until the end of the year. The project goal is to restore the lake’s health and beauty and ensure it will be enjoyed by our community in years to come. 

Contractors will start by removing dead and diseased trees, grading the lake perimeter, and then dredging. While dredging and grading are underway, the lake and its surroundings will become a worksite. In spring 2020, Phase 2 of the project is planned to begin with residual dredging and site work if needed and conclude with the addition of new amenities including a third fountain, benches, a nature trail and enhanced landscaping.

All we can say is that it looks great!

New Rochelle is GREAT!

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