Mama Mia – The Fig Tree too!

1283998640wphACq1254074948xU65w9I just read a blog by William Feelah, and it made me think of a recent story I heard… The home-owners were selling their home, didn’t think to state that they would be taking their fig tree… that they they wanted to keep in the family/had been kept in the family… The buyers stated that the only reason they were purchasing the house was because of the fig tree.. and so it went… everyone offered to purchase a new fig tree… but it wasn’t THE fig tree…


I aways ask my clients when I take a listing -what do you wish to take and what do you want to leave? Many times, there is some hesitation, and so I say to them.. “it is okay, think about it.. BUT when we get bids.. it is IMPORTANT to know then.. so think about it now… for once we have an offer, we must inform the future buyers what they can or cannot have…? I find that if they have to tell you immediately it is undue pressure. it gives them some time.. BUT then always have the sellers sign off on those items when the time comes… it saves forgetful memories later!

There are always local nurseries than assist in that special fig tree too!

Best, Gay

Larchmont and New Rochelle  are GREAT!

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