Lathers Park, New Rochelle, 10801

Did you know that Colonel Lathers – who was born in Ireland on Christmas Day 1821 – came over when he was just 6 months old, later became Colonel of the thirty-first Regiment of South Carolina in 1841 under a commission from Gov. Pierce Butler, at about the same time was chosen Senior Warden of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the Parish Prince George Winyah, from which he took the name Winyah Park for his beautiful estate in New Rochelle?


He came to New Rochelle in 1843 as an agent of cotton manufacturers, and in a short period of time built the largest cotton export and domestic business in the city.

In December, 1860, in connection with 17 other prominent figures (Washington Hunt, William B. Astor, James W. Beekman), he called a peace meeting at his office, 33/35 Pine Street. 300 men responded. He then went south with General Dix who presented his famous address on anti-secession resolutions adopted. Colonel Lathers spoke abroad in his defense of the Union. At the close of the war, his home in Charleston was the scene of the first friendly union of high officers from both sides, among them General McDowell and General Barnum. His parlours at Winyah Park and his country seat, Abbey Lodge, located in Pittsfield, MA became the scenes of many friendly meetings of those who had been extreme on both sides.

Col. Lathers had six children, and was an honorary member of Flandreau Post, No. 509 in New Rochelle. He died on September 17th, 1903 in New York City, as his mansion in New Rochelle, a notable landmark, was burnt down on May 5th, 1897. Many paintings and antiques were lost in this 35 room mansion. The fire was thought to have been caused by a turpentine soaked rag left in the lamp-room.

Over the years, the name Lathers Park still exists, but I am not sure if the residents know of the interesting history….There is a mixture of single family, multi-family and condos in the area together with a choice of Elementary Schools which makes the area unique. Close to all transportation and shops.

New Rochelle– a GREAT place to live!

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