Reflections on a Past Era..


I was making my annual gingerbreads today for charities and clients alike, and was also watching a day of the Royal family on televison..

Today’s shows were wonderful, and centered around the Annual Royal Horse Show at Windsor, an event that the Royals ‘royally get into’ as horses are one of their pet hobbies.. My middle Son, AJ has dined with Princess Anne twice (he is a two time British Olympian). and he has always thought her caring and very nice. Today’s’ show reflected on the Duke of Windsor and his love of horse carirage racing, and horses, the Queen, and how she had her favorite horse (Burmese) buried at Windsor Castle which is a high honor, but it showed that same caring, dedication and made them very human. Prince Phillip said that the universal love of horses allowed everyone to meet and speak on the same level – no class barriers existing. When we saw the Royal Military Tattoo at the end of the event, it brought tears to both my eyes and my husband (who isn’t British)…. the whole event signified and dignified a bygone era, where customs, regiments, respect were tantamount to everyday life… the men shined their boots for 11 hours to produce the correct ‘shine’ and yet as one Royal Guard commented…. “with the dedication I give to my boots, my comrades also know I will give them that same dedication and attention on the battlefield…’ It had been raining for hours and yet the young troopers carried the various flags of Great Britain with their heads high and backs straight…

It brought back my trouble free youth, and made me reflect on how the world is today.

It was sad, as we saw what life was like, and should be like,.. no fear of terrorists….. Simplistic perhaps in my thoughts for there was certainly the cold war, etc., and so my thoughts are perhaps dated, but it made me yearn for that past life – I am very reserved at what the world will bring 20 years from now for our children, and where America will be.

I sense that the world no longer sees the US as THE power…. both China and Russia are emerging full thrust… and what then? Students were arrested a week ago at Columbia for selling drugs… drugs seem to be rampant..I sincerely feel that if we brought back the draft, it would instill in our youth a sense of belonging, of working together and accepting everyone of all races, train many for jobs, would stop unemployment to some extent, and would show the world that America is here to stay – forever. I would also limit production in other countries… and rather than have outsourcing, mandate a certain percentage of industry HERE to create jobs. People need unemployment benefits extended today, here and now, but jobs tomorrow…

BUT, apart from my reflections which are a tad maudlin, it is now the Holiday time, full of hope and wonderment for our litle ones, a time for sharing and giving of ourselves, and I am looking forward to a great 2011, for me, for you , for everyone!

It is STILL a GREAT in which to buy a home. What are your thoughts?

New Rochelle and Larchmont are GREAT!

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