High School or is it a College Course? New Rochelle High School 2010

 I have done my share of traveling to the various colleges over the years, and looking at the various program guides or course catalogs, and have been suitably impressed. I find myself being equally impressed with our local High School in New Rochelle. Some might comment on how large our high school is (approximately 3300 students), but because of its size, the faculty is able to offer such subjects as:

1) English 4 Honors (and of course English 2 Regents)

2) Journalism, College writing, Shakespeare, British literature

3) Mandarin (1 and 11)

4) French 5 and French AP

5) Italian, Spanish, French Honors 3, Italian Honors 5, Latin 4 Honors and Latin AP

6) Classical Greek

7) Architectural classes (4) in Design, design and drawing, computer aided residential drawing, presentation

8) AB and BC Calculus AP and AP (honors), Algebra H and Trigonometry Honors, AP Statistics

9) Biology, Chemistry AP, Physics C-AP

10) Supa Forensics (thus is a college class and is transferable from the U of Syracuse)

11) AP World History, Global History 11 Regents and Global History 11 Honors, American History and Government – Regents

12) AP Macroeconomics

13) AP Art History,

14) Business Law, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Marketing, Marketing internship, Fashion Marketing, Culinary Arts 1 & 2, Cosmetology 1 & 2

15) Commercial Art 1 & 2, Multimedia 1 & 2, Fashion Design & Merchandising 1 & 2, TV & Video Production 1 & 2, Carpentry Construction 1 & 2,

16) 8 Offered courses in singing/band, Performance Dance, Advanced Musicianship AP ( & 3 other programs offered).

17) The Art Major sequence required 5 credits with a prerequisite of Studio in Art, but the program offers 20 programs including Studio Art AP in Drawing Portfolio, Two Dimensional Portfolio and Three Dimensional Portfolio.

18) The PAVE Program (Performing And Visual Arts Education)) …. There are strict requirements for this program but after completion, they receive a special Performing Arts Major seal on their diploma.

19) There are also so many other programs offered including Physical Education, Special Education Programs to meet the special needs for those students whose disabilities interfere with their benefit from education.

There is also a Volunteer Service Credit Program, ESL Programs, and so much more….. New Rochelle High School is an Award winning school district, and every year its students are selected by top colleges and universities around the country and abroad…. The high school boasts a Theater, and a museum ( The Museum of Arts & Culture New Rochelle has the only Regents chartered museum in a school in the State of New York).

New Rochelle is here for your students – both future and current.

I am here for your real estate needs.

New Rochelle is GREAT!

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