The Larchmont Manor Park 10538

Where can you go to read a newspaper, walk your dog, or merely sit in the shade and enjoy the 5000 feet of the Long Island Sound Shoreline? The Larchmont Manor Park of course!

Established in 1892, the Larchmont Manor Park Society maintains and protects some 13 acres of picturesque coastline, rich foliage, trails, and simply put, it is a wonderful park to visit! 280 local Larchmont Manor residents own the private park, but it is open to the public. There are, of course, some rules to be adhered to. No biking, radio playing, picnicking, no unleashed dogs, etc.

The park dates to the 17th century (1614) when camp fires, made by the Siwanoy Indians, were seen from a Dutch ship, and less than 100 years later, the area had been purchased by both Dutch and British settlers. Avenues and roads that are common place to Larchmont and Mamaroneck residents such as Palmer, Munro, Richbell were named after John Richbell purchased the ‘three necks’ of land (now Larchmont and Manor Park in 1661, Peter Palmer who purchased the ‘middle neck’ in 1701, and Thomas J. S. Flint purchased much of Larchmont and the Manor Park, founding the Larchmont Manor Company. While he had wanted to build a nice community, he also reserved land which is now the heart of the Larchmont Manor Park.

Manor ParkThe Larchmont Manor Beach is located in the park from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day, is operated by the Larchmont Manor Park Society, and while residents of the Manor and village have the first opportunity to purchase the yearly membership, the beach is open to all Larchmont residents when there are openings. Tax deductible donations are always welcomed by the Manor Park Society, and anyone interested can either write to Box 2 Larchmont, N.Y. 10538 or call 914.834.4309

The Larchmont Manor Beach 2011 fees – parking on side streets. joining fee is $515 until Friday 4/15, for basic membership and then $580 afterwards… you can pay $210 extra for 1/2 changing room..

Adjacent to the beach, and located in the park, is the Horseshoe Harbor Yacht club. The club is self-supporting, and organizes races, social events, features a sailing school, launch and mooring facilities, and one does not have to be a Larchmont Village or Larchmont Manor resident to join.

Larchmont is GREAT!

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