New Rochelle High School – Queen of the Sound

Many people do not realize just how great a city is until they see some pertinent facts…

Did you know that New Rochelle college acceptances for the 2012 Graduation Class include Harvard, Yale, Williams, Dartmouth, Amherst, Columbia, Middlebury, Georgetown, Cornell, Notre Dame, Northwestern, University of Pa? In 2011, New Rochelle sent more students to the Ivy League than any other District in Westchester this year!

Did you know that parents from New York City, Greenwich, etc. have been contacting our School Superintendent with regard to possibly paying our school taxes so their children could attend the bi-lingual program at Jefferson? There is both an Italian and Spanish bi-lingual program at that school. and the Superintendent has been contacted for the Italian bi-lingual program. The idea is thought provoking, and as long as it does not interfere with accommodating New Rochelle residents, the idea is under strong consideration.. Yes, parents seek out our school district..

Did you know that some Districts do not require testing on the AP courses taken by their students? New Rochelle does… The grade is P -5 … The District average is above 3.

Did you know that there was $22 Million in earned school scholarships this past year at the High School?

Did you know that while some see the graduation rate as being 80% this past year at the high school, some of those remaining students do graduate in five or six years bringing the average to 90%? Remember that evey child has different needs and New Rochelle strives to accommodate them all. That 80% graduation average is hoping to be 83% next year…

Did you know New Rochelle High School has some 3300 students, with 445 students taking taking AP courses this year and taking 830 AP Exams?

Did you know that many parents whose children who might have attended parochial and private schools are now entering the High School in 9th Grade simply because of the courses offered and the multitude of Clubs, Extra-curricular activities and sports?

Did you know 110 colleges visited the New Rochelle High School this past year to look for potential students for their universities and colleges? Did you know that they start their process as soon as school commences in September- requesting to visit at the College Fair and College Night?

New Rochelle is a great place in which to live.

Having lived in New Rochelle for over 33 years, please contact me all of your real estate needs.

New Rochelle is GREAT! 

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