How Many Buyer’s Agents should I Have?

One….. unless you are searching in different towns…Many buyers do not realize that it is to their advantage to have just one agent in any given area. Your agent will work hard on your behalf, and of course, if you are not entirely happy with that agent, then you should sever the relationship, and if your agent knows you are working with other agents, they might step back also. If someone informs me they are not happy with the agent and would like me to show them homes, then that is different.
In that case, I might have the buyers sign not only an agency disclosure form, but also a buyer agreement contract – listing every home I have shown to the buyer with the knowledge that should that home be purchased, it will be done so through myself. No agent wants another agent to appear out of the blue stating he/she had first shown a home and are deserving of the commission… so having a written agreement in a situation like that eliminates any problems down the road. In using just one agent..then there should no problems in that regard.

If you are looking at homes in different areas then it becomes a different situation. Your agent of choice might not cover the other town(s) and obviously you want someone who knows each area well. You want the best in representation. SO, it is perfectly okay to have different agents in adifferent towns, but you only need one (good) agent in each town.

Clients are currently seeking a home in a different state, and mentioned to me that they are using one agent, and yet when approached by another agent, they heard of more properties that the first agent had neglected to mention to them….so they felt that using the two agents was more beneficial to them… However, when I spoke to them a little more, it became known that both agents really covered different towns… so it was okay for them to use each agent for each individual town.

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