College Choices by New Rochelle’s 2012 Top 25 Students

Once again, the New Rochelle High School students excelled. I attended one of the Award ceremonies, and here are the Principal Scholar’s Awards with an weighted GPA average ranging from 1.26 to 103.88.

One common recurring theme is the strong presence of math – which would mean New Rochelle has wonderful course instructors and programs….
1) Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education
2) Columbia –
3) Yale University – Engineering & Political Science
4) Fordham University
5) Wake Forest University
6) McGill University- Biology
7) Cornell University Medical School
8) Yale
9) Harvard – Engineering & Math
10) Northwestern – Math & Science
11) Binghamton – Science Medicine
12) Columbia – Engineering
13) Michigan
14) Austin College- Communications
15) Macaulay Honors at City College of Medicine
16) Harvard
17) SUNY Stony Brook – FULL Tuition Scholar Biological Engineering
18) Johns Hopkins Economics
19) Yale- Film Making & Sociology
20) Austin College – Chemistry & International Relations
21) Cazenovia College
22) Northwestern – Business Economics or Psychology
23) SUNY Stony Brook – Biology
24) Middlebury
25) Pratt Institute – Engineering
New Rochelle is GREAT!

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