Warmth sells homes (in the winter) – Freezing home equals a cold heart!

New Rochelle 10804Back in November, 2010, I had written about showing buyers homes that were either vacant or just cold within…I experienced deja vu the other day when I walked into a home and it was 48 degrees…. That might not seem so cold, but it seemed warmer outside than indoors! The buyers could not wait to leave the home, and the fine architectural detailing was overlooked in the buyers’ haste to leave as soon as possible. Plus this was a Two Million Dollar home. I am not suggesting that a home be warmed commensurate to its price, but if you are seeking top dollar for a beautiful home, then one should not look to cutting corners. With the cost of heating a home, fuel can be quite costly if you are not living there.

Perhaps having a friend, house-sitter, neighbor or relative (or real estate agent) keep the house prepared for buyers , etc. would be a perfect solution. At the end of the day, heating a home when it is on the market for sale is also part of the staging process, and if a few thousand is spent in heating costs, but $10,000 and more is obtained in the actual sales price then it is a no-brainer especially when you look at what can happen should the pipes freeze!

New Rochelle is GREAT!

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