New Rochelle’s 325th Anniversary Gala Dinner Dance –

   A picture says a thousand words!  Yesterday evening marked the momentous occasion of New Rochelle’s 325th  Anniversary with a Gala Dinner Dance.  The event took place at the Glen Island Harbor Club, and it was received with rave reviews!   There was an open bar, many food stations (  smoked salmon being served with iced vodka or champagne if desired, a pasta station,  roasted meats – lamb, chicken, beef, salads galore (a delicious seafood salad),  fruits, shellfish and more pasta… something for everyone).  So many familiar faces, and all having a good time.

Approximately 600 guests were in attendance, and as we were asked to venture up to our tables and to the dance floor  (and more open bars), there was also a nice selection of items on hand for silent auction. Yours truly bid on 4 items, but did not acquire them.. sigh… I tried… (but felt I could only overbid $100 or so more than the item was worth).

The food was delicious. A choice of either salmon, chicken or filet for the choice of entrees, and I was so surprised that when the food arrived, it was cooked perfectly. I had ordered the filet, and it was so tender, and not overcooked at all. The tables were elegant, the flowers lovely, and my fellow table guests were charming and great! What more could you wish for but good company and good food in a  festive setting!

Mayor Noam Bramson was on hand of course,  Marianne Sussman who spearheaded the entire year’s events, and also  Mayor Maxime Bono from “La Rochelle” of France was there too to offer his greetings. We had an auction also, with the auctioneer being Debbie Nigro, well known WFAS Talk Show Radio host. Did I mention the band? The Lester Lanin Orchestra was tremendous. They were so versatile, and kept the floor crowded with their great ensemble and music choices.

My one regret? I was there having fun, and could only take a few photos…My little video represented my evening, and by no means represented the fun attained by all who were present. So many different people present, from so many different cultures – but that is New Rochelle, and what makes us great.

New Rochelle- Queen of the Sound – just 325 years young!

New Rochelle is GREAT!

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