Houlihan Lawrence Branding Emphasizes its “Local & Global Reach”

Beechmont Lake spring 2014

Beechmont Lake by Gay Rosen

With  the new branding of Houlihan Lawrence, there is also a re-emphasis on global reach. One element being the relationship with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World  (LeadingRE.com) and the LuxuryPortfolio.com. Houlihan Lawrence was one of the Founding members of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the world and is comprised of 500 firms ( all in the top 5 of their individual markets) totaling over 120,000 sales associates in approximately 3500 offices. The company is present in 50 countries around the world with corporate offices  in Chicago, London and Singapore. The combined sales volume totals over  Three Hundred and Fourteen Billion Dollars . There is no doubt that a pedigree of excellence  is supporting Houlihan Lawrence and when we state “I’m Local – I’m Global” that is so true..  Houlihan Lawrence has representation across and around the globe.

Now, more than ever before, buyers are seeking an agent who is a facilitator versus a counselor.  Buyers are enabled via the internet to conduct a great deal of research on their own.  Accordingly, an agent with global connections is imperative to most global buyers, a third of same are purchasing in cash. Currently, London is the biggest ‘hot spot’ for foreign buyers where 300 languages are spoken. There were 82.5 Million International buyers in the U.S. last year alone. How is that affecting home sales?  While international buyers  cannot be the basis used for any  sales increases in any given area,  sales have increased around the country. Case Schiller is reporting that while we are not yet back to where home sales were in 2006, the market has definitely improved and is much healthier. 93729_cshomeprice-release-0527[1]   http://www.spindices.com/index-family/real-estate/sp-case-shiller

There are more International referrals than ever, and there were 264 outgoing referrals in 2013 to other states, countries,  etc. The Leading Real Estate Companies of the World is the largest in the world, and Houlihan Lawrence’s largest outgoing referral n 2014 was for $32 Million  in Manhattan.

” The luxury property marketing division of LeadingRE was launched in late 2005 and quickly rose to prominence with a Web Award-winning website, LuxuryPortfolio.com, the first site of its kind to promote homes in multiple languages and currencies. In addition, Luxury Portfolio provides a robust menu of marketing services, tools, advertising and partnerships designed to showcase the $1 million-plus properties of its 200 member brokerage companies. This “network within the LeadingRE network” includes the most respected luxury real estate brands in the business and features more luxury properties on its website than any other luxury network.  ”     Courtesy of  LeadingRE.com http://www.leadingre.com/AboutUs/LuxuryPortfolio

With Luxe Analytics, we are enabled to see just how much interest our luxury properties are garnering around the world which is a valuable tool for marketing. Luxury is a lifestyle. Luxury is back. This is evident in the sales increases of the luxury brands such as Yves St. Laurent (annual sales increased by 60% in 2013), Bottega Veneta (annual sales increased by 47% in 2013),  LVMH (annual sales increased by 38 Billion)….Michael Kors is an aspirational brand and those sales also increased by 40%.Manor Park by Gay Rosen

There has been an increase in luxury home builders . The International buyers are emerging, and it could be stated that the value buyers are now becoming the worth buyers. 50 is today’s 30 …..The luxury consumers  in the post-recession period were afraid of losing money , they became more cautious, preferred name recognition, the perception of quality. The Millennium buyers with over 2 Million in assets total about 29% of buyers, 15% Generation X, the Boomers representing some 7% and mature  (older affluent) buyers totaling just 1%.

The new affluent are aware of their time, are into technology and lifestyle. They are preferring privacy, open space, 54% desire a kitchen conducive to entertaining; 53% desiring outdoor entertainment space; 52% wanting his/hers walk-in closets… Personal wealth has increased by 68% since 2007 around the globe with the U.S. increasing by 30%, UK by 5%, China by 9%, Italy by 9%, France 6% and Germany 5%.  There are 13,216 new Millionaires in the U.S. alone.

It has also been determined that from the 1% of affluent populace, their children are receiving approximately $5 Million  from their parents, and surprisingly, those children are keeping a goodly portion in their checking accounts as cash. This might explain why so many younger people prefer to pay cash for their new home. They are also purchasing second homes too.

With listings in 47 states and 30 countries featuring some 25,000 luxury homes, it is without doubt, quite obvious why Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, together with the luxury marketing Division -the LuxePortfolio is Number one in its field, and why Houlihan Lawrence is Number One in Westchester in all price points.

Houlihan Lawrence also has wonderful exclusive affiliations with other Brokerage firms. The most obvious company of course is Christie’s Great Estates. All properties priced over One Million Dollars are featured on this web site, as well as the LuxuryPortfolio web site mentioned before. Houlihan Lawrence also has a wonderful Tri-State Alliance which is unprecedented and unique.

As a Certified Residential Specialist, it also further aids me in the representation and marketing of those homes I list.

Westchester is GREAT!

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