Chlorine or Bromine for your indoor pool?

Spa, Resistance Pool, all located at 61 Bayeau Road

Spa, Resistance Pool, all located at 61 Bayeau Road

Chlorine, while widely used for swimming pool, does cause allergies to some people, and so some people use Bromine instead.   Bromine is as effective as Chlorine but is less irritating to the eyes, and if you have an indoor pool, you will not have that chlorine smell also, although Bromine does have its own unique smell too.

But why are Chlorine and Bromine used in the first place? They are used to kill bacteria and organisms in a pool and both chlorine and bromine have sanitizing capabilities which attack the harmful pathogens through oxidation. Oxidation involves the chemical removal of organic impurities. Chlorine and bromine oxidize the organic impurities in the water and maintain the water’s clarity. Read more : The home-owners at 61 Bayeau Road decided they wanted an indoor spa for exercise, and decided upon the Endless Pool®  which is a resistance pool enabling the swimmer to swim at his/her own speed and capability. It is perfect for the home-owner who wants a smaller sized pool, but with the option to swim for miles and with no laps!

61  Bayeau Road

61 Bayeau Road

The owners at this particular home had built a wonderful addition with a shower area, seating area, all tiled in a very tranquil setting. A porch adjoins the spa area, and is the personification of relaxation. Whether chlorine or bromine, you will be sure to enjoy this lovely indoor pool for many years, and if you decide you don’t want a pool anymore? It can be easily emptied, and sealed for next to nothing, and transformed into a grand family room or master bedroom!


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