Homes with Green Features- The Rain Barrel or Cistern

DSC04047A cistern is a device to hold rain water, to then utilize either in the home or garden. While they can be quite involved, some home owners opt for a nice way of being :”green” conscious within their home, but not at the same expense as installing a cistern.  Rain barrels are a great way of diverting some of the rain run-off from the leaders into the barrel itself, and then that rain water can then be used to water the grounds for example.  Perfect!

The home-owner at 185 Victory Boulevard did just that.  Lizzy installed 5  barrels around the home to catch some of that rain-water. What a great idea, and also a wonderful way of saving some money spent on the water supply!

Per, some 1300 gallons of water can potentially be saved during peak rain months and is a wonderful way of conserving water.  Per the Environmental Protection Agency‘s   “GreenVersations”     “Rain barrels keep excess water out of the local sewer system where it can cause flooding and pollute nearby water resources.”

The City of New Rochelle welcomes these green solutions!

New Rochelle is GREAT!

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