Exciting Changes in New Rochelle 2015

10980150_10205870873476646_520369485014606612_oWhenever I attend public events, my intention is always to run back to my office, and write a post about it. Sometimes, work gets in the way (smile!). SO, while this post is a week late (ouch), I thought I would be remiss if I didn’t post some photos, and a quick synopsis of what promises to be  great changes in our wonderful city – New Rochelle!  Realtors in the area were invited to learn about the new plans to help create a new urban lifestyle, to attract people to the city through better transit access, easy walkability, to catalyze job creation and growth (employing only locals), providing attractive housing options that would focus on young professionals and empty nesters, and to target the demographics who would like that kind of living.  The project would be very sustainable and green with iconic architecture that would inspire civic pride, and would provide net positive tax results being very special and unique to New Rochelle. One of the purposes for the meeting was to involve the Realtor community to spread the word, as change can only evolve though everyone’s input and suggestions. For example, would you like a town square surrounded by cafes/shops ? Then the city needs to hear from you.  It is hoped that the initial planning stage would only be to the end of this year, and the project(s) would commence  in 2016 .DSC04362

They touched upon displacement of current businesses or residents which is not their intent, and eminent domain would not be utilized.

IMG_20150206_141321210_HDRIn attendance was Mayor Noam BramsomLuiz Aragon, and executives from the companies that had won the bid to help create a new model of development in our downtown. The planning costs are being underwritten by the two companies  RXR  Realty and Renaissance Downtowns who spoke of their  vision to the audience of Realtors.    Seth Pinsky of RXR Realty  spoke so inspiringly of what his company envisions for the city together with Sean McClean  who is Vice President of Planning & Devlopment  at  Renaissance Downtowns, and who also spoke with great enthusiasm .

( “Seth Pinsky serves as Executive Vice President and Investment Manager of the RXR Metropolitan Emerging Market Strategy . In this role, Pinsky is leading RXR’s efforts to invest in “emerging opportunities” in New York City and the surrounding Tri-State region, focusing on asset classes and geographic regions that have historically been characterized by underinvestment, but that have significant growth potential due to planned or in-place infrastructure and other relevant characteristics.IMG_20150206_141855002_HDR

Prior to joining RXR, Pinsky served as Director of Mayor Bloomberg’s Special Initiative for Rebuilding and Resiliency, which developed a $20 billion plan to help neighborhoods stricken by Hurricane Sandy to rebuild smarter and stronger and to protect critical citywide systems and infrastructure from the likely impacts of climate change in coming decades.”)

(“Sean McLean has over 15 years of real estate development and planning experience. Prior to joining the Renaissance team, Sean led the planning and development of over 8,100 residential units, along with 2.5 million square feet of mixed-use commercial space throughout the state of NY. His passion and expertise lies in true mixed-use and transit oriented development. Using smart and flexible planning techniques, Sean has been successful in consensus building amongst public officials, community stakeholders and vertical developers to create unique forward thinking development. As a resident of Flanders, Sean has strong ties to and local knowledge about the Riverside area, and the Town of Southampton as a whole, which provide him with the necessary perspective to lead the planning and development process.”)IMG_20150206_144715436_HDR

It was a wonderful meeting, and I, like my fellow associates and colleagues are looking forward to what will transpire in the months ahead.

New Rochelle is GREAT!


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