Mayor Noam Bramson’s State of the City Address 2015


With so many exciting things happening in New Rochelle, it just seemed logical and propitious to both attend the Mayor’s State of  the City 2015 Address, and to also reunite with  my business colleagues.

Cocktail hour was busy (it always is at these affairs!), and I saw both  old and made new friends. Tom Benz was there and I can recall years ago how the city had asked him to resuscitate the Chamber of Commerce…   and that is what he did. Headed by Bob Marrone, The Executive Director, and Frank Miceli, and a host of volunteers. Last night’s event had been rescheduled two times previously because of the weather,  so it was wonderful to see so many people in attendance.IMG_20150324_194503977_HDR

Mayor Bramson spoke with passion, force and from the heart. Always a wonderful combination, and last night was no exception. It was a wonderful speech, and several points of note were:

” Our Police department, working with the community, crime keeps going down, with 2014 recording the fewest crimes in fifty-four years.”

” Out of hundreds of communities from coast to coast, New Rochelle was just ranked 13th best in America.”

” we’ll soon illuminate our streets with new LED lights that save those families about $9 Million over $20 Million over 20 years, and cut our energy use in half.”

“Our new electric charging center will let us power up the cars of the future, right here at our transit center.”

“We’re still working to open up our waterfront, now in a fresh partnership with Twining Properties.”

“we’ve tripled the budget for  paving our roads.”

“if you haven’t heard already, the MTA’s ambitious capital program includes a new link between Metro-North and Penn Station. The rail line happens to split around Webster Avenue here in New Rochelle. So when this link is completed in a few years, New Rochelle will have – the closest station to Manhattan with direct access to both east and west sides. ”

“our neighborhoods second to none..’  our schools….   best programming in Westchester..” somehow our city is not what it used to be ..” “This is all about the condition of our downtown.”

“Changes will include energy efficiency, to mass transit options, to using our two feet to get around, a compact, thriving downtown is more green than a solar field or a wind farm Plus green in another way too, with sales tax to help balance our budgets.”

” Renaissance Downtown plus RXR Realty will be spending a significant amount of their money, at their risk, right upfront to pay for a full environmental review, market analyses, and the independent consulting services that the City will use to oversee the whole process.”

” register your name at, sign up so you can be included on everything going forward,  and the Crowdsourced Placemaking process officially launches on April 1st.

For more information on this wonderful and exciting New Rochelle venture  and for the full speech :

New Rochelle is GREAT!



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