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IMG_20150331_123321209_HDRWhere to go for a nice luncheon, where you aren’t  bothered by the wait staff, and where you can relax and enjoy the ambiance and food? Encore Bistro Français  in Larchmont to name one such restaurant. Located at 22 Chatsworth Avenue in Larchmont, 914 833-1661, Encore Bistro Français offers daily luncheon specials, a varied evening menu selection, and something to tempt the most discerning palette.

IMG_20150331_123311905 I recently read a  (sort of mixed ) review of the Encore Bistro  in Rye, and it prompted me to pop into the Encore Bistro in Larchmont (where I frequent ) to  write my own ‘review’. After all, if one has taste buds and a mouth, surely we can all put forth our own opinions?  SO, while not a critic, I thought I would put forth my thoughts. I was celebrating the Birthday of a friend (Mary Welch of Coldwell Banker), and so it was no hardship going there, to while away a leisurely lunch hour plus.

marys fish What constitutes a true food critic? Someone with an extensive background in food preparation, someone who has labored through those years of culinary school, and who can well appreciate the demanding hours of any restaurant?  I would hope every food critic has such noble backgrounds.   It always troubles me to see a wonderful restaurant open, only to close some 6 months later perhaps because of a series of snow storms, something beyond their scope, or perhaps poor reviews,  and so when it comes to critiquing a restaurant, any restaurant, I would like to think that just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so are our taste buds, and we shouldn’t be so harsh to criticize. So much goes into making a restaurant successful. So, while I certainly do not have the required restaurant background,  I would still  like to offer my own few comments. IMG_20150331_125207804_HDRTo me, being able to pop into a local establishment, and enjoy the cozy French atmosphere (and in Larchmont,  there are always French patrons dining there), is comforting.

Years ago, my husband and I would go to Montreal with our youngest son, Brett, to partake in an Expos Baseball Game (where at the then exchange rate  of 1.62 Canadian Dollars to the US dollar) we could purchase front row seats for around $23 each and see great players and great games . Part of the fun, was also the dining experience . We would go to the best restaurants, and enjoy wonderful meals, and feel as is if we were in France but at a fraction of the cost.  Being able to frequent a local Bistro that offers French cuisine, brings back those fond memories (or creates new ones), and having that easy access to a nice bistro, makes it perfect to me. I am appreciative of the neighborhood accessibility, the reasonable prices, and the friendly atmosphere. Oh, and yes, the food is enjoyable!


IMG_20150331_132403142 My friend Mary, enjoyed the soup du jour (a fennel soup), and fish du jour which was a trout dish with sticky rice and a broiled tomato , while I had my usual artichaut vinaigrette (warm whole artichoke, balsamic And Dijon mustard vinaigrette) , Moules frites provençales (Steamed mussels in a white wine, caper, black olive, tomato onions and fresh herb broth, french fries ), and we shared a delicious  Profiteroles (Vanilla ice cream in puff pastry, topped with warm chocolate sauce and whipped cream. My artichoke was delicious ( am salivating just thinking about it now), the French fries were crispy, and the profiteroles were perfect. SO, form your own opinion about any restaurant, don’t listen to a restaurant reviewer/critic, and let your eyes, tummy and taste buds let you know if you should be returning. You are important.  It is your opinion that matters.

Larchmont is GREAT!

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