The Southern Westchester Music Festival 2015

IMG_20150919_111030885If you don’t live here, then please know that Mamaroneck  is a vibrant town, located just 40 minutes or so from New York City (  there are Express trains!), and there are always community oriented events to embrace the community, making it a community.

Today was the SOWE Music Festival (Southern Westchester Musical Festival)… SO many bands/groups,  and as I passed by on my way to appointments ( I love real estate but I would have loved to have been able to pop by this event) , I could hear the great music pulsating, and seemingly playing to a  very appreciative great audience. There were great food trucks…  (of course)… Vendors ( naturally..), and there was an ever ending musical feast to appreciate…  What makes Mamaroneck great? Events just like this one!

Mamaroneck is GREAT!















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