The Mailman – on my dog’s bucket list!

postal serviceOkay, to better explain, my pooch was found starving, close to death, his fur totally matted  on the streets. It took months to nurse him back to health, and he was still thin when we adopted him (he adopted us) 3 months later from the New Rochelle Humane Society (now called the Humane Society of Westchester). He was always afraid of men,  would bark, and I would take him to the dog park to help socialize him.  After now nearly 4 years,  he can actually play with other dogs and doesn’t see them as being menacing to him. However, some things do not go away. He is very protective of me, and so when the mailman comes, he will, of course, bark and growl..  It wasn’t a surprise to receive the card from the post office, it made me smile.. my mailman is afraid of my 22 lb pooch!

Binky in Gay's office

Binky in Gay’s office






New Rochelle is GREAT!



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