New Rochelle – Ideally Yours (and OURS!).

As a member of the New Rochelle Chamber of Commerce, I attended the annual dinner dance last night. As someone who cares about our community, I decided to be a ‘friendship sponsor for the event. Oh my! My name in print!

Jennifer (Lanser) –  Committee Member accomplished her usual exemplary perfection for the evening, and everyone had a wonderful time. Mr. Robert Marrone was the Master of Ceremonies, and of course, the unflappable President of the New Rochelle Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Frank Miceli, was very much in attendance also.

The theme was  “Sculpting a New Skyline for New Rochelle” and being honored were the Captains of Construction:

Frank and Ciro Checile , CAC Realty, Mark Fonte from the Anderson Development Group, Anthony & William Hammel from ELD Properties, Louis Iacopetta of QLD, LLC, Anup Misra & Stanley Conway of East & Hudson Real Estate , Megalith Capital Management, Ralph Rossi of RMA Development, and Nick Williams of The St. Katherine’s Group.

There was an award presentation given to Mr. Luiz Aragon also who has helped forge the amazing on-going plans for our great city,  and Mr. Seth Pinsky and Sean McLean of RDRXR. There are many buildings in the plans, and in a few short years, our city’s skyline will indeed be transformed.

“•Usher New Rochelle into the 21st century, while respecting our city’s history and soul, and celebrating and enhancing New Rochelle’s cultural and artistic vitality.
•Leverage and utilize New Rochelle’s unparalleled location and transit access to provide attractive housing options for young professionals, seniors and the workforce.
•Strengthen New Rochelle’s tax base and provide a positive return to taxpayers.
•Improve our environment through green, sustainable, energy-efficient design while creating a new skyline with iconic architecture that inspires civic pride.”

New Rochelle will be THE ONLY city to have a train stop from both the East and West Side of Manhattan – perfect for those Manhattanites wishing to travel here, and for all who wish to LIVE here and travel into  the city..

The city is taking just 90 days to approve plans for developers which is unheard of in a city our size, and the following facts were also shared ( although we already all know them to be true!):

  1.  New Rochelle is the Sixth Best City to grow old in!
  2.  Out of the top 15 Best Cities in which to live, New Rochelle is Number 13!
  3.  Third Best Place in which to live  in New York State
  4.  New Rochelle boasts the lowest crime rate in 50 years.
  5.  The New Rochelle Bond rating is the highest it has been in 80 years!

There are so many great plans currently in actual development,  that the new catch phrase ” New Rochelle – Ideally Yours”  could also be interpreted as New Rochelle “Ideally Ours!”.

Brooklyn look out!

Come visit – you will love being here!

New Rochelle is GREAT!

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