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On hearing about summer job postings took me back to my younger days (yes, I can still recall)…back in merry old England (see, I am not that old  – I didn’t add the ‘e’ after old). My very first position was at Bed and Breakfast/restaurant which was owned by the Connolly family. There was a snack bar, and I, along with Carol Brand (my best friend) would work ai the snack bar, and then we would clean up the kitchen. I can recall my taking part the stove to clean it, and the look of anguish on the owner’s part!  Mrs. Connolly made THE most delicious pies with the flakiest of crusts. They were so good. I was promoted and was allowed to ‘man’ the snack bar on a Sunday afternoon by myself. I LOVED it!  I can recall making Welsh Rarebit for an older lady, and in trying to be nice, I  used extra cheese. To my later chagrin, she complained to Mrs. Connolly that I gave her too much cheese!  Mrs. Connolly smiled when I told her I was trying to be nice to the older patron.

I was actually asked by the owner to go to a restaurateur school, and she would sponsor me..   Being older now, I realize what a great privilege and honor it was on her part and I perhaps should have taken advantage of that proposal… but to be young to is to also show folly…  My point here though is that when we do work while younger, so many opportunities can open up to us.. to earn money through hard work is a wondrous feeling, and it never leaves you, and just promotes good self worth.

If you can’t find a job, and can afford not to earn a salary, then volunteering is always worthwhile too!  Don’t forget your local Animal Shelter also… I was adopted by my pooch whilst volunteering here… All good…

Westchester is GREAT!


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