Swim Across America 2017 – Larchmont

July 29th, 2017 marked the 25th Anniversary for the Swim Across America Open Swim event in Larchmont. The volunteers arrived from 5 am on (and I am sure earlier), at the Larchmont Yacht Club where the swimmers were to register and start their swim.  It was an energetic hub of so many volunteers, all trying to help in their small way.

It was so impressive to see the swimmers arrive (and they were all ages), to participate in this event. I was in awe of them all. Cheers to Mary Haney who was swimming for the first time!

“Proceeds from the swim will support immunotherapy research at the Swim Across America Laboratory at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, pediatric oncology research at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York-Presbyterian and patient services with Cancer Support Team. ”

I was at Table Five with   B.A. D’Alessandro , a lovely lady and a wonderful Sculptress.  That is the wonderful side bar at being a volunteer at any event. You have the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people. B.A. has been working with steel these past 12 years, and her works are magical. B.A. is a member of the New Rochelle Art Association, and the Mamaroneck Artists Guild.

Sitting at Table 4 as a volunteer was an associate from the office- Cathy Fugazy!  Small world!

There is always coffee, tea, juice, bagels, fruit and muffins on hand for all to enjoy, and I was so busy, I didn’t have a chance to take photos of the teams…  Not only that, but the open wim in the Long Island SOund was canceled because of 3-4 foot swells which the organizers elt made swimming too unsafe for many.

Info from the web site:  (It is not too late to make a donation)

” The Long Island Sound Swim is the oldest and continues to be the largest of all the SAA events. Our course takes us from the start at Larchmont Yacht Club and finishes at Larchmont Shore Club, making our way along the shore. We welcome all those new and returning SAA swimmers to take part in the 10K, 5K or 2K swim options. Thank you for helping us “Make Waves to Fight Cancer.”

The Long Island Sound Swim has been raising money for cancer research, prevention and treatment since 1992. It was, and still is, dedicated to the memory of Kathy Webers, who, along with family and friends, courageously battled cancer for over a year. In our first year, we had 35 swimmers and raised $15,000. In 2016, we had over 600 swimmers and raised over $1,000,000. Due to our faithful swimmers, dedicated volunteers, and generous donors, Long Island Sound has become one of the most distinguished open water swims in the country. ”

 I apologize for the so few photos.. Next year!

Larchmont is GREAT!

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