Where in the World (and) New Rochelle is Matthew!

If you live in New Rochelle, you might have met Matthew Thayer O’Shaughnessy who loves the city, grew up in the Bonnie Crest area and whose favorite pastime is traveling throughout New Rochelle and Westchester, being a good will Ambassador on our behalf! Matthew always has nice things to say about the restaurants and places he visits, and so I thought it a great idea to post his photos and notes so we can all enjoy .  Matt travels with his good friend, Clare Lawrence, and where will Matt be next?

Cosi in New Rochelle…always wonderful fresh food served by a very welcoming staff who delight in what they do! My favorites are the sumptuous tomato soup and buffalo bleu chicken sandwich with ranch dressing. Cosi is super affordable and very agreeable to all ages and you never know who you might meet as this photo indicates! Me with two elegant ladies from Peru.

Spadaro Ristorante is one of the eastern seaboards quintessential eateries! Beyond gracious hospitality and uber world class fare second to none! I am a very satisfied regular customer of Spadaro’s unique Italian fare such as homemade Ravioli and great out of this world pastas and much more. You cannot go wrong with anything on their deep and delicious menu.. Here I am with Gigi Gaudet, Mrs. Rina Spadaro and Clare!





Matt with Chef Antonio Spadaro !






Leave it to the Queen City On The Sound to keep up with modern times! The new cutting edge and revolutionizing 25 mile per hour electric shuttle buses have landed in downtown New Rochelle and they are free. All you have to do is download the app! Great for going to the grocery story or just about anywhere downtown. I have personally been riding them and you should too. A wonderful and free new means of getting around in downtown. Bravo bravo city officials!

The Spadaro Ristorante (Roman Kitchen) is located at 211 Main Street – Tuesday – Sunday Lunch and Dinner 914 235-4595   Info@SpadaroRomanKitchen.com

The Cosi Restaurant is located at 77 Quaker Ridge Road, New Rochelle, N.Y. 10804 serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Look for Matt and Clare to see where they are next!

New Rochelle is GREAT!

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