Breakfasts – Quarantine style 2020

Breakfast as a rule for myself  is a quick afterthought as we are always rushing. Perhaps some yoghurt and berries, perhaps a slice of toast with some home made jam. Now, that we are all basically working from home to avoid interaction with each other, breakfast has started to become something  much more special (to me). A positive way in which to commence the day, to start our thought process into a positive mindset, to give us the mental fortitude to keep working so we could say the sustenance is both for our mental well being as well as our physical well being if perhaps not our waistlines! What is the saying ? You first feast with your eyes – rather like seeing a home on the internet – that very first showing…

It has also allowed me to visit my freezer and to start working my way through all of those items that looked so appealing in the stores, and I purchased for a rainy day. This past week, I have so far made  pancakes and bacon (of course); I had defrosted some English/Irish sausages purchased at The Butcher’s Fancy in Yonkers which I had frozen, so today we had sausages, baked beans poached egg and toast (10 grain of course! ha – as if it helped!). I made matzo brie the other day (eggs, milk, matzo and syrup – my favorite recipe),  defrosted croissants and allowed to rise overnight, and then cooked hot and delicious in the am again with some home made jam.

I had bought fire roasted peppers and onions in the freezer section of Trader Joes a while back.. They make a really delicious filling for an omelet – I just added a little cheese too. As a change of pace, I made Aebleskiver – that Danish pancake which tries to have you think it is like a donut since it is round!

I love to boil the milk for my coffee, and make the coffee frothy with a hand held frother…  my friend has the Bodum Bistro frother – on my list..(yikes  with the internet -I just ordered!).

My point in this post, is to stay positive, stay healthy, and I am now on my way to the rowing machine…

Westchester is GREAT!


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