Ancestry and the fun in searching!

I have delved into searching my ancestry so many times but life always seems to take over as we are always so busy. I find myself signing up for, searching for an hour once in a while, and then getting so involved with work and family that I am oblivious to the membership until 6 months later and I receive the renewal notice! One issue that I have to resolve is to save everything. Since I don’t frequent it much, I seem to lose my info even though I think I am saving it all, but one of those things that one day, when I am old and grey (ha!), and can still function, I will hopefully correct.

The nice thing about searching out your ancestors is that you get to connect with distance family members, and that is always fun – trying to see who was related to who and how. You also get to understand so many different factors.

A cousin, John from my mother’s side, reached out to me many years ago, and I discovered bit by bit that he was dyslexic, could not write, and growing up found himself to be agoraphobic and it made me wonder was it because of his dyslexia and how children would make fun of someone with a learning difference and just learned differently. He was a grounds keeper at a private school, and his wife, Jackie would write on his behalf. Just as I was getting to know him, he had gone to hospital to have some teeth removed but he had a heart condition. He died two weeks later from not being given the correct medication prior to the surgery. However, in being in touch with John it made sense that my children had learning disabilities. Super smart, but one side of the brain just working differently than the other, and perhaps because of that, becoming more creative.

My mother always told me that my great grandfather was a famous detective in the Midlands and won a an award of 5 Pounds for solving difficult crime cases. I was also told that my great great grandfather came over from Belgium and changed his name to Reeves from Hans so he wouldn’t sound so Germanic. The interesting things is, I sent in my DNA for a test, and the results were amazing! Confirming what my mother told me, I was 87% Belgian/French/German/Netherlands, Swiss, Lichtenstein but mentioning Luxembourg so close to Belgium. 4% Scandinavian, 3% Irish and 2% Iberian/Spanish. This all came together when I recently researched my family name of Huzzey from my father’s side. I always thought my parents had a terrible sense of humor as my maiden name was Gay Huzzey. I mean. Please!!! My mom had a huge crush on Gary Cooper and so I was supposed to be a Gary but since I was born a girl, I was named ‘Gay!”. I did have a brother 14 years later, and of course, mom had the opportunity to name her Gary!

However, I researched the name Huzzey, and lo and behold, discovered that there was an ancient Coat of Arms, the family originally came from Normandy (hence my French lineage) following the Norman Conquest, and the name was found in the Doomsday Book of 1086! “William Hosed or Hostus held Charlcomb in Somertshire, of Bath Abbey, as well as other manors in the county, and the first Lords of Bath-Eaton were of this family. Reading this little bit of history then made all of the information i had garnered so much sense. There were Huzzeys in Ireland, and supposedly per the info I discovered, some of the Huzzeys moved to Ireland. I also read how the Husseys of Wilts were a powerful family during the 14th Century and traced their ancestry back to the Husees, of whom it said the original ancestor came over with the Conqueror!

So, with al of this newfound information, I MUST research some more on but when? I hope my children will follow up on everything as it is so interesting.

I then researched the DNA of my pooch, Binky!!! I was told he was a Llasa-poo but we had a great reveal on Christmas day and it turned out he is part Bichon Frise, Shih-Tzu with grandparents being a Miniature poodle, Maltese, Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise! Wow!

So the point of my post? Research your history. It is fun and rewarding. A friend discovered a long lost relative who they thought was killed in Cuba, and whose family had emigrated to the Chicago area. They have now been in touch with those long lost family members and how great is that!

Westchester is GREAT!

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