Historic Markers of New Rochelle – Part 1!

Did you know Norman Rockwell lived in New Rochelle? Or Clare Briggs, Edward Penfield, or C. Coles Phillips?

In the 1920’s , New Rochelle’s burgeoning colony of artists and illustrators embarked upon a wonderful venture through the New Rochelle Art Association, namely the 10 boundary markers that now adorn and contribute to this city’s wonderful appeal. The artists designed these wonderful markers which clearly help make our city “Queen of the Sound!”

The city spent some $100,000 restoring these markers in 2010 which were designed by the artists living in New Rochelle, (Norman Rockwell, C. Coles Phillips, Clare Briggs, Edward Penfield amongst others). The markers were cut from sheets of steel and hand-painted.

There was an exhibition in 2002 entitled “Toast of the Town and the Artists of New Rochelle” at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, and featured artwork the artists who had lived in New Rochelle. Rockwell felt that New Rochelle was the “place” to live as an artist with its close and easy access to New York City and the sophisticated social artistic life the community offered.

Here are five of the markers: (I will post the remaining 5 in another post)..

norman rockwell

1. “New Rochelle Rich in History” by Norman Rockwell. This marker is located on Eastchester Road near Pelhamdale Avenue . This shows some American troops on their way to the Battle of White Plains. It should also be noted that Mr. Rockwell actually attended the Mamaroneck High School but did not graduate. He left to attend the Art Students League in New York City to study illustrating under Thomas Fogarty. Mr. Rockwell lived for over 2o years in New Rochelle, and his home sold several years ago for $1.6.

 2. “City of Homes, Churches and Schools” by Laurence M. Loeb. This sign can be found at Quaker Ridge Road and Weaver Street.

 3.”Passing of the British under Lord Howe, Oct. 18, 1776″ by C. Cole Phillips. This sign is located on North Avenue near Wilmot and Mill Road near the Eastchester Border. The marker represents British troops leaving New York under the command of General Howe.

4. “Settled in 1688 by the Huguenots of New Rochelle” by James R. Marsh. This depicts a ship and a Huguenot Church, and is located on Wilmot Road in the Heathcote area near the Scarsdale Village limits.

5. “Founded by the Huguenots – 1688” by Remington Schuyler. This depicts the Siwanoy Indians with a steer returning from a hunting expedition, and is located on the Boston Post Road on the Larchmont Line.

New Rochelle is growing rapidly BUT it is also reassuring to know that while progress marches on history remains constant!

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