STUFF! (Getting Rid of it!)

It is a process. It can take years before we realize that those treasured and oft times expensive items are only worth something to you, and practically nothing to others!

I even sold my wine making equipment!

As an example, many years ago, in the hopes of going cross country skiing (it was actually 24 years ago!), we bought cross country skis for myself, my husband and my younger son. We spent $550. That year there was no snow those weekends we were able to travel to Lake Placid, and so they sat there! The next year and the following year. We lost the momentum and they were not used once! I had been thinking of selling them for the past 5 years and was always so busy. I then asked my younger son to sell them and keep the profits himself. He said it was hard to sell them. I hated to part with them as they had a monetary value to me. Now, years later, I just donated them to a charitable organization. Mentally, it took a few years for me to realize that it was better to just donate and accept it and I think that is what happens to so many of us !

It is so hard for us to surrender out ‘stuff’, and as I have written before, George Carlin has a wonderfully humorous piece on getting rid of our ‘stuff’, and how we buyer bigger homes for our ‘stuff!”

Many times, people will just leave their treasures for the family to dispose of, and I would just mention that if possible, it is best to do it yourself, and make it easier for the family! I have been donating books, art items, and so much as I now realize I will never use them, and it actually feels good to declutter the attic and garage!

I have been using and they have been very reliable. If you are thinking of moving, don’t forget to get rid of old paint cans. Sellers usually like to leave them for the new home owners who invariably will paint the rooms different colors so once established that they are not desired, it is always good to dry out the paint cans and discard on refuse days. As a Realtor, and in multiple bidding situations, we have even offered to the sellers to leave their unwanted items and we will dispose of same if that would make it easier for them in the move out process. Getting rid of things can be overwhelming to some. Remember there are companies that will pick up metal items for free, artwork, cars, basically you do not need!

My Sister’s Place is another great site to utilize, as is The Furniture Sharehouse. Each site should be reviewed to see what they do/do not accept.

I am here to assist!

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