New York’s Top Waterfront Gems to Move to in 2024

The lighthouse in Montauk, one of New York’s top waterfront gems to move to

New York has great diversity and beauty, and its waterfront locations are some of its most
treasured features. For those looking to move in 2024, here are New York’s top waterfront
gems to move to that offer stunning views, peaceful living, and a unique lifestyle.

Hudson River Towns

The towns along the Hudson River are renowned for their scenic beauty and historical
charm. The towns here boast a variety of housing options, from historic homes to modern
apartments, all with easy access to the riverfront. The Hudson River provides a peaceful
backdrop for daily life, and the area is perfect for those who enjoy outdoor activities like
hiking, boating, and fishing.


Beacon is known for its thriving arts scene, including the renowned Dia: Beacon Museum.
This small city offers a blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and a small-town feel. The
housing in Beacon varies from historic homes to new developments, attracting diverse
residents who appreciate its creative atmosphere and riverside setting.


Kingston is rich in history and natural beauty. As New York’s first state capital, it offers a
well-preserved historic district, along with a vibrant waterfront area known as the Rondout. Kingston offers a range of living options, from historic homes to contemporary waterfront apartments, appealing to history buffs and nature lovers alike.

Long Island’s Coastal Charms

Long Island’s coastline is a mix of bustling beach towns and serene hamlets. With their
sandy beaches, vibrant communities, and rich maritime history, these areas are perfect for
those who love the ocean. The housing here ranges from luxurious beachfront properties to
quaint, coastal cottages catering to various preferences and budgets.


It is known for its picturesque beaches, iconic lighthouse, and laid-back atmosphere that
contrasts with the bustling energy of New York City. Montauk offers a unique blend of
natural beauty and serene living. The town has become a haven for beach lovers, surfers,
and those seeking a quieter, more nature-oriented lifestyle, making it one of New York’s top
waterfront gems to move to.

Its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and Block Island Sound provides ample water sports,
fishing, and boating opportunities. At the same time, the local culinary scene, featuring
fresh seafood and farm-to-table dining, captures the essence of coastal living. With its
charming small-town feel, Montauk is an ideal destination for those looking to relocate to a
peaceful waterfront community without straying too far from the amenities of a major

A Top 2024 Interstate Move

Montauk also emerges as a prime choice for those considering a significant lifestyle change,
such as moving from Florida. Its appeal lies in its stark contrast to the typical Florida
landscape and the atmosphere that differs markedly from Florida’s tropical ambiance. This
makes Montauk especially attractive to those seeking a new coastal experience while
retaining the essence of seaside living.

The town’s unique blend of natural beauty, relaxed lifestyle, and rich maritime culture
presents a refreshing change for those moving from the sunny shores of Florida. With its
captivating small-town feel, Montauk stands out as an idyllic destination for those
transitioning to a tranquil waterfront community away from the hustle of a major urban
center. Pro-tip—for those who need to relocate between states—like moving from Florida
to New York—hiring movers is the way to go. The long trip is too much to handle alone, and
they are a great help with the logistics of it all.


Larchmont, nestled along the Long Island Sound, offers a unique mix of suburban comfort
and waterfront elegance. This charming village is known for its downtown area, beautiful
parks, and recreational facilities, including a marina and yacht club.

The real estate in Larchmont includes stunning waterfront properties, classic suburban
homes, and modern apartments, catering to a wide range of preferences. Living in
Larchmont means enjoying a tight-knit community atmosphere with the added benefit ofeasy access to the water, making it an ideal location for those who appreciate a blend of
convenience and natural beauty.


Southampton, a picturesque hamlet in the heart of New York’s renowned Hamptons, stands
out as one of 2024’s top waterfront gems for those seeking a serene and luxurious coastal
lifestyle. This charming village, on the pristine shores of the Atlantic Ocean, is a blend of
natural beauty and upscale living. Its stunning beaches offer miles of soft, white sand and
sparkling waters, making it a haven for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts.
Southampton’s historic and vibrant village center, characterized by high-end boutiques, art
galleries, and gourmet dining, reflects a sophisticated yet laid-back atmosphere. The area is
also celebrated for its beautifully maintained historic homes and estates that add a touch of
elegance and history to the scenic landscape.

New Rochelle

One of New York’s top waterfront gems to move to in 2024, this city is distinguished by its
diverse community, rich history, cultural and recreational opportunities, and nightlife scene.
New Rochelle’s waterfront district is undergoing significant development, promising
contemporary living spaces and enhanced public areas. The real estate here is diverse, with
options ranging from luxury high-rise apartments to traditional single-family homes. New
Rochelle’s blend of urban amenities and waterfront activities makes it an attractive
destination for those seeking a vibrant yet relaxed coastal lifestyle.

Long Island City

Long Island City in Queens has transformed into a modern, high-rise haven for those seeking
contemporary living. With its waterfront parks and stunning view of the Manhattan skyline,
it’s an ideal spot for professionals and families who want to stay close to NYC. The
neighborhood is also known for its growing art scene, making it a cultural hotspot.
It’s home to several art institutions, including the renowned MoMA PS1 and the Sculpture
Center. Additionally, the area offers numerous gourmet restaurants and trendy bars, perfect
for those who enjoy a vibrant nightlife. The Gantry Plaza State Park is another highlight,
offering ample green space and a unique view of the United Nations Headquarters across
the water.

Battery Park City

Nestled at the southern tip of Manhattan, Battery Park City is an oasis of greenery.
Surrounded by the Hudson River, it offers a peaceful escape from the city’s hustle. It’s
known for its sustainable buildings, lush parks, and proximity to the Financial District,
making it a desirable location for eco-conscious dwellers. The neighborhood’s commitment
to sustainability is evident in its green rooftops, organic food markets, and community
environmental initiatives.
Battery Park City also boasts excellent schools and family-friendly amenities, including the
Battery Park City Library and the Skyscraper Museum. The riverside esplanade is perfect for cycling, jogging, or just enjoying the serene water views, making it a haven for those seeking
a balanced urban lifestyle.

The Splendor of Staten Island’s North Shore

”Staten Island’s North Shore offers a unique New York City waterfront experience. Areas like
St. George, Stapleton, and Snug Harbor combine urban living with scenic waterfront views.
These neighborhoods are known for their rich history, cultural institutions like the Snug
Harbor Cultural Center, and beautiful Victorian homes. With ongoing development, the
North Shore is becoming a more attractive option for those seeking a blend of city life and
waterfront tranquility.

Pick One of New York’s Top Waterfront Gems to Move to in 2024

New York’s top waterfront gems to move to in 2024 offer more than just stunning views;
they provide a lifestyle that combines the serenity of the water with the vibrancy of city life.
Whether you’re a young professional, a family, or someone seeking a peaceful retreat, New
York’s top waterfront gems have something unique to offer.

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