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One of the nice aspects of writing a blog or having a blog site, is that I am able to write about anything I choose! It enables me to be able to write on subjects that I like, and while I am always posting on Instagram, Facebook (and in many instances could be considered as blog posts), I wanted to write about health!

my tuna bowl with tuna, quinoa, tomatoes, cucumber, red pepper, chickpeas and tuna!

I am NOT a nutritionist, an exercise instructor, so these thoughts are just my own. As the saying goes, do you love to eat or eat to live? It was always the former, and that has now changed. How? After caring for my husband for years and years, after he passed away in 2022, I joined a gym. I found myself going early in the morning 4,5 or 6 times a week and simply loving it. Being in real estate has pressure, is demanding, and I found it the perfect way in which to start the day. My mind would be clear for the day, and I simply felt energized and great. With exercising each day (ha! I used to think walking my pooch 3 times a day was enough!), I started dropping weight. It came off so easily, and with the weight loss, my appetite also lessened. I just did not feel hungry, and started eating less and less. More weight loss! Too much! I would have 2 eggs each morning, and found myself eating somewhat healthy but the wrong foods each day endeavoring not to lose any ore weight but to eat well. Shakes and always whole milk (3 cups a day), bananas, cottage cheese, yoghurts, fruits, chicken, steaks, were the norm. I love shellfish and ate too much! I started eating a slice of wholewheat bread with those eggs just trying not to lose weight! I always had vitamins each day, and truly thought I was on the road to good health. Thinking I was eating healthy foods, it wasn’t until I went for a wellness visit that I discovered my cholesterol and triglyceride levels were high. Oh my! What to do?

There are so many apps available, but I signed onto Cardi Health. These are just my thoughts and experience only! I did not sign onto the site for exercise, coaching but ONLY for the menus! I know I could obtain them for free elsewhere but the app is so user friendly, and it gives me quick ideas. I had stated that I only had 15 minutes to prepare lunch and/or dinner, and I liked the tuna bowl for lunch. I took out the onion portion, made it larger, and voila! I had lunch for 2 days or so without having to prepare each day. Perfect! I loved the cod with tomatoes and onions, quinoa, cucumber. All simple, healthy foods but left on my own I was not making them? Salmon, quinoa, cucumber or salmon, avocado, tomatoes, mushrooms (I added those myself!) all easy and delicious. I no longer eat bread. I am so full after each meal!

salmon with quinoa, green beans, cucumber, mushrooms and pine nuts!

I will have a pear, oatmeal for breakfast with a banana, chia seeds, pine nuts and blueberries (what is not to like?). I still have a little dark chocolate if I want (magnesium!), and I am staying at my target weight.

I made a cabbage soup yesterday as it has been so cold, and added everything in my refrigerator! Not in my app, but what is not healthy about carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, onions, mushrooms, carrots and a few potatoes! When I was growing up, I would hear/read that people would always eat stews in the winter to ‘fatten up’ and to ward off the flu and colds. While I do not to fatten up, I do want to stay away from catching the flu and so soup sounded great as a further supplement my lunch and dinner as a first course. Still no weight gain! I am waiting to see if my body shape changes at all with this diet and I will report back. However, had to write my thoughts. This is just January in a new year. It is not too late in which to make changes! I think we are all short of time, and so to be able to to make foods that are good for you, are filling, and tasty without too much time is important. These past few weeks I have been eating cod, salmon, branzino, haddock, whiting, chia seeds, nuts, – haven’t missed tenderloin steak at all! Will I still eat it on occasion? Of course! I have 2 huge rib roasts in my freezer that will have to be cooked soon but they will be made on a special occasion for guests and not just family!

cod with tomatoes, onions, sweet potato, avocado
low fat milk, blueberries, banana, chia seeds and some pine nuts!

Westchester is great!

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