Fun Spring Activities in New Rochelle, NY

Spring is when all outdoor life awakens, and those pleasant tingling feelings inhabit our souls. Given that it is a vibrant and picturesque city with many patches of nature scattered around it, it’s no wonder there are plenty of fun spring activities in New Rochelle, NY. Here are some interesting suggestions on what to do on those warm spring days.

Hudson Park & Beach is always a good choice on sunny days

Let’s be clear – whenever the sun is shining, going to the beach is no mistake. This area may not be as modern and attractive as Miami Beach, but it has that homey charm. Many generations of people spend a large part of their lives here, and for them, it becomes a synonym for relaxation and joy. It is popular to visit no matter what season, but spring and summer are when most people go there. Apart from the beach, there is a playground where people like to take their children and grandchildren. There are benches to relax on and enjoy the view after a bit of walking and running after the kids. Also, when nice weather comes, this area hosts some pretty fine music performances. There’s a bandshell dedicated to this. Interestingly, according to some, many people come here and rent a place in the area just to live closer to the beach and park, which brought them so much joy in their youth. All in all, a nice location to spend the afternoon.

Spend three unforgettable hours sailing and dining

It doesn’t matter whether you are a man of the sea or not; spring is the perfect time to go on a 3-hour cruise in the area. A professional skipper will be in charge of maneuvering the boat; all you need to do is enjoy the ride to the fullest. There will be music; there will be some exquisite food, and an unforgettable view, of course. Children are welcome on this cruise as well. They will love the experience! They will be able to learn a bit about sailing, including how it feels to steer the boat. That will make them realize life can be amazing when you put away electronic devices and give the real world a chance.

One of the fun spring activities in New Rochelle can be going on a sailing and dining cruise.

Sky Zone Trampoline Park is for having a blast during those warm rainy days

Speaking of fun that doesn’t include phones, computers, and TVs, Sky Zone Trampoline Park is definitely where you can find it. Not all spring days are sunny and dry, and when those rainy ones hit us, this is the place to go. It is not only for kids, though. Teenagers can benefit from it a lot, as it is a good way to make them physically active. Among many spring activities in New Rochelle to take part in, here are a few you should not miss out on:

Ninja Warrior Course. We might not be in Japan, and this may be a much safer course than the one they have there, but it is equally fun.

SkyJoust. This is a unique battle on a pedestal above the sea of foam. Two people try to push each other over the edge by using cylinder-shaped pillows.

Ultimate Dodgeball. It’s a game of dodgeball with a twist – every jump is more like a flight. Words cannot explain the exhilaration, so it’s a must-try experience.

Explore the home of Thomas Paine

They say that knowing your history is essential not to repeat the mistakes from the past. Also, learning how it all began and respecting those who have devoted their lives for us to enjoy the benefits of today’s America is the least we can do for our forefathers. And one of the founding fathers we should all learn about is Thomas Pine. The cottage he lived in for several years in New Rochelle is a nice place to visit if you feel like having an interactive history lesson.
And if you are looking to move to New Rochelle, visiting this museum can be a good chance to explore the area. There’s a good school, a university, and a farmer’s market. It is not uncommon for people to select this neighborhood when they are moving from NJ to NY. Hiring interstate movers to make an easy transfer with reliable experts is a common choice for many. Therefore, go there and see why this is not a bad idea and learn about history while you’re at it.

Thomas Paine, one of the forefathers of America, spent several years living in New Rochelle.

Visiting Glen Island Park is one of the fun spring activities in New Rochelle

The good thing about those activities that have been around forever is that they are always fun, no matter what. That is the case with having a picnic. Because people have practiced it since medieval times, it has become a cliché to do it. But don’t give in to the new trends of renouncing all traditions for modern customs. Pack some tasty food and a soft blanket into a larger bag and head to Glen Island Park with your family. Why there? Well, for one thing, if you ask New Rochelle residents to cite reasons to live in their city, they will tell you about this park. Apart from being a beautiful gem of human-tamed nature, there’s a casino and a nice wedding venue to check out.

Having a picnic in a park is always fun; when it’s spring, one can do it at Glen Island Park.

Execution Rocks Lighthouse offers a different take on fun

Those that appreciate the eccentric charm of brutal stories from the past should visit the Execution Rocks Lighthouse. This monument has a long history, but the part that makes it especially interesting is a little dark story related to it. Namely, they say that in colonial times the British used this place to perform low-key executions. They considered that the public ones would spike revolutions, so they would just tie up people for the rocks during the low tide and wait for the water to rise and drown them. There’s no proof that this story is true, but it has survived to this day. It may not be for everyone, but it is certainly intriguing. After all, the variety of activities one can take part in is one of the perks of living in New Rochelle.

Final thoughts

As you can see, one can enjoy a surprising variety of fun spring activities in New Rochelle. Our
suggestion is to get out of your comfort zone and try them all. Apart from making some unforgettable memories, you may even discover some things you didn’t know about yourself.
Meta Description: Nice warm days are coming, and so is the new form of entertainment. Here are some fun spring activities in New Rochelle, NY, to try.

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What Does a Realtor do?

I think we think of real estate agents as someone who perhaps shows homes a few times a week and that is it!  Oh my goodness. The opposite is true! 

We must see as many properties as possible for knowing the inventory is so important. How can anyone discuss the area unless we know what has sold, is on the market, has expired or will be entering the market. I must admit that some of my clients who only wish to work with me  in areas that I do not usually work in, I will preview homes in their price range to gain that quick knowledge of what is happening in those towns but I also try and refer them to associates that I know too to best represent them!

Continuing education is also required. Every two years I must take 22.5 hour of continuing education courses. (Yikes! mine is due by June 1st!).

However that all aside, we must write reports either for new clients, buyers or the appraiser.  Social media is important, and staying in touch with past clients is also important!

I have been in real estate for over 20 years and I smile at all of the additional things I have done over the years for clients. Short Sales. Easy !  I once spent over 3 months calling different insurance companies (I discovered that many change names, switch policies, etc.) in endeavoring to get coverage for an oil spill on a client’s property. Her father had passed, and there was no insurance policy but I discovered that should an oil spill reach the water table, it becomes a  third party coverage and the insurance company must cover same. In that instance, I was able to obtain $38000 for my client which was wonderful! Reduced property taxes for clients. Done! Divorce is always traumatic. I have successfully negotiated between both husband and wife in these delicate situations while representing both parties. Attorneys have informed me that we would not have closed if it wasn’t for my hard work. (Oh my!).

I have negotiated with a bank executive to accept less interest so there would be no short sale but that the loan was paid in full (it just made good common sense and the executive realized that!).

I have had some extremely wealthy clients who own several homes, and in those circumstances I have inventoried their possessions and even packed, inventoried and taken digital photos for the valuables in yet another estate! I care. One wealthy client had a huge gym to dispose of. I had suggested she donate all of the equipment to the local Boys and Girls Club. She loved the idea and put me in charge of arranging everything including transporting all of the equipment! Special companies are required to dismantle certain equipment but my son, A.J. was a genius (truly!). He was able to not only dismantle everything but he put everything together again perfectly once it arrived at the Boys and Girls Club!

Certain staging such as linens, towels, and flowers /plants free of charge. Done!  Cleaning a home. Easy!! Prior to Covid, I was well known for serving lunches at broker’s open houses, and I would try to serve foods befitting the property. A beautiful estate deserved lobster salad sandwiches and champagne! A July listing became a July 4th celebration and so on! Wine and cheese – easy!

I recently inherited 4 feral cats that the owners had been taking care of and had to leave behind. I have been visiting the home twice a day to feed them, and in the process bought a small dog kennel, thermal blankets, hay-filled bedding and blankets too! 

As agents, we usually can recommend good contractors, roofers, handymen, etc. to our seller clients. I referred last year as the year of the rent back and it seemed every other seller needed to rent back their home after closing  and prior to moving to  their new abode.  As agents, we are here to assist (some more than others of course!).

It is always my pleasure to meet agents and their clients at a listing when the seller feels more comfortable.  If clients move away then I always like to check on the house daily!

I also have a blog site ( , and always like to promote listings and area updates on the site. It is fun and is well viewed! I am also privileged to sponsor local events and charities. I love helping the community!

In short, Realtors (or some of us) do way more than is expected. I also take my profession so seriously that I took the time to obtain 7 designations ( Licensed Real Estate Associate Broker, Accredited Buyer’s Representative, Certified Buyer’s Representative, Certified Residential Specialist, Certified Distressed Property Specialist, Graduate Realtor Institute, GREE Designation and Senior Residential Specialist!).

Please feel free to call for all of your real estate requirements!

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Biggest Benefits of Retiring in Larchmont, NY

After years and years of working hard and providing for you and your family, retirement is supposed to be the time you finally get to rest and relax. And naturally, you want to spend that time in the most pleasant environment possible. That’s why deciding where to spend your retirement is a delicate and important matter. You want it to be a safe, peaceful place, well-suited for retirees. However, just because you want a peaceful retirement doesn’t mean it should be boring. The place you retire in should also have places where retirees can socialize and get entertained. Luckily there is a village in New York that fulfills all that and that Larchmont. There are many benefits of retiring in Larchmont, NY, and we will explore that in our article.

Good things about retiring in Larchmont

We will share with you a simple list of things that make Larchmont such a great place to spend your
But Larchmont is not just good for retirees is simply a great place to live in general. From
welcoming neighbors to beautiful green parks available, Larchmont has everything a retiree could possibly need.

 Larchmont is safe and has low crime rates
 Quality healthcare will be available to you
 The community in Larchmont is welcoming and warm
 There are many gorgeous green parks

 Affordable restaurants and cafes

You won’t have to worry about safety

Safety is an important factor when it comes to deciding where to spend your retirement. You don’t want to spend the days that were supposed to be peaceful, fearing getting burgled or attacked. Also, people don’t want to let their retired parents or grandparents stay in dangerous cities. This quickly eliminates many potential places for retirement. Luckily one of the biggest benefits of retiring in Larchmont is the fact that it is an incredibly safe place. Crime rates in Larchmont are roughly 75% lower than the national average, and violent crime rates are an impressive 69% lower than the national average. According to research, Larchmont is considered safer than almost 80% of the cities in the USA. Considering that
retirees are one of the more vulnerable demographics, this is incredibly important. Thanks to this knowledge, you can relax knowing that your retirement in Larchmont will be safe and peaceful.

Larchmont has excellent healthcare

One of the benefits of retiring in Larchmont is an excellent healthcare

Another important condition a place must fulfill in order to be considered a good place to retire is that it needs to be close to good healthcare facilities. Healthcare is essential to retirees because you never
know when an emergency might occur. And in cases when a health emergency strikes, time is of great importance. You don’t want to have to drive to the other side of the city just to get to a hospital.

Thankfully Larchmont passes this test with flying colors. There is the amazing Larchmont Family Medicine clinic. A clinic located in downtown Larchmont has served the people of Larchmont for over 30years. The doctors at this hospital provide all types of medical care, and they have great specialists in geriatrics. They give excellent care, and the clinic is really close, so emergencies will be dealt with quickly.

A great community

Retirement should be spent in peace among nice and kind people. You don’t want to feel like a reject in your neighborhood and feel like you don’t belong. Thankfully in Larchmont, the situation could not be more different. Larchmont is home to approximately 6700 people, and they create a warm and welcoming community that will accept new people with open arms. People in the Larchmont community all work together to make it an amazing place to live. So if you do decide on making an interstate move to New York and hiring movers so you can spend your retirement here, just know you will get a warm welcome. Pros can make it easier, but it is the community that will help you truly settle in Larchmont. Also, there are a lot of retirees in Larchmont, so you will have adequate company, which is important for older people.

So much greenery! One thing about Larchmont is that it is absolutely gorgeous. And that’s thanks to the many beautiful green parks it has. And parks are a great perk for retirees. They can go for walks, take their grandchildren to the playground or simply sit on the bench and enjoy the fresh air and gorgeous view.

Let’s start with one of the many Larchmont parks: Larchmont Manor Park and Beach. This park is owned
and run by the Larchmont Manor Park Society and its trustees, whom the residents elect. A great thing
about this park is that it is highly regulated, so everyone can enjoy it. Dogs are allowed but must be
leashed, music is only allowed on headphones, and scooters are prohibited. This way, retirees can relax
while enjoying their time in the park with no disturbance. There are also Addison Park, DeMatte Park, Constitution Park, and others.

Many good and affordable restaurants

Just because you are retired doesn’t mean you stop going out. Retirees also need to have a healthy social life, so they need venues where they can go out. Luckily, Larchmont has many excellent yet still affordable restaurants and cafes. Places like Trattoria 141, Victory Garden Café, and Encore Bistro Francais are all great for family celebrations, dinners with friends, etc.

In conclusion

These were the biggest benefits of retiring in Larchmont, NY. And as you can see, Larchmont is a wonderful place with a community that will help any newcomer, including a new retiree, settle in. All the main conditions a place has to fulfill so it can be seen as a good place to retire in, Larchmont achieves. The healthcare facilities are quality and, importantly, close by in case of emergency. Your retirement will be peaceful once you learn about its amazingly low crime rates (roughly 75% lower than the national average) and the city’s overall safety. The parks and great restaurants are a great perk as well. All in all, Larchmont is a great place to live and retire!

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Referrals from Past Clients

I have been working in real estate for over 20 years and love it! I have been blessed with meeting some wonderful clients from all over the world, and many of whom have become friends too. Whenever those special people call me time and time again for each of their home sales or refer me to their friends, it just makes me happy! Truth!. I truly care for my clients and I always want to make sure they feel that in whatever I do on their behalf.

I have had clients return to me 3 and 4 times over the years, and I am so humbled by them all!

“She is very smart and kind agent. She already helped me 5 times for last 18 years. I’m very satisfied with her service for selling & buying my homes. Recently I sold 95 Robinhood Rd, White Plains, NY 10605 and bought a new home, 76 Winding Ridge Rd, White Plains, NY 10603, and yet another home in New Rochelle. ” Mr. You.

I am here for all of your real estate requirements too!

Westchester is great!

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Black History Month – our wonderful Notable Past Residents

Originally posted in 2017, I thought it would be fun to post and update this blog on the famous notable Black residents in our great city! once again!

Having lived in New Rochelle for over 43 years, I have long appreciated our great city, our wonderful schools, and our library. As an avid reader, I enjoy visiting the library to obtain my late night reading choices (mostly espionage!), and I always admire the impressive exhibitions.  February, being Black History Month, was the perfect opportunity to cite some of our many famous, notable Black residents…

Adina and me! It was a hot evening!

Anna Jones Robinson Bernard 1900-1983 (Teacher, Attorney, Community Activist), Ellabelle Davis 1907-1960 (Concert Soprano), Canada Lee 1907-1952 (Actor), Frederick Douglass Patterson 1901-1988 (, Educator, Doctor of Veterinary  Administrator), Pearl Primus 1919- 1994 (Cultural Anthropologist, Educator, Dancer), Whitney M. Young, Jr. 1921-1971 (Civil Rights Leader, Administrator), Christopher Edley, Sr. 1928-2003 (Former CEO of  the UNCF), Lou Jones 1932-2006 ( Gold Medalist, Athlete, Educator, County Official), Lt. Lee Archer 1919-2010 (WW11 Tuskegee Airman, Corporate Executive, Entrepreneur), Fritz Pollard 1894-1986 (Foot ball Player, Coach and Entrepreneur), Lucille Dixon 1924-2004 (Actress), Ossie Davis 1917-2005 ( Actor, Writer, Producer, Director, Activist), and  Ruby Dee 1922-2014 (Actress, Writer, Poet, Producer, Activist).

My good friend Bonnie and I at a PIFEST evening ( The Play it Forward Eclectic Soul Tour presented Philanthropy through Music).

So funny, but in 2017 I obtained a wonderful listing on Crawford Terrace, and learned that Branford Marsalis , jazz legend, was one of the past owners. I excitedly informed my clients that I would mention his name in the listing. They laughed! As it turned out, one of the owners was Donna Wood who performed for 15 years at the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater! Oh my! I was in the presence of a celebrity! We sold the home that first weekend, and became friends! They were and are lovely! I was also privileged to have sold one of the homes owned by Mr. Ken Chenault (past CEO of American Express) .

This past year, I saw advertised a great jazz series (PIFEST) which was held in the festive and tented backyard of another local celebrity – Adina Nyree. I was able to attend two of the concerts, and my friends and I had so much fun.

We are privileged to have so many wonderful residents in New Rochelle, both past and present. Come and visit. You will not want to leave!

New Rochelle is GREAT!

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Buy vs. Rent in New Rochelle, NY – Factors to Consider

One of the most important things to consider when settling on a place to live in New Rochelle, New York, is whether to buy or rent. Considerations such as your budget and long-term goals are important, but you should also think about the current state of the real estate market and the number of available properties. This article will help you decide whether buying or renting in New Rochelle, NY is the better option for you by discussing the most important considerations for each.

Therefore, without further ado, let’s discuss, Buy vs. Rent in New Rochelle, NY – Factors to Consider.

Cost Comparison: Buying vs Renting

If you are looking to move to New Rochelle, and wondering whether to buy or rent, one of the most important things to consider is the cost comparison between the two. The total price of
homeownership includes not only the initial purchase price but also recurring costs like mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, and upkeep. On the other hand, when you rent a home, you’ll have to pay the rent and utilities like everyone else, but you won’t have to worry about any of the upkeep that comes with owning your place. It’s essential to look at the total cost of ownership versus rental.

Interest rates, inflation, and the state of the New Rochelle, NY, real estate market all play a role in the cost comparison. Considering these will help you choose between buying and renting based on your specific needs.

Location and Accessibility

When deciding whether to buy or rent in New Rochelle, NY, location and ease of access are also essential factors to consider. If you are buying, it’s important to consider how far away your prospective home is from your job, your children’s schools, your preferred stores, and any other amenities you’ll regularly need once you move there. Your property’s value and quality of life can benefit from being in a prime location. If you’d instead rent, it’s crucial to prioritize proximity to public transit and other modes of conveyance that will streamline your daily commute. Access to nearby freeways and parking spaces is also a relevant consideration. When deciding whether or not a given location is convenient, you must carefully consider your needs and preferences.

Homeowner Responsibilities and Maintenance Costs

When deciding whether to buy or rent in New Rochelle, NY, it’s important to weigh the
responsibilities and costs of homeownership. Owning a home comes with the financial and legal obligation to keep it in good condition and make any necessary repairs or improvements. This can include tasks such as:

 Replacing broken appliances
 Fixing leaky roofs or pipes
 Maintaining HVAC systems
 Repainting and updating the interior and exterior of the home

All of these responsibilities can add up and can be a high cost for homeowners, especially if
unexpected expenses arise. That being said, for those who decide to rent, there can be some
maintenance responsibilities as well. Tenants may be responsible for minor repairs, such as
changing light bulbs, as well as regular upkeep, such as mowing the lawn or shoveling snow.
Additionally, landlords may require the tenant to pay for any repairs that need to be made due to damage caused by the tenant. It’s important to consider these potential costs when deciding
whether to buy or rent in New Rochelle, NY, to ensure that you’re making the best decision for your financial future.

Tax Benefits of Homeownership

Homeownership in New Rochelle, NY, can provide a variety of tax benefits that can help to offset the costs of owning a home. Mortgage interest payments, property taxes, mortgage insurance premiums, and some home improvement costs are all potentially deductible on your income tax return. Additionally, owning a home may provide you with greater financial security than renting, as well as the equity that you can use for other investments. You should take all of these factors into account when deciding whether to buy or rent in New Rochelle, NY, to ensure that you’re making the best decision for your financial future.

Investment Potential VS flexibility

Before settling on buying versus renting, you need to consider the long-term goals and investment potential of homeownership. Buying a house is a long-term investment that can give you more stability than renting. You can save for future expenses like college or retirement with the money you’ve built up in your home’s equity. In addition, if you ever decide to sell your house, you will probably do so at a profit. Renting, on the other hand, offers neither the same stability nor the same investment opportunities. You can make the best choice for your future finances by giving homeownership serious thought in terms of your long-term goals and the investment potential it presents. 

However, renting also has its benefits. Renting can be a great option for those who are not ready to commit to a long-term commitment. You can enjoy more flexibility and freedom when renting, as you can easily move to a new location if necessary. In addition, when renting, you are not responsible for the repairs and maintenance of the property, which can be a considerable cost for homeowners. Therefore, before you decide to arrange a safe transfer and move to New Rochelle with the help of interstate movers, think hard about these two tradeoffs.
Conclusion So, buy vs. rent in New Rochelle, NY – factors to consider. Ultimately, whether to buy or rent in New Rochelle, NY, will depend on your current financial situation and long-term objectives.  To decide between buying and renting, you should consider the monthly payments, upkeep, and appreciation potential of each. There may be tax advantages to your mortgage interest payments that you should think about. On the other hand, there are just as many benefits of renting. For this reason, you need to decide what is most important to you, and only then should you decide. 

Meta description: If you are looking to move to New Rochelle, today we’ll be discussing if you should buy vs. rent in New Rochelle, NY – factors to consider

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In Contract! 11 The Boulevard

My clients were thrilled to receive multiple bidding on their home, and while we had been expected to be featured in the New York Times, once there was an accepted offer, that was no longer viable. However, in the interim, since this was/is such an exceptional home , it was just featured in Brownstone! Oh my! We simply have a fantastic Public Relations department headed by Andrew Wood! (Vice President of Public Relations and Communications!).

Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s is GREAT!

Westchester is Great!

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The Chinese Lunar Year 2023

I have always been blessed to have friends from around the globe. We can all learn so much from each other, and apart from learning the different cultures and traditions, it just broadens our outlook and understanding of each other, and simply brings us all together!

I met two lovely young men last year, and we instantly became friends as Kan celebrated his birthday the same month as one of my sons (now passed). I loved the similarity in humor, super intelligence and we just connected. They affectionately call me ‘Mom” and I love it! So fast forward to the 2023 Lunar New Year. We were meeting for dinner and I knew they were going to be giving me an envelope but I wanted to surprise Kan and Wayne with a Red Envelope for the Lunar Year too! I was chuckling at the thought of surprising them! What does this custom represent? While there are many debates as to how to accurately describe the holiday, none can dispute the origin.

A “Red Pocket” or “Red Envelope” contains money and symbolically means to ‘anchor the year”. Why is it given?

The custom of giving red envelopes originates in some of the oldest stories of Chinese New Year. As the legend goes, a demon known as ‘Sui’ terrorized children while they slept on New Year’s Eve, and parents would try to keep their children awake all night to protect them. One New Year, a child was given eight coins to play with to keep him awake, but he couldn’t keep his eyes open and eventually drifted off with the coins on his pillow. Sui appeared, but as he went to touch the child, the coins (actually the Eight Immortals in disguise) produced a powerful light that drove the demon away. Today the envelope, symbolic of the coins, is sometimes known as the yasui qian, or “suppressing Sui money”.

While the tradition centers on children, red envelopes are given to friends, family, colleagues and many other relatives – and different amounts of money are customary for each relation. For example, parents and grandparents get the most, but employees and even casual acquaintances can expect a red envelope.

(Courtesy of Google Arts and Culture).

The amounts are important and there are taboos. Never include a gift that includes a ‘Four” in the pronunciation. Four is considered wrong as it represents death. The luckiest number is 8. Of course, my gifts to my friends were in 8’s! (It means wealth and success).

2023 denotes the Year of the Water Rabbit. What does that mean? People born in the Year of the Rabbit can represent various things as their element is also important.

The Year of the Rabbit is going to be a favorable time for most zodiac signs. We can expect success in love and career advancement, with no significant health concerns. Additionally, financial success will be easier to achieve this year.

The Year of the Rabbit brings peace, harmony, and tranquility to the new year. We look forward to the year ahead! Courtesy of Cartus.

I love my friends, and since it is a joyous Holiday, how can we not appreciate what it has to offer! 新年快乐

Westchester is Great!

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Why Larchmont, NY is Perfect for Families

Lovely scenery is one of the reasons why Larchmont, NY, is perfect for families

Are you looking for the perfect city and small-town living balance for your family? Look no
further than Larchmont, NY. This picturesque village located in Westchester County offers a
vibrant community, top-rated education, beautiful parks and playgrounds, and easy access to the cultural and entertainment offerings of New York City. As you stroll through the streets of
Larchmont, you’ll be struck by the charming homes, friendly neighbors, and the sense of
community that permeates the village. But there are plenty more reasons why Larchmont, NY, is perfect for families. We’ve consulted Larchmont’s finest real estate expert, and here’s everything that makes this charming place a true family-friendly paradise.

Let us convince you that Larchmont, NY, is perfect for families

Raising a family in a big city like New York can be challenging. From the fast-paced lifestyle to
the high cost of living, it’s no wonder many families are looking for a change of pace. But did
you know that less than an hour from your Brooklyn home lies the charming town of
Larchmont? It could be a perfect place for you if you’ve grown tired of the chaos of Brooklyn
and are looking for a more laid-back community.

If you are considering moving but not sure where it would be best for you and your loved ones,
Larchmont, NY, is perfect for families.

In this article, we will take a closer look at all that Larchmont offers and explore why it’s the
perfect destination for families looking to leave the big city behind. And even though there are
plenty of compelling reasons why you should think about moving from Brooklyn to Larchmont
even today and start looking into hiring long-distance movers, for this article, we’ve selected the four most important ones. So before you reach out to an expert team to help you relocate to this charming family town, let’s find out what makes it a perfect place for families. 

1 Great educational opportunities for your youngsters 

One of the fundamental reasons why Larchmont, NY, is perfect for families is its excellent
education system. The Larchmont Public Schools are consistently ranked among the best in the state and the country, with a strong emphasis on academic excellence and well-rounded education. The district has four elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school, all of which offer a wide range of extracurricular activities and opportunities for students to explore their interests and talents.

In addition to the traditional public schools, Larchmont also has several private and parochial
schools and several highly-regarded nursery and preschool programs. That gives parents the
freedom to choose the best educational option for their child, whether in a small, intimate setting or a larger, more diverse community.

2 Outdoor activities

Larchmont is home to many parks and playgrounds, making it easy for families to enjoy the
outdoors together. Manor Park, for example, offers a playground, a ballfield, and a picturesque
pond for fishing and boating. The park also hosts many seasonal events, such as concerts and
movies, that unite the community. Keep an eye on Larchmont news and stay informed about
everything happening.

If you are a family of outdoor enthusiasts, you’ll love living in Larchmont.

Another popular spot for families is Flint Park, which features a playground, a large open field,
and a basketball court. The park is also home to the Larchmont Farmers’ Market, where families can shop for locally-sourced produce and goods.

For those who enjoy hiking and nature walks, Larchmont has several nature preserves and trails to explore. The Sheldrake Environmental Center, for example, offers hiking trails, bird-
watching, and educational programs for children. Therefore, if you’re a family of outdoor
enthusiasts, look no further than Larchmont, NY.

3 Vibrant community

Larchmont is a tight-knit community that values family, community, and tradition. The village
has community organizations and groups, such as the Larchmont-Mamaroneck Lions Club
and the Larchmont-Mamaroneck Parent-Teacher Association. They provide opportunities
for families to get involved and make a difference while simultaneously forming friendships and growing tighter community bonds.

The village also hosts several festivals and events throughout the year, such as the Larchmont
Family Fair, the Larchmont Day Parade, and the Larchmont Music Festival, bringing the
community together and providing a sense of shared identity and belonging. That is one of the
main reasons to buy a home in Larchmont and move there.

4 Convenient location

One of the best things about Larchmont is its proximity to everything a big city offers.

If you are worried that you will miss the big city and everything it offers, we have great news for you. You’ll never feel that way because Larchmont is conveniently just a short train ride from New York City. That makes it easy for your family to take advantage of all the city offers.
Whether it’s a day trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art or a Broadway show, Larchmont
residents have easy access to the city’s best.

At the same time, Larchmont’s proximity to the Long Island Sound provides a welcome escape
from the hustle and bustle of the city. Families can enjoy swimming, boating, fishing, or strolling along the waterfront. When you think about it, there are no reasons not to at least consider moving to Larchmont. 

Final thoughts

In conclusion, Larchmont, NY, is a hidden gem for families looking for the perfect balance of
city and small-town living. With its excellent education system, beautiful parks, and vibrant
community, Larchmont offers everything a family could need to thrive. The village is a tight-knit community that values family, community, and tradition, and residents can get involved and make a difference.

Larchmont’s location on the Long Island Sound and proximity to New York City make it easy
for families to enjoy the best of both worlds. So whether you’re looking for a place to raise your
children or a community to retire in, Larchmont, NY, is perfect for families. It’s the epitome of
small-town living with all the benefits of living close to a major city. Therefore, wait no more
but hire an experienced local real estate expert and start looking for a perfect Larchmont home to ettle in.

Meta: Let’s find out why Larchmont, NY, is perfect for families. By the end of this article, the
only thing you’ll be thinking about is moving.

KW: Larchmont, NY, is perfect for families

Photos used:

Westchester is GREAT!

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Cold Remedies – SOUP!!

We all lead busy lives, and as a Realtor I am always rushing to point A and B, compiling reports, previewing homes and obviously meeting clients and customers! Many of our clients have young children and of course many of them have the occasional sniffle. I have personally found that if I make soups, and have them on hand, not only do they make an easy light dinner (if served with a salad) but they also help ward off colds . Not only that but cooking can be a great stress reliever.

What are my favorite soups to make?

So easy to make (must be!) are Chicken soup, pea soup, leek and potato soup, cabbage soup and the kitchen sink soup!

Here are my easy recipes:

Chicken Soup:

Either use chicken bones if you have any left over from making chicken, or buy some chicken necks (less expensive), 2 containers of chicken broth (unsalted fine), a few carrots, a large onion, a few potatoes and some celery! Place all into the pot. If you use the neck bones you might want to strain before serving. That is it! Cook at a low heat for an hour or so and season with salt and pepper as desired. You can also add garlic, parsley if desired but it’s good without!

**You can add matzo balls if desired, or dried lentils, split peas – whatever you wish!

Pea Soup:

Great with left over ham and/or buy a smoked turkey leg/wings or smoked ham hock. I still like to use a base of the carrots, onion, garlic celery, a few potatoes, and two 48 oz containers of chicken stock (as I usually have that on hand), and add the dried split peas (green/yellow/red) – a cup each. Again, let it simmer for just over an hour to ensure that all is cooked! You can add dried hot peppers to this if you like too. One of the reasons soup is so good is that you can easily adjust it to suit your tase and mood! It is also economical and good for a few days!

Leek and Potato Soup:

4 nicely sized leeks (make sure they are washed correctly and sliced through to ensure no dirt within), a large onion, 4 potatoes, and again while you can use vegetable stock, I always use chicken stock. Salt, pepper ( I like to use white pepper). First you cook the onion and until translucent with 2 tablespoons of butter and oil, add the leeks, cover and let sweat for 10 minutes on low heat until the leeks are softened. Add the broth, potatoes, and let it simmer for 20-30 minutes until everything is cooked and softened. Puree with a hand blender and done! You can serve with a swirls of sour cream if you feel adventurous but no need!

Cabbage Soup:

A personal favorite. I sauté a large onion until translucent in a little olive oil, then add well washed cabbage which has been cut into thin threads ( I am not over particular – we are all busy so as long as it’s all sliced into ribbons -all good!). I let it sweat covered for 10 minutes or so, and then add a few potatoes cut up, again the 2 containers of chicken broth, salt and pepper to taste and that is it! You just have to let it simmer for 30 minutes or so, and so healthy! You can also add a few cut up tomatoes if desired and parsley. Anything you like and to taste!

The Kitchen Sink Soup:

A past client made this and I copied it! She used anything that was left over in the refrigerator and with today’s high food prices, this is a great way of incorporating left over vegetables.

Sauté that large onion once again (don’t you find that the refrigerator should never be without onions, carrots and celery in the winter months?), and perhaps with carrots and celery if you have, and then add what you have in the fridge! It could be potatoes, peppers, hot peppers, ginger and the key to this soups are the spices? I love to cook Indian food, and so my cupboard has Garam Marsala, Turmeric, Cumin, cardamon, coriander, and you add perhaps a tablespoon of each (or to taste), again add the chicken broth and let it all simmer for an hour or so. It is soooo good! If you have left over chicken – add that too! This I would serve over rice.

Stay healthy! I am here for all of your real estate needs!

Westchester is GREAT!

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