June 6th, 2010 New Rochelle Soapbox Derby

Kevin MartinOn June 6, start those engines and open your hearts to Kevin Martin – Racing Enthusiast Extraordinaire at New Rochelle’s Soap Box Derby

One must see this event this coming weekend that will take place on Sunday, June 6 in New Rochelle where those people who will not to be able to attend Daytona this year, will be able to attend the race of the season in New Rochelle – the All-American Soap Box Derby. Kevin Martin, an 11 year-old New Rochelle resident, is revving up his derby car for this very special event. Just like in any racing event, Kevin has been seeking sponsors ($100 – Silver, $250 – Gold, and $500 – Platinum) and is hoping to cover his derby car with all of the logos of those sponsors. However, the money raised will go to a very special cause. Kevin suffers from a tumor causing disorder called neurofibromatosis (NF), and all of the money will go to the Children’s Tumor Foundation‘s program Racing4Research. While Kevin’s car will be wrapped in the CTF logo, he also wanted to cover the car with the logos of sponsors who are committed to joining him in supporting this important cause.

What is Neurofibromatosis and how does it affect Kevin: As he so profoundly states, “When I was only a few weeks old, I developed café-au-lait spots on my body. They looked just like regular birth marks, so my parents were not too worried. Two years later, when my doctor started noticing other symptoms too, I had my first MRI, and was diagnosed not long after with neurofibromatosis. There are different kinds of NF, but I have NF1. NF1 can cause tumors to grow on nerves anywhere in the body.

NF has affected me in different ways. My muscles are not very strong so it is hard for me to walk. Like many children with NF, I have ADHD. I have macrocephaly which means my head is bigger than normal. Sometimes my skin itches a lot. All of these are caused by my NF. But of all the things that NF can do, I am most scared of the tumors that I might get from NF.

A few summers ago, we learned that I have a plexiform neurofibroma, which is a big tumor inside my body that stretches from my jaw into my lungs. My parents and doctors tell me that it is benign, like most NF tumors, which means I do not have cancer. But I know that people with NF are more likely than other people to have malignant tumors, so there is a chance my tumor could turn into cancer. That scares me so I try not to think about it too much.

Although I do not like having NF, I have not let it stop me from doing things I want to do. And there are some things about having NF that are actually fun. For example, every January, I participate in a fundraiser at the Rolex 24 Hour race in Daytona, Florida. We have a car with the logo of the Children’s Tumor Foundation, and the names of me and other ‘NF Heroes’ written on the side of the car.

Right now, there is no cure for NF. The Children’s Tumor Foundation gives money to scientists who do things like test medicines that might stop the tumors from growing, or stop other problems that come with NF. I want to help find a cure so I don’t have to worry anymore!”

The All-American Soap Box Derby is a fun event that takes place around the country every year, with a local race in New Rochelle on June 6, 2010. Dozens of children from the area will participate. So, go and cheer Kevin on – or better yet – like me, sponsor Kevin – you can reach Kevin’s parents at (914) 636-2903 – Tim/Linda, and then go and cheer Kevin at the race!

Soap Box Derby:

Regional competition will be held in New Rochelle on June 6, to determine racers who will advance to the national Soap Box Derby in Akron, Ohio.

The New Rochelle event will be conducted on Quaker Ridge Road, next to Ward Acres.

It is open to boys and girls ages 8-17, and it is hosted by the New Rochelle Fire Fighters Local 273 IAFF.

For more information and requirements, call 914-804-4541 or send e-mail to NRSoapBoxDerby@aol.com or visit www.aasbd.org.”

New Rochelle is GREAT!

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