Ray Rice Welcomes the New Rochelle Youth Tackle League!

Youth Tackle League of New Rochelle – To Visit Baltimore and see Ray Rice November 10th, 2010 Whenever I think of the New Rochelle Youth Tackle League, I think of Mr. Joseph Fosina…. he, like Ray Rice (see my blog dated June 11th, 2010 about Ray Rice Day), is an icon in our great city, and yet if you were to google his name, not too much appears on the internet. Why? Simply because Mr. Fosina (Joe to everyone) is a humble person, and who only cares about the advancement of the program and the well being of the young men who participate.

Joe Fosina – perhaps you have heard of the Joseph F. Fosina Stadium in City Park, has been instrumental in furthering a wonderful program, and being a mentor to hundreds of young men. He has taken so many athletes under his wing, helped them both complete their college applications, making sure they complete those applications, and driven them to various colleges also, and let us not forget a truly winning program. Joe has 6 children of his own, and there have been 5 generations of Fosinas in New Rochelle itself! In fact, 13 of the 15 grandchildren still live in New Rochelle. Joe was a City Councilman for 12 years, and his father was Postmaster of New Rochelle and has the John F. Fosina Plaza named in his honor also.

Joe was a coach for 10 years, and has been the President of the Youth Tackle League ( a not for profit organization) for the past 42 years. Joe is in the City of New Rochelle Hall of Fame, Iona Prep Hall of Fame, “Man of the Year” at Boys Town of Italy, “Man of the Year” by the NAACP, Lions Club, Youth Bureau…… and so many, many more accolades!

Every year (with the exception when William “Brud” Flowers passed away in 1981), the Youth Tackle League has begged, pleaded and cajoled nice people (like yourself) to give a little of themelves to enable the athletes to travel on Thanksgiving Weekend to a Bowl Game. My son was able to attend the bowl game for several years, and he had the best time. Many of the athletes have never been to a hotel before, and so it makes it an even nicer event. They have faced prejudice, and have held their heads high and for good reason. They ARE good! This year, they are returning to Baltimore where Ray Rice, a previous Running Back Youth Tackle League graduate is now a member of the Baltimore Ravens. Ray will shake the hands of the athletes (he calls them before each game to offer inspiration), shows them the changing rooms and facilities…..there is one small catch. They need donations. Some athletes need to be fully funded, some partially, any donation would be appreciated. Please listen to Joe’s message below, and make a donation to: New Rochelle Youth Tackle League, P.O. Box. 1243, New Rochelle, N.Y. 10802.


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