Home Prices Larchmont and New Rochelle – January 2011

Hi – I happened to glance at the referrals available in the New York area, and I saw that someone wanted to refer a buyer, seeking a single family home in New York City for around $100,000. While I do not cover that area, I would venture a strong guess that would be nigh impossible…. If anyone has buyers who are thinking of buying in my area in the ensuing months, I thought I would write a few words on the prices (right now) in my area.

Larchmont... Close to New York City, just 35 minutes by train to the city, and with Larchmont Manor covering just 1 square mile, a private beach, fine dining and a French American School (which recently purchased property on Ridgeway in White Plains) has always been attractive to many… A single family home with perhaps a one car garage, approximately 1800 -2500 square feet could cost as much as $900,000 – $1.1 depending on the renovations completed/required. New builds have become much sought after these past 6 months, and while there has been a softening in the market place, the new builds seem to sell in short order. My office recently listed 2 such homes and they were within 3 weeks of listing same (approx $1.2 each). Many homes cost in the $1.5 range and higher. Larchmont is a village located within Mamaroneck township… Country clubs abound, and the local banks – which are also in great abundance mentioned there is so much money in the area… it is for good reason! Highly sought after. Waterfront properties can sell from anywhere from $2 Million o $9 Million and even higher. Prices per square foot are currently at 2007 prices of approx. $439.70.


New Rochellelarger property sizes, possibly higher taxes, but the homes will offer more value. New Rochelle is a city, and as such offers a great variety in its school programs, is one stop closer to New York City, also has its own beach, many beach clubs and some marinas. I have lived in New Rochelle for over 32 years and love it! The Mary Tyler Moore Show was filmed here, many commercials and TV shows are still utilizing our ‘mid century modern’ areas or simply because we are so close to New York. Home of many celebrities. A great place in which to live. A starter home with renovations required could cost around $475,000, and if you are seeking a home in the estate area, then expect to spend around $800,000 plus with renovations required. A renovated home can cost around $1.6 plus. Waterfront properties can sell anywhere between $1.2 or so to the mid $2 Million range. Price per square foot are at the 2003 price range and are approximately $265.68.

New Rochelle and Larchmont are GREAT!

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