Ray Rice – Still our Hero!

Ray Rice is simply a brilliant young man, and he also happens to hail from New Rochelle. We are SO proud of him as a football player, as an individual and as a role model for New Rochelle’s young football players both on and off the field.

I was disheartened to learn of Ray’s illness…a week before the game, he was sporting a 103 degree fever, and then the day before the game, he was throwing up, wasn’t eating anything and had to take fluids to just obtain some sustenance. The fact that he still played says a great deal to his courage, his fortitude and the knowledge by his coaches that he evolved from third string to first string in as many years, and he was still THE Running Back. It always amazes me that when he scored the first touchdown, everyone loved him (everyone loves a winner), and when, in the third quarter being really ill, made a fumble, they threw him to the wolves. It was his firstfumble of the year. Someone else wrote that the other players were not up to par either but they determined that fumble caused the downward slide of the game…

Regardless, to me – Ray Rice was/is great… and I look forward to seeing him play next season… Feel better Ray

Ray’s own website – Become a fan – for free!

Ray Rice Ravens Welcomes the New Rochelle Youth Tackle League

Ray Rice Day in New Rochelle


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