Calling All Millionaires and Lottery Winners!

How many times have we seen on the television, expectant, hopeful people standing in line for THE lottery, THE jackpot, and when asked, profess that they will be giving to charities, helping others – all hoping that someone above will hear and respond accordingly…..

There is a very sad and tragic tale to be told about the Mount Vernon Animal Shelter in Westchester. With hardly any funding, run by the police department, there are only 2 people on staff, and they are expected to take care of 100 dogs and many cats. As a result of that, dogs are not walked, overlooked cats and dogs are sometimes not fed, I read in the local Journal News that fleas abound, dead mice floating in water bowls, and the most tragic scenario happened when 8 dogs (one on December 28th, and 7 on December 29th) were stolen from the shelter as there was no alarm system in place. 7 of the dogs have been returned (rewards were offered), and 7 of the dogs stolen were pit bulls or pit bull mixes. It is feared that the dogs would have been used as live bait for training exercises in the underworld horrific ‘unsport’ of pit bull fighting.

Due to budgetary cuts across the Board in the City of Mount Vernon , and property taxes having risen some 4.49%… money is very tight within the city. A few years back, high school sports were threatened to be curtailed due to lack of funds, and Mr. Denzel Washington (G-d Bless him) stepped in and gave a donation. Mr. Washington had grown up in Mount Vernon, and was there to help in that situation.

The library might close, and salaries are being cut. But, today, here and now, if any huge lottery winner or celebrity would like to assist these poor animals in some way… NOW is the time to act.

Donations can be sent to: Shelter Pet Alliance, P.O. Box 82, Bronxville, N.Y. 10708

The New Rochelle Humane Society covers 17 towns, and does not euthanize. Mount Vernon does because of lack of space. The New Rochelle Humane Society obtains 50% of its funding through fund raising.


Best, Gay – nothing for real estate here…. not important.. THIS is.

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