The Rye Neck Union Free School District

Sometimes potential buyers will ask to see the Rye Neck area… what they are actually referring to is the Rye Neck Union Free School District which is separate from that of Mamaroneck and The Town of Rye.

The Rye Neck High School is a public secondary school located in the Village of Mamaroneck, New York within the Town of Rye, New York. It is part of the Rye Neck Union Free School District and is connected to Rye Neck Middle School. It is one of the country’s oldest schools being dated back to the 18th Century (per Wikipedia).

There are approximately 1500 students who attend one of the three Rye Neck Schools (Kindergarten – 2 attend the Daniel Warren School, Grades 3-5 attend the F. E. Bellows Elementary School, Grades 6-8 attend the Middle School, and Grades 9-12 attend the High School). It is among the few public elementary schools in New York to receive a distinguished Great Schools Rating of 10 out of 10.

Kindergarten classes usually have approximately 21 students in a classroom with each class having a teaching Assistant or Aide. The Middle School usually has a 15-1 student/Teacher ratio, and the High School also features a 15-1 Student/Teacher Ratio.

Yesterday, Dr. Peter J. Mustich, The Superintendent of Schools (who has been in the field of education in one position or another and who is the current Superintendent of The Rye Neck Union Free School District) came to our office in Larchmont (my manager thought it a propos since we are the number one selling office in that School District). Dr. Mustich spoke quite eloquently about the school, his goals, and how he is handling the budget.

There is no busing in the school district. Each child must either find his/her own way or be taken to their respective schools. Students who have attended private schools have always had busing through the school district. With budgetary cuts, this will no longer be the case as of September 2011. Chits will be given to those students who prefer private schooling in different areas with the exception of Special Needs students who will continue to have transportation by the school district and per the law. Dr. Mustich mentioned that by offering chits in lieu of busing would be a $350,000 savings for the District alone.

He spoke with such energy, it was easy to see why he has a contract for another 5 years as Superintendent. He mentioned that out of the 6500 registered voters, only 700 actually vote on the School budget. He knows who votes, who doesn’t, and he mentioned that he has made a concerted effort to reach out to those who do not vote, to see if there is anything either troubling them, or that he can do better, but he urges them all to become involved and to vote.

He described how the Daniel Warren Elementary School looks like a castle, and the children are enthusiastic about going to a castle each day. The Middle and High Schools are located on 57 acres, and the two elementary schools make up a total of approximately 5 acres.The F.E. Bellows Elementary School features a new “Cafetorium” which has been welcomed …. as has the new lacrosse program. Parents had wanted a lacrosse program, and the budget (last year) had already been closed out. The parents asked if they could raise the required amount ($30,000) could they have a program? They did, and it was set into motion in November of 2010. There is also baseball, football, field hockey, basketball and soccer, etc. In 5th Grade Latin is offered, with the languages of Italian, Spanish and French being offered to older students.

Being a progressive school, a teacher who had graduated Stanford and Columbia wanted to initiate an a capella group – which he had been involved in at college. 25 students signed up, and through all of their efforts, they will be competing in a Regional Competition in New Jersey. They are ecstatic!

Since the student body is small, Dr. Mustich further commented on the fact that the 150 students who have been involved in their upcoming musical “Footloose” (sold out by the way!), may have been involved in the production, the art, cast, crew, business side… all enabling the students to become closer, and working together in a very meaningful and cohesive way.

He interviews each graduating student, and asks them what was successful, and if anything was not successful for them…he intends on keeping the school’s stats as they are and have been. There are approximately 20 AP classes offered, and there are no restrictions for a student wishing to take an AP Course. The only requirement is that they complete the course and take the test. He feels that this makes the student work hard to accomplish this, and he finds that they self-select. They can take anything from AP Calculus to AP Art.

Dr. Mustich also mentioned that with the Kindle, and other reading apparatuses, he wants the library to represent something other than a quiet room, where students study. They are making a very large effort to make the library “the answer place” for web and online research. This has really excited the students, and the soft-seating areas where the students can collaborate on projects and help build ideas has been enthusiastically welcomed.

The teachers are all certified, and there is a EPGY on-line Program with Stanford University (Education program for Gifted Youth) for self directed/motivated gifted students. There is a student mentor program between middle school students and seniors which has been very effective.

The Superintendent welcomes parents wishing to interview the schools, and I have posted below some web sites, and phone numbers alike.

Administration – 914-777-5200
310 Hornidge Road
Mamaroneck, NY 10543

Daniel Warren Elementary School – 914-777-4202
1310 Harrison Avenue
Mamaroneck, NY 10543

F. E. Bellows Elementary School – 914-777-4602
200 Carroll Avenue
Mamaroneck, NY 10543

Rye Neck High School – 914-777-4802
300 Hornidge Road
Mamaroneck, NY 10543

Rye Neck Middle School – 914-777-4702
300 Hornidge Road
Mamaroneck, NY 10543

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