My husband AKA Jackie Gleason…

100x75xar132624489512344_jpg_pagespeed_ic_0rvqbV7KYNI have a funny story from the Holidays. a funny story from the holidays.. I was making a chicken liver pate as an appetizer…. Now, we have 2 cats, and I admit that I do feed one of the cats on the table… She likes to announce she is hungry, and so she will get her food courses in a dish on the table… MY HUSBAND KNOWS THE DISH…

Well, it was Christmas Eve, and I was cooking for Christmas Day… I was preparing the chicken livers, and I heard my husband say “Oh chicken pate..” I thought he was referring to what I was cooking, and paid him no heed (Hey, he is my husband).. I turned around 2 minutes later and caught him eating the cat food from her dish… Of COURSE I told him, and then could not stop laughing. One son was in the kitchen and we were laughing so hard…. We were looking for signs afterwards to see if he was starting to wash behind his ears with his hands… of course the jokes will never stop… It made me think of the Jackie Gleason “Honeymooners” episode when he came in and started eating dog food thinking it was pate, and decided to sell the pate and make a fortune..

Just this evening, my husband mentioned that he didn’t taste the spices I had used on the chicken, and my son piped up with ‘What do you know, you eat cat food!”

And how was your day!

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