Congratulations New Rochelle High School Varsity Football Team – NYS AA Champs !!

new rochelle high schoolIt is no secret that the New Rochelle High School has an astounding football team. It has for years. Coach Lou DiLorenzo (the High School football coach) has led many young men into victory on the playing field.. There were a few short years when he was not the coach, and the team did not fare as well.. As soon as he returned, his magic, together with the athletes‘ great talents have made history. I have always wondered why he hasn’t been approached by a college or more.. He is an excellent coach.

They would not have made the Championship without Coach DiLorenzo,  but he also has some help from the Pop Warner Youth Tackle League of New Rochelle which introduces young athletes to football at the tender age of 5 or so… It is so adorable to see them practicing in their tiny uniforms, and then participating at their games… The coaches of that program instill fair play, hard work and diligence, and by the time they go to the High School, they are seasoned athletes knowing that grades are important as well as athletic performance.

Several players like Ray Rice and Courtney Greene went on to play at Rutgers, and basically put that college onto the football map too. Ray returns to the High School every spring for a Ray Rice day, and it is also his dedication in being there for the athletes young and not so young that helps. He is a great role model. It is also a team effort.  One borne out of love, respect for the program and for the very special coaches who are there every step of the way for these players.

Congratulations to the High School Varsity Team. I know that they will take this championship forever –  wherever they might go, and they will always be a success knowing that the hard work that took them to the State playoff game can be theirs at any level, any avenue they decide to embark upon.

I am proud of you. We all are.

New Rochelle is GREAT!

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