What is a Realtor? 2024

With so many changes in the real estate industry, I think it is always important to keep our customers and clients updated accordingly. I had written a post in March 2023 on what a Realtor does! People are always amazed at what (some of us) will do to help facilitate a sale by way of cleaning, preparing, staging, and showing a home in person for all agents.

I think the key component here is how a Realtor can make the transaction a seamless one, being the conduit between buyer and seller and ensuring that everything is moving along effortlessly. We obviously endeavor to obtain a home at the least amount for the buyer when we are representing buyers, and one that is palatable to the sellers. I can recall years ago when I represented sellers and there were multiple bids, a buyer’s agent said to me “what will it take to secure the home” and threw out numbers. At the time I was thrilled for my sellers at the prospect of obtaining a higher than listed sales price but did not respect that agent at all. How could someone be so cavalier with someone’s money? As a foot note, I could not offer forth a ‘number’ to that agent especially in a multiple bidding situation. We must always follow the rules and regulations and code of ethics.. Then, of course, we endeavor to obtain the highest sales price for our sellers. We do that through marketing, advertising, photography and pricing well.

I wrote in a blog post last week on Realtor designations, and I had mentioned the following within that post : Our Fiduciary Responsibilities include as agents to our clients are Obedience, Loyalty, Disclosure, Confidentiality, Accountability and Reasonable Care.

In 2024, there are so many disclosure forms to sign (all based on protecting the consumer/seller) that it just makes sense to either sign a buyer representation agreement if you are a buyer or hire a knowledgeable real estate agent if you are a seller!

As an experienced agent, I am used to meeting sellers numerous times prior to entering a home for sale to help in the preparation of the home, and as a buyer’s agent, I am used to taking out clients as much and how often as they require until they find their forever home. Sometimes it can take a week, and sometimes years. Everyone has different needs. Situations change, monetary assets can change.

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