The Importance of Using a Professional Photographer – even for a Rental!


I learned the other year the importance of using professional photography – even with a rental. Why you might ask when we will only be receiving a small remuneration for listing a rental? For several reasons..


1) The first visitors are still on the internet, and if the photos look nice, then we obviously get those calls, and the rental rents that much quicker.

2) Tenants  might not keep the house as orderly as if they were the owners

2) When you are called prior to listing the rental, a  great time to take those photos – while the house looks nice.

4) If you are called towards the end of a rental lease, and the tenant is moving out,  there could be boxes everywhere, and if you have those photos on hand, you don’t have to inconvenience the tenant, and you have the photos for immediate use.

A few years ago, a landlord had refinished the floors, painted the house, and it looked great. I commented that I wanted to take photos for him so he would have them on hand for the next time the rental was available. I didn’t realize that he had multiple rental units, but I soon found out.

When it was time for the tenants to move out, we not only had the photos handy, but I was able to use them straightaway, no lag time, and we received multiple bids a week later. All good.

Conversely, in another rental unit, the landlord had installed a new backsplash, refinished those floors and painted the apartment, installed new carpeting, and I brought in the photographer again. After the tenants moved out, there were broken blinds,  the carpets were really dirty, there was ‘stuff’ left everywhere, and having those before pictures helped the landlord also.

Westchester  is GREAT


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