Swim Across America, Larchmont, July 25th, 2015

Well, I ate the proteins, carbs, and ate well the night before – you have to (when you are about to be  a volunteer for Swim Across America in the Larchmont area!). Ha! You thought I was swimming? As I awoke at 4 am to walk my dog, all that I saw on my early morning trek were the sprinklers commencing their timed watering , and my little sprinkler, with his always being ready to water ..

I was asked to be at the Larchmont Yacht Club at 5 am to commence my duties, and I was very impressed. The signs were up, there was breakfast on hand if you wanted bagels, pastries,  fruits, juice and coffee. I was assigned to the ‘bag’ desk. Oh my! a bag lady!. That basically meant that if anyone wanted to store their valuables whilst they were swimming,  my companions and I would  have them complete a name tag,  give a clear plastic bag where required if they had no gym bag, and direct them to the truck transporting their valuables to the Larchmont Shore Club.  We then placed the bags  to numbered areas corresponding with their swim number. So organized, and that is the best way to describe the event. So, truly well organized, and perfectly orchestrated, down to the  small school buses transporting people from one club to the other. No waiting, no dawdling. Easy, efficient and isn’t that the way we all like it?

I sat with a lovely lady, Sue, a long time Larchmont resident, and who informed me that the Swim Across America event was so special, as  it took care of items that the families can’t cover, perhaps cleaning a home, offering dinners, support… The monies obtainedfrom the Swim Across America event always stay local. That is key, and I think one of the reasons that there is such an outpouring of support from the community. Larchmont cares, and the residents all wish to help one another.

There were approximately 680 swimmers in today’s event, and I heard how each helped the other. It was both a camaraderie of spirit and of the heart. I was amazed at how refreshed all appeared after their individual races, be they the 10K, 5K, 2K open water swim or  the one mile or 1/2 mile pool swim, and the swimmers were all different ages.  Truly impressive. While this was the 23rd annual swim event honoring Kathy Webers,, this year also marks the 17th year of dedication teams.


The 2015 Chairman, Tony Sibio spoke well, applauding the team he worked with. It was quite obvious all of his team had worked extremely hard to make this happen.

What can I say.

Larchmont is GREAT!




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