Meet the Mouse! Diminutive and Powerful! Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s 10538

IMG_20150725_103540749Marilyn Liebenguth, our weekend receptionist is simply known as “Mouse.’ She informs me that is because she used to teach first grade, and a chap that she was dating at the time called all little children ‘mice’, and would ask of her ‘hey mouse, how are the mice? “, and the nickname stayed with her..

Everyone else knows her as being an extremely strong and positive  presence at the Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s desk every weekend for the past 30 years!  She runs the desk like a tightly run ship, and follows up on everything, is always courteous to the sellers and agents alike, is so well respected within the area and industry, and for good reason.

Carolyn Fugere, the Manager of the Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s Larchmont office stated “we have all observed Mouse’s intelligence, high ethical standards, sense of humor, loyalty and affection for her work family and incredible work ethic. “IMG_20150725_103548898

Who is Mouse? Brought up in Northern New York, she  moved here over 60 years ago where she has resided ever since. Mouse has a daughter who lives in Mamaroneck, and she is surrounded by her large group of friends. Her hobbies are  bridge, golf (Mouse is a member of the Winged Foot Golf Club), reading, a wonderful knitter (this is per Michele Wenzler  who was working  in the office at the time of the interview – Mouse is too humble),  and she is very active at  the St. John’s Episcopal Church where she is very involved in its’ yearly Bazaar usually held the weekend before Thanksgiving.

When asked why she likes working at Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s each weekend, Marilyn (Mouse) replied ” I love meeting different people and the creative problem solving.”

Thank goodness as we are all truly appreciative of her. As an associate and friend just commented, “Mouse is the weekend Ambassador of first impressions!”

Larchmont is great!

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Gay E. Rosen is a Top Realtor in the Larchmont and New Rochelle (Lower Westchester) area. She is diligent, caring, driven and thorough (with a sense of humor).Utilize her expertise. Call her!
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