The Ragamuffin Parade in Larchmont – Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s Style!

IMG_20151016_154654069The children (and adults) in the Larchmont area are excitedly awaiting for tomorrow’s Ragamuffin Parade in Larchmont. It starts at 1 p.m. from Larchmont Avenue and Palmer Avenue and the little ones (and big ones) parade down the avenue to the Fire Department (with complimentary hot dogs from the Fire Department.  However, the Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s Larchmont office long ago noticed that, with so much excitement and anticipation, the children would arrive very early.. perhaps on the parents’ part to gain better parking, or simply to allow their little ones a wonderful long lasting happy event.IMG_20151016_154749856

SO,  in the hope of helping out the parents and helping to fulfill a wonderful event and long lasting memory for their children, Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s is hosting a “Haunted House” from 11:00 -1 p.m.  when the parade begins..     Hey,  as Realtors, we are all used to hosting open houses, and this one truly was both very ‘spirited’ and ‘scary’ fun. We all laughed and joked as the decorations were arranged within the office..  team spirit, with a heart, and loving the community.

IMG_20151016_160148546Pop in for a bite (I mean a ‘snap’ shot ).  Silly me… Ha ha ha……

Larchmont is GREAT!



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