Rochelle Heights Tennis Club – 10801

It is such a great private club that you would think more people are aware of it! Just 2 red clay tennis courts (did you know a clay tennis court makes it  easier on the knees?) . The Rochelle Heights Tennis Club is located on the Boulevard East in New Rochelle, and new members pay only $200 for the first season.  In trying to see how many red clay tennis courts there are in the US, I could not find an exact number but it would seem there are not too many.

If you live in the Rochelle Heights area then it is $350 for the tennis season, and just $325 if you are a continuing member. Why just $200 for new members who do not live in Rochelle Heights?  Simply because they wish to attract more members so the courts can be utilized more, and enjoyed by more tennis players!

The Rochelle Heights Neighborhood Association held a nice get together at the tennis courts recently too!   (June 7th)   5:30PM – 7:30PM ” Red Clay & Rosé event at the tennis courts.”

I also just learned that various neighbors ‘adopt’ a traffic island. Margaret Chadwick (President of the Rochelle Heights Neighborhood Association) adopted the island  by the entrance to The Serpentine, and it is beautiful!

Click here for a quick description between the differences of tennis courts!

New Rochelle is GREAT!


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