Real Estate First Six Months Ending June 30th, 2019 Jefferson Elementary School Area New Rochelle

While I have posted a blog about the 2019 real estate market in general ending on June 30th, I also wanted to post the homes sold in the different Elementary School Districts for a better appreciation of the different areas, different price points.
The stats are referencing absorption rates.

We always refer to absorption rates as being an indicator of the current real estate market, and we define that market as either, negative, positive or balanced. A balanced market would be 5-6 month of inventory, a seller’s market would be under 4 month, and a buyer’s market would be over 6 months. More homes, more competition for sellers, greater advantage for buyers.

Here are the market stats for the Jefferson Elementary School District in New Rochelle:


There were no homes sold over $582,000.

New Rochelle is GREAT!

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