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Where has Matthew been these past few weeks?
D’AGOSTINO CLOTHIERS AND TAILORS…Style And Sophistication In A Class By Themselves!

Tony D’Agostino Sr. – Photo by Clare Lawrence

Clothing trends and fashions come and go. But at the exquisite D’Agostino Clothiers and Tailors in Larchmont, this landmark family-owned business has always kept up with the times when it comes to both classic and modern clothing. Incorporated in 1962, this monumental local entity has been at the forefront of the upscale clothing arena for more than half a century. In 1962…America had announced its embargo against Cuba, Bob Dylan issued his debut album, Johnny Carson became host of The Tonight Show. And D’Agostino Clothiers was born.

Think of it,  D’Agostino Clothiers has been outfitting discerning individuals and Westchester families for over 55 years with the finest seasonal overcoats, blazers, pants, socks, prom dresses, suits, shoes, jackets, vests and much more all under one spacious roof with that impeccable D’Agostino touch. They proudly feature suits and jackets by Ralph Lauren, Zegna, and Michael Kors, as well as shoes by Florsheim, Hushpuppy and more. You’ll also find Save The Duck outerwear and Wilkes and Riley, Enro and other fine shirt makers represented. D’Agostino Clothers also sells Buffalo Jeans and has a dressmaker and 3 tailors on premises. Once here, you will be greeted by the very hospitable and cordial D’Agostino family, a family that takes tremendous pride in helping you choose the right look and fit for you or your children.

Photo by Clare Lawrence

I asked Tony D’Agostino Sr. how much pride and satisfaction he gets from working with his two Sons, Erminio and Tony, Jr. “Great! Eventually, I am going to retire and they will take over the business. It’s their business when I’m gone.” Tony D’Agostino on the secret to his success, “The secret is do good work, fair prices and quality work. I believe in giving the customers high quality work and merchandise. People will be satisfied and I will be satisfied. People appreciate quality good work.” D’Agostinos is known for their remarkable tailoring. “Tailoring is very important, says Tony Sr. You make the people look nice. You dress them up right. I started being in this business when I was five years old as an apprentice. I came over at fifteen years old and I had a trade. I went out on my own on Palmer Avenue in 1964. I bought a dry cleaner and tailor, gave up the dry cleaner and did tailoring, and had people working for me also. Little by little, I got bigger. I moved to Boston Post Road, then moved to our current location here in Larchmont. When asked about keeping up with fashion trends,  Tony Sr, commented,  “No problem. As the fashions change, we change with it. We make whatever changes in the trade. We are tailors.  We can make the garments bigger or smaller, narrow and change the style. We do mostly big jobs. As for our clothes, we buy basic stuff. The idea is to satisfy the customer and keep them happy, and they will come back.

Even though this unique and spacious store features many top designers, you will love their competitive prices. D’Agostino Clothiers is a special place when it comes to fine clothing; two generations of a brilliant clothing family that are ready to serve your every need! The D’Agostino family also provides expert fitting and tailoring on premises. You will love the precision and skill they put into altering your newly purchased clothing. Stop by today for all your valuable apparel needs and custom tailoring. Tony Sr. and his two sons, Erminio and Tony Jr. welcome you to peruse their racks of beautiful clothes. D’Agostino Clothiers is also the ideal place to find your wedding gown, Bar Mitzvah outfit, communion, prom and more. They’re located at 138 Larchmont Avenue in Larchmont, NY and feel free to call them today at 914. 834. 0634. Let your true stripes show in D’Agostino Clothiers legendary attire! Five decades of fine vestments and custom tailoring…
NEW ROCHELLE FARMS….10,000 sq ft Of Grocery Goodness!

Jeff, (store manager), Jose, (co-owner), Matthew, Victoria, Jose’s daughter – Photo by Clare Lawrence

It just had to happen. The much anticipated, brand new, all encompassing grocery store in New Rochelle has been unveiled to rave reviews. New Rochelle Farms, a 10,000 sq ft pristine supermarket on North Avenue and Manor Place, features wholesome prepared food, seafood, fresh fish which is brought in twice per day sometimes,  a large selection of produce including organic, a deli section, a hot and cold food bar, a juice/coffee bar, full service meat department with a butcher who works on demand and more such as vegan and gluten free foods.  New Rochelle residents and others are singing the praises early on of New Rochelle Farms, and our city’s newest supermarket has been welcomed with open arms. And with people now living a healthier life, New Rochelle Farms is perfect for finding only the freshest fare all under one roof. They also feature a vast array of products from Peru, Mexico, Brazil, India, Bangladesh and West Indian. In addition, they’re one of the only supermarkets in Westchester to carry Portuguese olive oil. 

According to officials of New Rochelle Farms, they are taking on this new endeavor with great responsibility and they stand prepared to meet and surpass the community’s expectations. I spoke with store co-owner, Jose

Matthew welcoming you to New Rochelle Farms. Photo by Clare Lawrence

Filipe who said, “I wanted to be part of the organic growth of the city. New Rochelle is growing. It’s a New Rochelle store and I’m catering to everybody.” As for the great decor of the supermarket, Jose added, “We wanted to use as much natural material as possible when designing New Rochelle Farms. It feels natural. We found a tremendous source of construction materials that were buried here. The floor had an original floor from 1940, old wood blanks. We used the wood as the core throughout the store along the walls and for shelving. What that does is give the store its natural feeling. That’s why it feels so warm and comfortable. 

New Rochelle Farms is a gem in the city’s ever-growing economic climate, and stands ready to bring the freshest food with top notch service to welcoming customers from all over. New Rochelle Farms had its official grand opening on January 21st, and the word already among residents is that this needed supermarket has been a long time coming.  With downtown New Rochelle going through its historic real estate transformation, New Rochelle Farms will also have the obvious distinction of serving those city inhabitants who live close by to the store. The farm has come home you could say, with much fanfare in its wake. New Rochelle residents are in for a real treat! New Rochelle Farms is open seven days a week from 7 am to 9 pm. Visit soon and often, as the farm is now in your backyard. New Rochelle Farms….now open and highlighting delicious food in the Queen City.
CONSIGN IT ON MAIN….Exquisite Interior Consignment in The Heart Of Downtown New Rochelle!

Photo by Clare Lawrence

Nestled charmingly in downtown New Rochelle, opposite C-Town supermarket is a longtime paradise that Westchester and The Tri-State area have come to know for stunning heirlooms both classic and modern. Consign It On Main is a connoisseurs best resource when it comes to purchasing and consigning items for the home in their 3,800 sq ft showroom which features everything from beautiful couches, to worthy art pieces, vintage and modern chairs, designer lamps, fine china, high-end lighting, mid-century furniture and more. They are spotlighting consignments from luxury homes in The Hamptons, Connecticut, Westchester County and New York City. New Rochelle has also over the years become home for UN diplomats. Some of whom even buy their home furnishings at Consign It On Main for their residences abroad.

What makes Consign It On Main so special and unique?  According to Dom Cioffoletti of the store, “The secret to our success is that we are very selective as to what we take. We make sure the quality is there. We are also very well educated about the items we sell. And we pass that knowledge onto our consumers. Some of our consignments are rare. For instance, we have a doorbell ringer; there were only two manufactured in the world; one of them was sold in an antique store in Manhattan. We feature the other one.” Patrons who visit Consign It On Main are in store for a great experience. Comments Dom, “It’s really a family-like atmosphere. Our customers get special attention when they come in here. Candice, my partner, will recommend pieces for their home; many times she will go to their home and get a feel for their house, and give her input and knowledge of many years. She will put her twist and spin into the home and make it an absolutely amazing and beautiful.”

Matthew with Amy Coleman – Photo by Clare Lawrence

Consign It On Main features new and used home furnishings and accessories priced considerably less than the original retail cost. Highly knowledgeable and well respected proprietor Candice Denslow and her business partner, Dom Cioffoletti, have been in high quality home furnishings for decades and they look forward to working with you on all your fine home decor needs, including, of course, your cherished consignment items. Industry veterans, they can be trusted with all your consignment questions and more. They will help you with their years of knowledge and kind approach with all consignment issues. They have even garnered a great reputation with academy award-winning set designers in the New York area for distinctive pieces.

Amy, Dom Cioffolett, and Matthew – Photo by Clare Lawrence

Also proudly featured inside their store is Sweet Preserves, a designer boutique, where you may be pleased to find such items as Hermes and Chanel Jewelry, handbags, clothing, wallets, scarves, vintage artifacts from the 1970s, Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton and more! Amy, who runs the boutique, also accepts no name, unusual pieces for consignment if they’re interesting. Amy.sweetpreserves@yahoo.com to check out her consignment items which are always a fraction of the retail price and are in mint condition. Amy’s  consignments come from as close as New Rochelle and as far away as Kentucky and Palm Beach. Consign It On Main is the only store you have to visit to decorate your home and office. And Sweet Preserves to enhance your closets. Their reputation speaks for itself. Now in Westchester for over a decade, featuring the most elegant and timeless consignments! Visit or call them today; 914 637 7600. 543 Main Street in downtown New Rochelle. Consignitonmain@gmail.com. Consign It On Main… revitalize your home,
apartment or office with panache and discernment!
Until next time! Have a Great Valentine’s Day from Matt and Clare
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