Happy Easter!

Well, I tried for the first time to make Hot Cross Buns (2 days in a row), and as they say “don’t give up your day job!” My issue was the kneading and mixing. The flavors of the two different recipes were fine but I was remiss in the preparation. Always good to be honest in whatever we do so we can correct it!

Growing up in England, Easter was always a special holiday. My sisters and I would pop over to our grandparents’ home, and great Aunt’s home and there would be an Easter egg waiting for each of us. The eggs would undoubtedly be a Cadbury’s egg or Rowntree’s made, would be either white chocolate or milk chocolate and always filled with yummy chocolates inside. The caliber of the egg was whether it was filled with chocolates within. An empty egg was frowned upon! I can’t buy Easter eggs from other countries such is the significance of those wonderful memories. It just reflects a childhood long past. Oohh ! I shouldn’t say long past!

I found those Cadbury’s eggs in Yonkers at the Butcher’s Fancy where they import so many British/Irish goods. Going there is always a treat, and I find myself spending a small fortune each time I visit!

When I was in Primary School, I actually came in second in a writing contest that was sponsored by Cadbury’s and was run throughout England and the Northern Ireland primary schools. The subject was how the Easter bunny lost its tail. I certainly cannot remember what I wrote about but would love to know! He obviously lost the tail!

Who is the Easter bunny? History tells the story differently. Germany cites an Easter fox!

Different countries signify different traditions. Peter Carl Faberge created Imperial Eggs for the Czar Nicholas 11. The eggs contained no chocolates but rather exquisite jewels, mechanical toys and family pictures. Only 50 of the eggs were made, with only 42 only known to still exist. Malcolm Forbes owns 12 of these wonderful creations.

Easter also means to us Brits perhaps roasted lamb. I love lamb with potatoes, mint sauce, but alas, not all of my family likes lamb! I found myself making a carrot and ginger soup, stuffed artichokes, roast duck in a sour cherry sauce, turkey breast, roast potatoes, asparagus and a raspberry mousse for dessert. I complemented the meal with a 1975 Bordeaux, but more importantly I was with most of my family which was important to me.

Past clients and now friends gave birth to a baby son on Good Friday this year. SO, what to do ? I made a poor rendition of the Easter bunny bread style and delivered it on Easter Sunday with a bottle of champagne!

Whatever the holidays, there are always those who go without, and who simply shouldn’t. Whether we think of our animal friends at the various shelters, or people in need, making a small donation to those in need goes a long way while we celebrate our loved ones in church or at home.

I sincerely wish everyone a wonderful Easter, good health always.

Westchester is GREAT!

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